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  1. I’ll have to have a look at my small collection and see if there’s anything that may interest you🤔😮 swap, etc.!
  2. You both need to give me a discount when I next buy from you!🤔😮😀 👍👍
  3. Windsor mint on tv …. 1/200th of an ounce gold coin!😮🤔🫢looks massive on tv, small print … 4mm! Only on special offer until,October!😮🫢
  4. What’s on the other side? There are different versions of this and can be worth a couple of pounds or so😮
  5. The mint is now asking if you want to show interest in the bullion stuff, so not too long for those?
  6. Gone with the silver … couldn’t let go of the silver as it went down! 😮🤔
  7. Just buy what you like. If you see something, compare prices in different places, particularly on here. Fractional Britannia are probably best found in sets.
  8. Received the small gold today courtesy of @Gordy Completes my ‘poor man’s’ coronation collection! 😮🤔
  9. A little, ….. they are related!😮🤔
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