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  1. the silver came today. all 80 coins, such a relief🙂
  2. just called them. i got an instant answer. they checked and said they have the parcel packed already. it was forgot about between 2 people. they don't know why it wasn't sent out. the man on the phone was really opologetic. he said sorry for the mess, and the long wait. he said don't ever worry, the silver will always be sent. said it will be sent out today. and just received the ups tracking email. worry over, i will update when the parcel arrives.
  3. i have had 17 orders using vault, ship later over the last year, with 3 deliverys. they where all small orders . 5 coins here and there. one was around 500 euro. they all went fine. this is the first time i have had a problem. it happens to be the biggest value order as well by far.
  4. Yes i tried that number, Numerous times. I couldn't get an answer.
  5. Nope, No replies nothing. i opened an online resolution dispute, With the ecc a few days ago. I'm not expecting any replies through that either. I will wait a couple of weeks, Then proceed with legal action. This has turned into one giant head ache. I recently looked at the trustpilot reviews. Looks like this has happened before a few times since april.They have a score of 2.5. I first ordered with them a year ago. Because i used them before i never thought to check the reviews again. I wish i did. This company is out right steeling. Any one who sticks up for them Is in denial. 5 emails in 4 w
  6. It doesn't take much effort to just send one reply stating they are investigating it. at least if i got a message to F OFF, i would know where i stand. There is 87 in stock on there website, not on presale. And now with the recent silver price increase, this order would cost £2000
  7. I just messaged them again requesting christine. Wish me luck, 5th time lucky maybe. please send message to christine hi christine, 3 weeks ago you dealt with my delivery in which i only received a parcel of 453 grams. and only contained 4 oz of silver, and one order. *********you organised my other 5 orders to be sent out. the next parcel that arrived was 3773 grams and contained only 4 orders, and only 4 order sheets. 5 orders would of been over 5000 grams in weightthe 4 orders i received was ********* ********* ******** ********i am still missing order ********** of 80 guardian li
  8. Yes i used that method twice already. i have the confirmation emails, they have been received as well. the first 2 times i used the regular email. regarding seasiders comment. that's one of the reasons why i posted, I was hoping if someone else had a direct contact email or number for christine. i will message again tomorrow, so its during work hours. and i can be assured they are reading it. i will put on the heading, request christine to read. any advice on what to say will be appreciated. and do members recommend i mention i'm posting on this forum etc. has this worked before the
  9. My emails have been professional as possible. i had one order of 20 lions. they got delivered, so they where in stock. i ordered another 80 because at the time, 7 weeks ago. it was better value than regular bullion coins. my order page says its been shipped. i wouldn't mind if they responded saying they would investigate. i just don't know how many times i should continue to email them, a week ago was my last attempt. or at what point is it useless to even try. 1 month 2 month etc, it wouldn't be to bad if it was a £100 order. this is really expensive. I really don't want the hassle of
  10. I recently requested 6 orders from storage to be delivered a total of 161 oz. from goldsilver.be. the first parcel that arrived was 453 grams. i took pictures and contacted customer service. christine replied within 2 hours. she told me to open the parcel. it contained 4 oz, my last order. she then stated that all my other orders will be sent the next day. after receiving the next parcel. i weighed it again. it was 3773 grams. i was supposed to receive 157 oz over 5 kg. i took pictures again and made an unboxing video. i was missing an entire order of 80 1 oz guardian lion coins worth 2
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