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  1. It looks as if its been through the wars!
  2. Zhorro

    The coming Gold crash

    If "technical analysis" of the gold price is so useful, why have so many banks made massive losses from their gold trades?
  3. I suppose it could have been in a piece of jewellery - hence the condition. I think the proofs had plain edges, but I am not sure whether yours looks to have a milled edge (i.e ridges going all around the edge). Maybe you could show a picture of the edge of the coin?
  4. End of month profit taking?
  5. If you do not like the word "manipulation" what about the word "controlled"? I am sure we all remember, earlier this year, the dumping of $3 billion of gold on the market which brought the price down. Players can make money whether the price of gold goes up or down. I would suggest that the price of gold has gone up despite attempts to control of the market. The recent crisis has brought a lot of new money into gold and a number of the old players seem to have been caught out. In March a couple of banks appear to have made massive losses from their gold dealings. Also, I think the US Department of Justice has a number of ongoing investigations into precious metal price manipulation.
  6. I am not aware of the mintage figure for 2019. The picture does not do it justice.
  7. I wonder if there will be a second SOTD sovereign in recognition of VJ75 on 15th August?
  8. I can't quite see the point of the silver £1 as it seems to have the same design as the recent £2.
  9. Zhorro

    The coming Gold crash

    I would be interested to know how this trade is going, especially as yesterday an article on Bloomberg reported: “Gold futures for June delivery rose 0.4% to $1753.20 an ounce at 7:38 a.m. on the Comex in New York, close to a seven-year high.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-20/odey-says-governments-may-make-private-gold-ownership-illegal
  10. Zhorro

    The coming Gold crash

    By George, I think he's got it... the price of gold can go up or down!
  11. We periodically see stories about the possibility of Governments confiscating gold. The problem with taking it away from individuals is that so few people own much gold these days, and so it would probably not be worthwhile. As to the high volume "gold" that is traded, much of this is just paper, so confiscating it would merely help alleviate the toilet roll shortage!
  12. Zhorro

    The coming Gold crash

    But it is $88 higher since you started this thread on 24th March!
  13. Ordered from the Royal Mint on Monday, dispatched yesterday, arrived today: a 2019 I (INDIA) sovereign.
  14. You are right, it is the same coin. It is amazing how different the pictures look! I paid double the spot price (a year ago) for my 1862 half sovereign - I just loved the toning on the coin:
  15. The Royal Mint still seem to have the 2019 I (INDIA) sovereign in stock at £400. Given the current price of basic bullion sovereigns I have placed an order with the Royal Mint.
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