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  1. Don't forget about all the coins that are still at the graders. I have a feeling that quite a number of dealers did not put their initial allocations on the market but sent them straight off for grading. When all these hit the market, it may be more difficult to sell ungraded examples - hence maybe the reason the flippers are selling and why the prices have fallen from their initial dizzying heights.
  2. I totally agree. The RRP of the SOTD is about £90 higher than the November proof, yet the box is just naff.
  3. People will only buy if they think it is special - which I do (and a very special event).
  4. The date is MMXXI M= One Thousand, therefore MM is two thousand. X is ten, so XX is twenty and I is one, so, the date is two thousand and twenty-one.
  5. Surely the Queen would have been given No.1.
  6. Yes, but I think you have to be sceptical about any gold coin prices quoted in annual catalogues!
  7. They still have 2 left. Chards seem to have sold out again.
  8. Thank you for this news. It is strange that the price has increased before it has even been issued!
  9. This is why it is necessary to be very selective in what you buy.
  10. It will also be commemorating a very significant event in British history.
  11. This is a listing of all the SOTD sovereigns from p.177 of "Coins of England & The United Kingdom: Decimal Issues" (2022 edition). And don't forget to search the Forum.
  12. Yes, CC have sold out. I've not heard from Allgoldcoins as to whether they are doing a pre-order for the SOTD - so it might be worth contacting them?? Back in November I pre-ordered my 2022 proof sovereign from them, so they might be doing a pre-order for the SOTD.
  13. I've also ordered one through the Coin Connection. It means I can sit back and watch the fun when the RM starts selling them. I think the fact that both Chards and the Coin Connection sold all their pre-order coins within a couple of hours means that this should be a very popular release.
  14. Still available at Chards: https://www.chards.co.uk/2022-platinum-jubilee-strike-on-the-day-sovereign/15791
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