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  1. Any prices for the coins that you have been ordering today? Cheers 😁
  2. I have just come home for lunch and find I am inundated with emails from dealers trying to sell me the new coins!🤔
  3. Well the 50p coin must be about the most collected coin anywhere in all forms? So why not pump them out?
  4. I take it then that you’re not buying anything today?🤔😁😁
  5. Half hour? You’re being hopeful! Or do you do something we mere mortals don’t know about?🤔🤔😁
  6. I think anyone buying one of these won’t notice another £100 pound or so!🤔😁
  7. I started here buying silver Britannias and have a decent collection of proofs and others and then moved on to buying full and half sovereigns. Unfortunately I have been sidetracked and got some small gold bits and pieces, plus 1/10 gold Britannias. My problem is that I can’t seem to be patient and save for sovereigns! Now unfortunately I appear to be buying silver bars .. trying to get older ones. I still prefer sovereigns, and have a nice collection of full, half and quarters.
  8. Unfortunately not everyone can just buy gold, gold, gold! 🤔🫢🥳
  9. Anything to do with any new Charles coins may surprise people. I think that Charles is not only going to modernise the royal family, but a lot of things such as coins etc. may be ‘modernised’. Some things may take time, but I see this as a way for Charles ensuring that the royal family is still relevant in today’s world and will therefore be able to keep going.
  10. 🤔unfortunately most of us don’t have a nice friendly RM account manager!🫢
  11. Use some kitchen products cardboard inner tubes … foil etc. what Britannias I have are in toilet roll inners. (Obviously end sealed!) 😁🤔
  12. The two pics together of Elizabeth aren’t great, however, probably has more to do with the unusual angle?
  13. Everyone desperate to buy, after an initial surge, any higher prices probably won’t materialise for some time. Apart from maundy sets (which are usually pretty pricey), any other Elizabeth stuff going for a premium now that she has passed away?
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