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  1. Yes, it was the second Alice coin which I had forgotten about.
  2. Defying logic - have they not already issued the Alice coins??? Anyway, the "queue" has started!
  3. Do you really think the coin looks ok?
  4. I've just received an email from the Royal Mint with a link on the topic of "Gold Bullion Coins & Capital Gains Tax": https://www.royalmint.com/gold-price/capital-gains-tax-on-investments/?__ja=tsid%3a38667|kw%3aE22P36B&utm_medium=email&utm_source=content&utm_campaign=2021-07-prm-cgt-explained&utm_content=product-main-cta1&ca=34366869&mc=E22P36B
  5. Whatever it is, it is not pretty! And when you are spending a large amount of money on a coin, you do want it to be attractive.
  6. Back in May the LBMA made an "accounting error" that overstated its silver by 3,863 tonnes. NOW the CME/COMEX have made an "accounting error" of 38,000 tonnes (!) of silver:
  7. I am sure the RM will make a bullion version of the 2021 quarter ounce - do you really think they will miss out on such an opportunity!
  8. Prior to 9am I went to the BBP website and they were selling the 2020 bullion quarter ounce Gold Standard coin for £388.60. Therefore I set myself a price limit of £650 for the proof (as it turned out I was bang on). I also set a mintage limit of 300-400 - however, the mintage for the quarter ounce proof was 500* which I thought was a bit high. And so, on this basis, I resisted temptation. * actually the limit for the coin is 910 !
  9. It says "Finished to Proof standard and available in one ounce and quarter-ounce editions"
  10. One or two close up pictures would be useful. Where did you buy them from (bullion dealer, collector, China, etc)?
  11. A premium proof coin will have fewer defects than a normal proof.
  12. It looks like the newly introduced security feature on the redesigned American Eagles! You might have a rarity!
  13. A big fall in silver over the past hour or so - down over 2.5% on the day. Any thoughts as to why?
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