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  1. Received this afternoon. Only small but looks great! Ordered late Monday night, came very well packed. Great service from RM.
  2. The idea is that you do something with it and then get it hallmarked
  3. Impurities are usually easy enough to remove off the outside, helps if you don’t pour all out. Remember you will still end up with .925.
  4. I think that people sometimes forget about what people can afford. Quarter sovereigns etc obviously have a higher premium, however some people just want an odd coin that they can afford and keep hold of. I imagine that’s why companies like Hatton do so well with some of their very small coins!
  5. GSP is really only beneficial to the seller, postage, liability everything. I am sure that if you are buying through it, then there are cheaper postage options. I have sent pottery from UK to Japan and my postage was around £5, buyer was around £80! As much as the item!
  6. The gap system is great, I have sent stuff all over. The initial sale is a little slower, but once done you just print off a label as normal and send it to their centre. Found out how much some were stung for postage by ebay it was eye watering! All you pay is normal postage for UK. Up to you but I stopped paying for signed for as if anything did happen uk side you will never find out who supposedly signed for it. Overall very good for sales. Once the box is ticked, all international sales will go through this system unless it is some strange place not even on their list!
  7. Petra

    First Pour!

    Completed my first silver pour this morning, not sure whether to keep it or try a re-melt. Thanks to backyard bullion for some advice.
  8. Get some hallmarked silver, easy to melt down. Trawl through eBay and auction houses, you will get some below spot even allowing for fees, postage etc. Just do the maths and know the limit you will go to. Also, as an aside try car boots.
  9. Saleroom is easier to navigate but easylive is cheaper, most are on both (not all). Easier to find and buy hallmarked silver at or below spot.
  10. See what else he has for sale! Not bitter but they certainly got more than their share! 🙁
  11. Any local auction house. I go local so as to be able to pick up rather than pay postage. Obviously you have to allow for auction costs on top of hammer. Some days things go for ridiculous other days you can buy at or below spot. anything hall marked
  12. Petra

    Hallmark Help

    That i is 1964 Looks like London 1964
  13. Petra

    Hallmark Help

    That is London 1975
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