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  1. Many thanks, and good luck with the 1993!
  2. I'm looking to source 10 fault free, Three Graces (2oz silver). I will be sending these for grading and am willing to pay £1,850 each posted. That's not enough I hear you say... Here's the twist! Once I receive all 10 and send for grading, I'll send a copy of the grading form to each of the sellers and when the coins return, I'll again send a copy of the grading report to each seller. So each seller can match the coin they sent me to the grading result. If your coin grades at PF70 Ultra Cameo, I'll pay you a further £1k! OFFER OPEN FOR 48 H
  3. Hi. Im looking for an Edward VII gold full Sovereign, any year but must be graded either 62 or 63, so not a super high graded example. If you have one to sell drop me a line. Thanks for looking!
  4. Love the internal fit out of this case. I assume it's a factory bought case? or customised? I'm looking for something similar to fit into an antique attache case...
  5. Good news Rich, that easy eh! If I were you I'd get it graded and when it comes back as a 70 grade sell it cheaply.... Ring and bells!! or maybe hold a little longer this time...
  6. I have three cheap gold coins for sale: 1 x Kiribati 22ct gold, 15.98gm $150 gold coin at just £600 plus postage, payment by BT. Cheap gold! https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces45058.html SOLD 1975 Bermuda Gold Proof $100, 21.6ct gold and 7.03gm. Just £285 plus postage. Payment by BT. Bargain! https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces86780.html 1965 Isle of Man Five Sovereign 22ct gold, 39.94gm just £1525... plus postage, Payment by BT. SOLD E3D12FEF-C638-4C
  7. Hi all. I'm looking for the following NGC PF70 graded Double Sovereigns to complete a date run. They Must be NGC standard brown labels, Must be PF70 and Must be UCAM and of course be for sale! 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012, 2015 (either portrait) and 2017. If you have any and willing to sell let me know, looking to complete ASAP. Many Thanks
  8. Hi. Looking for a graded 2021 proof Full Sovereign. If anyone has one available let me know.
  9. Glad they arrived ok... There's some age in that little hoard!
  10. Mike. Top Trumps! Just received this one back from grading...
  11. Great comparison, the reverse on the 65 is much stronger than the 66, clearly better defined detail. Two stunning coins there, if I had my pick I'd take the 65 I think it has much better eye appeal... well from these photos anyway. Super coins.
  12. Lovely auction pickup that looked nice and as I'm no Guinea expert took a punt on... Well not that much of a punt... it was cheap! Thought I'd grade as it looked nicer every time I looked at it and hey presto... just half a grade below the best recorded on either NGC or PCGS.
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