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  1. That's exactly what they do... They can't be a SOTD if they strike them again on another day!
  2. A nice little set, I'd like to have a look at the 5 BU someday, you don's see that many...
  3. I think it soo small it probably wouldn't get noticed in the grading process, there are lots of 70 grade coins out there with imperfections far worse than this little blemish...
  4. That looks like a scratch to me... If so I think it would grade at 69 at best, assuming the rest of the coin is ok. Conservation will do nothing for a scratch or scuff.
  5. Hi. I need to source a 2015 5th Portrait Double Sovereign. It must be NGC PF70 UCAM. If you have one and would consider selling please let me know. Thanks
  6. I have for sale some mixed year full Sovereigns | £335 with shared postage... Payment by BT. UK postage shared cost with the buyer (Special Delivery) or if posted abroad, buyer pays postage and at their risk. Any questions PM me. Thanks for looking, Karl. Full Sovereigns x 11 | 1887, 1897M, 1901, 1902M, 1903, 1904, 1911, 1912, 1923P, 1929P & 1932SA. If 5 or more bought £330 each plus shared postage Half Sovereigns x 1 | 1897 @ £167.50
  7. Last four half's sold, many thanks @Bouchy5
  8. I have 10 George V Half Sovereigns for sale, 1910, 1911, 1912 & 1913 all sold as bullion coins. Priced to sell as a package of; 10 @ £1,650 plus postage £10.50 = £1,660.50. 5 @ £837.50 plus postage (£7.70) = £845.20. No offers please! Payment by BT, Posted by RM Special Delivery.
  9. Half Sovereigns reduced to £170 plus shared postage 15 to sell some 2000's others Vic and George V...
  10. All full Sovereigns now sold. Half's remaining @ £175.
  11. Hi. I can do both for £515. If interested PM me. Karl
  12. I’ve been let down on a bulk purchase of these coins. So back on the market! Listing up to date with availability.
  13. No email for me either, must have been taken off the distribution list as I have returned every coin i've bought!
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