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  1. Definitely worth having some precious metals as well as other investments. Nothing wrong with having a store of wealth outside of the corrupt banking system. Just my opinion though. My non bankIng store of wealth has easily amounted to more than the vat I’ve paid on it at the time. Shop around for good deals. Makes me save better to be honest. Have fun in what ever you choose. 👍
  2. A few of mine are in capsules and some are in tubes but the majority are just wrapped In zip tight bags and then in plastic money bags. They’ve been there for a few years now with no issues. The only silver I have that has milk spots on are just the usual Canadian suspects. Not all the Canadian ones have them.
  3. Well I’d rather be like us then. But I’ve always liked history so I’d rather stack historically valuable things rather than the latest fad items. 😉
  4. You’d be able to 3 standard 1oz coins for that pretty much on the forum. if you’re just stacking for long term go for ounces and look for deals of different types of coins on here. There are some good deals to be had.
  5. Excellent thanks for your help. It does look like that doesn’t it. Alexander the Great really was that. 👍
  6. Does anybody know what this coin is and what it my be worth? I got it from a police auction a couple of years or so back. I’ve always wondered but just had it tucked away with the stack. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
  7. As far as I know they are legitimate and you know the costs involved. If it’s worth it to you go for it?.
  8. Too busy stacking your haul to notice. 😂
  9. Could well be. Or it could be the “evil banksters” keeping the heat off of the auditors. 😁
  10. It’s in Swiss bank accounts. That’s where all the gold is.
  11. He spent over £130,000 looking. Should of put it in the shiny stuff.
  12. I’ve always wanted to own gold and silver from when I was young. All nice and shiny. Had earrings, gold chains and a couple of small sovereign rings. Probably looked right wholly. 😂 Then nothing for ages from teenager to adult with a couple of children around 2011-12 I started buying some silver and a couple of small 5g bars as I could only really afford silver. Small amounts at first but not a bad little stack. But everyone was elsewhere and not into it so only the good lady knows really that I stack which is good. It was more about having “real” money in my possession and I was happy not to
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