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  1. I'm in a RM queue. What am I queuing for?
  2. Higher than expected American inflation figures.
  3. Like you, I just entered my data, and I've received an email to say I have been entered in the draw.
  4. On my queue, it stated that it started at 9am (when it was in fact 10am) so have they already changed their clock to Winter time?!
  5. Correct! I have just phoned the Royal Mint.
  6. If it was a 9am release you would have expected the page to be saying "You are number xxx in the queue".
  7. I would have a look on eBay to see the sorts of prices these are fetching. It also depends on whether they are toned. Some Royal Mint proof year sets have unsightly tone marks on some of the coins and this would affect their saleability.
  8. Zhorro


    Would @BackyardBullion know?
  9. Interestingly, there do not seem to be any gold coins in the £5 Remembrance range. A sign the Royal Mint has realised it is swamping the market?
  10. Thanks to @paulmerton (above) it is Remembrance Day.
  11. I'm in a Royal Mint queue - anyone know what I am queuing for?
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