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  1. Today I received these big boys back from grading... all looking for new homes!
  2. 1oz Krugerrands price reduced to spot plus 2% cheapest bullion coins you'll find anywhere... Price for today only!
  3. That's reminded me, I need one of these...😩
  4. As I grade modern proof Sovereigns I often get multiple examples of the same date and in the same grade, I can't count the times I have swapped the 70 in my collection for a more recent 70, and thats because i'm swapping my collection coin for a better example... even though they are both graded 70! There is no such thing as a perfect coin! of course in my opinion😜
  5. I'm looking for a few Albert 200th Anniversary BUSOD MATTE Sovereigns. They will need to be graded and I can pay £525 for MS69 and £600 for MS70 (including Boxes & COA's). Any sellers please PM me. Many thanks for looking. P.S. I'd take Victoria's also at that price (if anyones daft enough to sell them!)
  6. I have for sale a pair of Half Sovereign Earrings & Sovereign in Mount £735 reduced to £715 plus Postage... 1907 Half Sovereign total weight = 4.37gm 1908 Half Sovereign total weight = 4.37gm 1900M Sovereign total weight = 9.19gm Mounts and chains may or may not be gold! Payment by BT. UK postage (Special Delivery) or if posted abroad, buyer pays postage and at their risk. Any questions PM me
  7. I have for sale 6 mixed year Gold Krugerrand's | Spot plus 2%, plus postage... Payment by BT. UK postage (Special Delivery) or if posted abroad, buyer pays postage and at their risk. Any questions PM me
  8. 1. 881 2. Feed the minion better, he's shitting pellets...
  9. I never worked for a living, thats why the Sergeants called me sir...!😜
  10. Russell, are you saying that on this platform the house is bidding and if so under what circumstances!
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