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  1. The 2021 proof sovereign is no longer available at the Royal Mint. The half sovereign still seems to be available.
  2. Assuming it is genuine and has not been mounted, it seems to be a good price. One on eBay in worse condition is £60.
  3. Surely you have been let down by the Royal Mint if these are not post production defects. Though I do think there is a danger that we are looking too closely at our coins.
  4. It look as if the Strike on the Day gold Decimal 50p (with the JC head) will have a mintage of 700: "The Strike-on-the Day Gold Proof 50p coin features selected frosting, which is said to enhance the details within the design. This is the first time The Royal Mint have produced a 'strike on the day 50p coin' and they describe it as 'a truly unique way to mark 50 years since this important moment in the nation’s coinage.'" https://www.allaboutcoins.co.uk/coin-guides/decimal-day-50p/ Today's standard gold proof Decimal 50p with the JC head had a mintage of 450. Last week's g
  5. Seems as if there is going to be a strike on the day for the gold 50p with the JC portrait. I am not sure how it will differ from today's release. https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product/strike-on-the-day-50th-anniversary-of-decimal-day-gold-proof-50p-coin-box-coa-pre-order/ Could be a reverse proof?
  6. Surely it all depends on your definition of inflation? “Inflation is the increase in the cost of goods and services in an economy. As that in turn means that each unit of the currency’s economy is worth less of any good or service, inflation can also be viewed as a devaluing of currency.” Governments often change their definitions of the components of inflation. Technically, government indices of inflation are based on a highly selective basket of goods, and therefore not “general prices across the whole economy” as you assert. So, if at the start of 2021 I cannot buy as mu
  7. But Bitcoin has sky rocketed - is this a recognition of forthcoming hyperinflation? Or is it actually an example of hyperinflation?
  8. I bet it was yesterday's price drop that has prompted this thread! But let's not forget that in one year silver has increased from £13.70 to £18.76 - i.e. just under 37%! Do we call this a return or inflation? The concerted fall in both gold and silver yesterday was suspicious. Main stream media have tried to explain the massive synchronised price movements in price as a result of the minor increase in the return on long-term bonds, the all-time highs in the stock market, additional US stimulus (which until recently was viewed as positive for gold!), money going into Bitcoin, etc,
  9. It appears that it was not only on the 50p where there was a design error on Monday's Annual set. The £2 celebrates H.G.Wells and shows a Martian craft, but instead of the tripode type legs, the alien machine is shown with four legs! It is a shame that the person who designed the coin did not bother to read The War of the Worlds - or at least look at the picture on its front cover!
  10. Well spotted! It does look as if there was a concerted attack on both gold and silver. Most normal people would not dump their gold and silver all at once - surely they would want the best price for them? The prices of gold and silver had been pushed up over the last few days and it looks as if the big boys have simply been taking their profits. Maybe the flat line that happened to gold and silver at the same time was a circuit break?
  11. Did the Royal Mint just make a massive design error on the newly released 50th Anniversary of Decimalisation 50p coin? Prominant in the design on the reverse side is a Wren which used to be featured on the farthing coin. The last farthing was issued in 1956 and the coin itself ceased to be legal tender on 31st December 1960! https://www.historytoday.com/archive/farthings-last-day So, what is the relevance of the farthing coin to Decimal Day (15/2/71)???
  12. If yesterday is anything to go by, 99.5% of people will not even make it to the buy page! Yesterday the gold annual set (95 sets released at £7,100 a set) was put on sale. At 9am there was no queue to get on the Royal Mint's web site, however, when you tried to go to the page for the gold set you were simply redirected back to the main page - so it was impossible to even place an order never mind get to the payment page! After all the speculation about the next Great Engravers coin, I fear a lot of people are going to be disappointed.
  13. I was on the Royal Mint's web site at 9am yesterday. There was no queue to access the web pages, but when you pressed on the gold set (95 released) you were just taken back to the main page - so I found it was impossible to place an order (not that I was going to, but I wanted to see if it was possible to place an order). After a few minutes the gold set (£7,100) was sold out. I do wonder how many sets were actually put on sale via the web site. I think there are major implications here for the release of the next Great Engraver coin which so many people are so excited about. I fear t
  14. Is anyone going to count the number of mills on the milled edge of the 2021 sovereign when it arrives? The proof version had 95 mills around the edge to represent the Queen's 95th birthday (as well as a privy mark which the bullion version does not have).
  15. The 2021 gold bullion sovereign, half sovereign and double sovereign have been released. https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/uk-coin-ranges/sovereign/
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