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  1. https://www.pressburgmint.com/chronos-2015 I BOUGHT THE SET DIRECT, A GOOD COMPANY AND EXCELLENT SERVICE
  2. @fastlanwan just to wet your appetite, with one non Britannia 5oz "Longest reigning monarch" classic coin
  3. @DarkChameleon if you are looking for the dog privy, I believe Aurinum.de have them in stock. https://aurinum.de/2018-1-oz-Silver-Britannia-BU-w/Year-of-the-Dog-Privy-Mark-Dog-on-the-RIM
  4. https://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=139072&SearchTerms=theresia,taler
  5. Welcome to the forum and enjoy the journey
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100-Greatest-Silver-Car-Miniature-Ingots-Made-By-John-Pinches-In-1975/253340367577?hash=item3afc433ad9:g:f-UAAOSwl2haSnIJ John Pinches 925 silver car collection ingots, type in John pinches silver car ingot on eBay there are many single items for sale
  7. The spots could be anything from typical tarnishing to PVC on the coin. Some people advise using acetone to clean PVC from a coin, but I am very wary of this idea. The weight certainly falls within typical parameters so all good there. As for purchasing Theresia Talers, older versions and brand new re-strikes are always for sale on eBay.co.uk, eBay.at, eBay.de, and eBay.com Some harder to find versions can be found on MA shops https://www.ma-shops.co.uk/shops/search.php?searchstr=Theresia+taler&firstVisit=2&catid=6&pricemin=&pricemax=&submitBtn=Search&am
  8. @silenceissilver you have a very nice quality coin there and the price you paid, in my opinion, is a good deal. My suggestion is not to try and clean the coin, it won’t devalue it as it is. 243 years old and still looking good ! Beware the taler collecting bug 🤪
  9. @RacerCool those boxes are individually made to order at this link http://www.distinctivehandmadeboxes.com/ An advert for it is found on a blog (link below) https://www.silvertrader.uk/blog-news-and-product-reviews/page/2/
  10. @silenceissilver dependent on condition, the price you paid is good. Keep in mind the bullion value is only around £9, but the numismatic value is way way higher. I have attached two photos of the 1776 madonnenthaler, the worst condition version sold for €49.99 recently on MA shops, and the better version for around €220 on a Slovakian auction in 2015 (described as “about EF). I guess this is the same version coin as the one you purchased. These coins are all typically .833 silver with a slight change to .835 in versions from Milan. An easy method to check for authenticity
  11. The source photo for this advert looks like it was doctored from a blog on Silvertraders site. I bought a few of these boxes after discussion with Martin. https://www.silvertrader.uk/1-kilogram-silver-bullion-bar-limited-edition-case/ Good detective work from all involved 👍
  12. @silenceissilver if you had further details I could give you an approximation of value, but it is a very varied, and widely produced coin. Theresia Talers are still available, as re-strikes, from the Austria mint at €26.64 https://www.muenzeoesterreich.at/eng/produkte/maria-theresa-taler-proof, eBay, and many dealers, however a genuine 1780 taler could be worth thousands (only 2 specimens known to exist of one version). The majority of Maria Theresia Talers are dated 1780 (the date of her death) and have been produced at many mints, from Vienna Milan, Paris London and Birmingham to
  13. I buy my 10oz proof beasts from coinconnection, they check them thoroughly and send back any “faulty” coins. There may be a delay in receiving coins but you are assured that the quality is guaranteed. They ship across the pond so worth checking out their website
  14. Not bad for a “beautiful quarter ounce gold coin” 😀 They should have checked the description
  15. Another forum member coinconnection usually posts on here the day of release, soon I guess. I always buy my Queens Beasts through them as the quality control is outstanding and the prices better than the mint. Previous designs, from the Turks and Caicos set, and the Heraldry of the coronation, give an idea of how designers have previously tried to portray the Yale. I think this design will look better on the proof coins, fingers crossed
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