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  1. I've just looked on the Royal Mint website and it looks as if the 2020 BU Matt Quintuple Sovereign (Five Pound Piece) is now back in stock! https://www.royalmint.com/sovereign/2020-gold-proof-sovereign/the-five-sovereign-piece-2020-gold-brilliant-uncirculated-coin/
  2. The Royal Mint has issued a Remembrance Day £5 in silver (ordinary and piedfort) and cupro-nickel. I have not spotted a gold version. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/remembrance-day/
  3. Zhorro

    Gold 1/2 sov

    Do you really think your 16 year old daughter would wear this sort of necklace???
  4. The obvious question is, why do you want this particular sovereign? If you look on eBay you will find quite a number of Victorian shield sovereigns in the range £450-£550 (though you do have to be careful when buying gold on eBay). If you examine some of these you will see that double strikes of letters or numbers are not uncommon but the real money is attracted to errors where one letter is on top of a different letter, or one number is on top of a different number. So at £700 you would appear to be paying quite a premium - but it does also depend on the condition of the coin.
  5. No, the Mint will want the series to go out on a high note. I think they will produce a superbly engraved portrait of Bowie that will be comparable with the works of Wyon and Pistrucci and good enough to be entered in the Great Engravers series.
  6. I have been thinking about what "Una and the Lion" would look like if it was being designed today. Given the lack of effort that the Mint seems to put into some of its designs, I fear we would end up with a "deconstructed" (I think this is the vogue term these days) version.
  7. I am sure the Royal Mint would never do that!
  8. I think it would have looked better if the security circle had been placed higher up, in the space to the left of the trident.
  9. Calm... Predicting prices is very difficult (if you are putting money on the line) or very easy if you are making YouTube videos. Remember that over the past year gold has increased by about 25%, and over the last three months silver is still up by over 28%. So, as they say, ignorance is bliss!
  10. No stopping at $1880 - we are now at $1856! So, why are the prices of gold and silver falling? The standard answer given by commentators is that the Dollar has strengthened. But does this really account for this week's drops? We are coming to the end of the month and the end of the quarter. Therefore it seems likely that there is profit taking and the re-balancing of investment portfolios. On 1st July (the start of the quarter) gold was at $1,784 (and silver $18.21) per ounce, and so it seems likely that investment managers would want to "lock in" some of the gains since then. A
  11. "JPMorgan To Pay Record $1 Billion Settlement Over Precious Metals, Treasury Manipulation" https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/jpmorgan-pay-record-1-billion-settlement-over-precious-metals-treasury-manipulation I wonder what would happen if I gave a policeman £100 in order to settle a problem???
  12. He obviously has a lot of friends - at the moment! How many people will be spending £10,000 on Winnie the Pooh?
  13. Generally, people that predict gold price movements are correct half the time.
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