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  1. Actually have one here, I've been waiting for payment on for weeks so yes you can have it. I will drop you a message now
  2. Alun

    for sale (By Platinum Member) 10oz bars

    I have 2 x 10oz bars in need of a new home, A-Mark and JM Bullion £275 ea plus postage Advertised elsewhere also
  3. If you drop me a pm to confirm the order and then ill be able to find you come completion, Thanks Alun
  4. I will have an 11 coin solution in place soon, which will also allow anyone that wants to change the foam in the eexisting box they have. You know there's a 2oz bullion coming also❓
  5. Drop me a PM as have in stock
  6. I'm not currently making anymore 10oz until the mint confirm what's going to happen about a 10oz completer.
  7. The pictures are at the beginning of the tread
  8. I now have more 36 coin Sovereign boxes completed for those that have been waiting or are interested. Many Thanks
  9. I have these 2 and also 1x Geiger Dudoco 10oz available. Happy to update the pictures tomorrow if your interested £275ea plus postage Geiger is £280 plus postage
  10. When it does happen Pete. I will look at making an amendment to the foam base for those that want it of course, I'm already working on a solution for the 1oz proof collectors to adapt the foam to accommodate 11 coins. There is space for this on all the boxes I've produced, in the case of the 10oz the simplest most cost effective solution will be to place 6 coins in the base, which will then allow the completer to sit in the middle of the removeable wooden tray and be the center piece. So its not the end of the world for any of my customers. Just got to wait and see and give me the time to sort out a solution when the time comes...
  11. I Have a full date run in BU, and a set of all the modern privy's from 2012 to date, P20 Anniversary set and an almost full run of F15's in 1oz. All assembled over time by me
  12. I've got a black one PM me
  13. I only currently have availability for 1oz and 2oz and only in the walnut finish, Please message me if these are of interest
  14. I have sent you a pm I have sent you a PM
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