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  1. Sold, pending payment. That......Ahem.....Coloured....coin cost me £60, sell it on brew and get some of your dollar back.
  2. Hello People, Ive here a Rwanda Nautical Santa Maria (1oz Silver .999). Its still encased in its plastic coin pod thingy, so my mits have not touched it. Massage me......If your interested. £42. Cheers SilverCrane
  3. Hello again, 5oz of .999 silver with certification. Im told the disgruntled blokes engraved upon the silver are the Terracotta army. Looking at £110 please including post. All the best. SilverCrane x
  4. Hello all, Ive had a mystic Meg moment and decided that silver is by far too manipulated and aint worth a toss. And i want out. Now, what is on offer and you see before your unbelieving eyes is 3, 1oz coins of 999. silver. One of which is a 2020 Brit, a 2021 Canadian and East India Enamelled coin that i purchased from a nice bloke called JamesD. Why am i selling? Well, you know when you go to a nightclub and see a girl in a short denim skirt and think....i want you! Well, Its been some time.....and i roll over in my bed look at them, as i would the girl and think, nah! its time to move on to greener pastures. Im asking for £100 including post. No, no, no im not going to sell them individually, you have more chance of a nosh from Queenie! I am of course open to questions.......any questions for that matter.....And er....Yeah happy bidding. X Silver Crane
  5. Its all about Bucks Kid, the rest is conversation.
  6. Pah!!! Was hoping to enjoy the game with a few Peroni`s, Looks like its going to be Tesco own Brand!
  7. Hello people, No, not a red wine from the vine yards of Burgundy! But a .999 silver bar weighing in at 100g. I bought this a few months back from a member in the forum simply known as Roy. The bar itself is in pretty good knick with no large gouges or scratches. If you don't mind id prefer to send it signed & insured, which comes in at £3. Questions are more than welcome, but please can we avoid the "Meh! You got low feedback, mate". I've sent various items without receiving such feedback, so its a catch 22 I'm afraid. But remember above all else.........GREED IS GOOD! TTFN
  8. If i had the money i would bite your hand off! Seriously. But ive had my pants pulled down this month by Elon Musk.
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