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  1. PMd another great deal @Panda6Pack Will send payment tomorrow. Thank you once again
  2. @Mrpoundhas a 2021 proof eagle for sale. This is the last one of this type to be made and the second new version is due out in the summer
  3. Thanks for the help @Alex944
  4. I have been asked by someone who would like to join the forum, how to go about selling on the forum. As I have only bought on here I am unable to give him advice. Could someone please help me to give him a link with instructions. Thanks in advance
  5. The series has come back to life with the first being Osiris, hopefully some UK stockists will offer them in the near future Buy 2 oz UHR Egyptian Gods Series Silver Rounds | Provident Metals™
  6. @robinvonbrex I contacted the South Africa Mint and their reply was "Hi Mark, The mint only issued coins with 2 ears. Early marketing images were made available to our dealers prior to production which had the single (flat) ear but were never produced. We have made the correct images available to our dealers prior to launch but it seems as if some of them have not updated their marketing collateral. Thank you for bringing this to our attention we will contact our dealers again to avoid any confusion." There was an advert in one of the local Gazettes regarding the upcoming "Big five releases" This also showed the plan for the "One ear" version, but more interestingly it also showed the plan for the final release of the Buffalo. A nice series to own. Take a look at page 10 of https://archive.opengazettes.org.za/archive/ZA/2019/government-gazette-ZA-vol-645-no-42327-dated-2019-03-22.pdf Mark
  7. Only 1 One Kilo coin in my collection but I think it is one of the better ones made, 2015 Longest Reigning monarch along with a couple of the 5oz mini versions
  8. Available for pre-order from https://aurinum.de/2020-Republic-of-Ghana-1-oz-Silver-African-Leopard-BU-5-Cedis
  9. https://www.pressburgmint.com/chronos-2015 I BOUGHT THE SET DIRECT, A GOOD COMPANY AND EXCELLENT SERVICE
  10. @fastlanwan just to wet your appetite, with one non Britannia 5oz "Longest reigning monarch" classic coin
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