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  1. In addition to the VJ SOTD sovereign, the Royal Mint have also issued a £5 "End of Second World War" range which includes gold and silver coins. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/end-of-the-second-world-war/end-of-the-second-world-war-2020-5-gold-proof-coin/
  2. Still on sale at the Royal Mint. They must have forgotten to tell people they were issuing it! Don't they have a marketing department?
  3. Genuine 1897 half sovereigns do not have "BP" next to the date. Regarding the picture above, 1897 M half sovereigns do not exist according to Marsh (p.145).
  4. A nice little 1896 half Pond to go with the above 1900 one Pond.
  5. Yes, but on the five sovereign piece the Privy mark is on the right side.
  6. Despite the mintage being reduced to 350, sales of the 2020 BU quintuple sovereign look to be struggling. I can’t help thinking that if the Brexit portcullis Privy mark (mock up below) had been used, this coin would have created a far greater stir. I for one would have been inclined to buy it. It appears that the flood of gold coins from the Royal Mint has totally undermined what was its premier coin. What could have been:
  7. Watch out for the take down? And it has been so quiet for the past day and a half!
  8. Well, my 1900 Kruger Pond arrived this morning. I think it is ok. Even though it is in very good condition, there is not much detail on the eagle's chest and Kruger's head seems to have less detail than yours. But I stand to be corrected.
  9. The next coin in the Royal Mint's Great Engraver series. The gold 2oz version will sell out in two minutes and will immediately appear on eBay at 4 or 5 times the issue price!
  10. This web page discusses the 1900 "perfect fake": https://krugerponds.com/1900-Kruger-Pond-Single-Shaft.html One sign that it is a fake is the detail on the eagle on the top of the shield on the reverse. The very first picture in this thread shows shows a genuine coin and there is very little detail on the eagle's chest. Your coin shows quite a bit of detail on the eagle's chest. The article also talks about the reverse not being central in the die - though this is difficult to spot on your coin. One would also assume that the metal signature (XRF) of the gold used in the genuine coin would differ from the gold used in the later fakes. Anyway, I have just bought a 1900 Kruger Pond that I think is genuine - let's see what arrives!
  11. Is this the coin in the 20th January picture? In which case, I guess you were right about it not looking 120 years old! But this is a useful warning.
  12. Zhorro

    The coming Gold crash

    I agree we can have differing views, but there are ways of expressing those views... I think he enjoys provoking comments – and so this is what you end up with. He claims to be a futures trader with 22 years experience, and he was giving us a Masterclass on his gold trades that ended in June. I was genuinely interested in this, but then, I don’t think I have seen a mention of the outcome! When he started this thread on 24th March 2020 about the coming gold crash, gold was gathering strength and its price was about $1,629. It is now roughly $1,954, and so anyone who sold gold at that time would be down $325 per oz. And do not forget his “Silver price is about to plummet” thread which was started on 25th February 2019 when silver was about $15.95 an oz. Silver is now about $23.29 an oz! So, for someone whose job it is to deal with futures contracts, surely you have to be right more than once an economic cycle!
  13. Because I got in at the start of the week my price was a bit lower than the one you mention.
  14. I agree the coin is beautiful, but it means that the Royal Mint has now issued two gold £5 coins in four days! Recession, what recession? I think the gold version of this coin will do better than the quintuple sovereign released on Monday.
  15. This article focuses on just gold and talks about yesterday's two "attacks" on gold. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2020-07-29/gold-reaches-2000oz-prior-two-attacks-futures-market "The duo concerted attacks on gold suggest that someone with stature has transitioned from being alarmed about gold to being afraid of gold."
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