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  1. Just a little Queens beast catchup mostly.
  2. I don't do a double layer for the queens beast mate.
  3. Next batch is coming mate, were in very strange times , and I'm currently working 6 day weeks in my day job so much less time for my sideline unfortunately.. but they are coming
  4. Yes mate I have available for the 1oz silver. PM me
  5. I've never done anything like this bud, I think trying to make a box that suits all different sizes ends up suiting nothing at all particularly well. Al
  6. Who Knows, It all depends on how they move as to how often I do more 👍
  7. They are 357mmx251mmx61mm Thanks Alun
  8. Hi Guys, I have for sale now some beautifully crafted Solid walnut display cases. Available in 1oz both 12coin and 24 coin or to hold 10 NGC slabs. Beautifully made with amazing grain hidden magnetic catch and pivot hinges custom laser cut foam interiors. Limited number available immediately 12 coin £65 24 coin £75 Slab £75 All plus postage ( Normally £4.50 UK) international rates available on request.
  9. I'll look at postage and get you a quote, limited as to who I can use due to your import restrictions on wooden products. I'll PM you when I've looked. Alun
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