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  1. Would of had that if it was posted a few days ago. 👍 this time next month if not it’s not gone 😁
  2. Start high and they can knock the price down if it doesn’t sell to make it look a bargain?
  3. I was waiting for someone to get it. We have a winner.
  4. Absolutely Creaming it in.
  5. Good luck. I’d be interested also to purchase. 😁
  6. Surely a blank would be priced as it’s weight plus a bit for the making of it? Only gold or silver until made into a coin like you say. Intriguing.
  7. How big is it? Full Sovereign size? Thanks.
  8. Sorry just noticed US. I go for sovereigns and brits for tax purposes. Happy Christmas and happy stacking.
  9. Go for sovereigns for tax purposes.
  10. Can’t go wrong either way. It’s a start. 👍
  11. Rm just whack up the price because they can. Obviously people still buy from them but they must make on selling in bulk to other sellers.
  12. I’m like you with silver then onto gold. Still buy bits of silver here and there but mainly gold now. 1oz brits post 2012 and Full sovereigns but will buy half sovs, 1/10, half oz, etc. Vat free and capital gains tax free for savings and selling purposes which always helps keeping the tax man away. I like 1oz krugerrands which are really nice and I have a couple of 5g bars I bought when I was buying silver and could only afford those bits of gold roughly 10 years ago. They’ve doubled + in price which is nice. I’m just looking at weight really now for the long haul. Better than bank savings as
  13. Can’t go wrong with Britannia’s. You can always decide later to purchase other coins etc. It is nice having other coins in your stack/collection. Plus other silver bits bought on here. I still buy silver coins and bits here and there but I’ve moved a lot into gold now. Whatever you buy it becomes addictive so buy what you can afford to. Still waiting on a gold Britannia to arrive. But I bought a tree of life 71g hand poured silver piece yesterday from Riverbanksilver on here which look really nice and I can’t wait to get it here. Buy what you like really as there is plenty out there. Silver is
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