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  1. Just ordered a copy of the forthcoming new edition. It will be invaluable. It will include quintuple sovereigns and double sovereigns rather than just the sovereign and half sovereign.
  2. As the Queen is in mourning, I think it is unlikely that this SOTD will go ahead. The Royal Mint's web page advertising this coin has been taken down.
  3. For those people who did not like the designs of this year's Britannias, it looks like that the Royal Mint is running a competition to "Design Your Own Britannia"! Any suggestions? https://www.royalmint.com/globalassets/kids/activity-packs/britannia-2021-mintlings-activities-p1-compressed.pdf/?promocode=E22B04A&__ja=tsid:38667|kw:E22B04A&utm_medium=email&utm_source=content&utm_campaign=2021-04-brd-mintlings&utm_content=main-cta1&ca=34053850&mc=E22B04A
  4. Yet another April Fool story?
  5. Zhorro

    Best silver memes

    No problemo...
  6. They will probably change the privy mark to P100 for Prince Philip (if they are able to get someone to design this), or use his royal cypher (with or without the 100).
  7. The Royal Mint's web page says that the gold version is now "No Longer Available".
  8. The CC have a domed version of the coin (which I must have missed) hence the focus on its roundness. https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product-category/2021-royal-albert-hall/?utm_source=The+Coin+Connection+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=842ff41128-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_02_18_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_10bae54d00-842ff41128-246697941&ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_6_11_2018_0_3_COPY_01)&mc_cid=842ff41128&mc_eid=27192fc376
  9. I think the gold version is still available - if anyone wants it. With my poor eyesight it looks like a cricket ball! For some reason they have chopped off the wings of the Albert Hall, and I am not sure that concentrating on its roof is its best feature.
  10. I think the Royal Mint also released another 50p this morning - the Plesiosaurus 50p - if anyone is interested.
  11. Or for Prince Philip's 100th birthday on June 10th.
  12. Correct, they have now removed "No longer available" from the main page.
  13. On the main page, it does say "No longer available" but when you click on the specific page, it asks you to register your interest.
  14. I don't think the price was ever stated. I think the webpage is just a teaser for 21/4/21 - it asks for people to register their interest in the coin. Though why this is necessary when you know the date of issue, I don't know. I registered my interest in the SOTD Decimal 50p and never heard from the Royal Mint!
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