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  1. Just listened to a trader on the gold and silver market, paper silver and gold is trading but supplies of physical gold and silver are near impossible to get. You certainly can’t cash in your paper of any sort for the precious in any form. His opinion and he’s been trading for 40 years plus is gold will rise to $1900+ and silver to $25+ it will then fall back but overall the price for both will stabilise in excess of $1750 and $20 respectively
  2. Sherabnamdhak


    This is an open apology to Bullion Billy who kindly sold me a wee Falcon. I have just this minute opened his exceptional package and it goes without saying that I am well pleased, it also proves that the members of this forum are some of the most trustworthy people I have met. I received the wee birdy on the 28/2 and only opened it as I said today. Something to do with a nasty bug going around lol. So this is my first opportunity to say thanks to a fellow collector. Again I am sorry for my tardiness and I thank him again. Kind Regards Sherab Namdhak (David Martin)
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