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Premium Members Club

This private forum section is for Premium Members only. All posts are hidden from view for members without permission to see.


  1. Platinum Lounge

    Platinum Lounge - An area for Platinum Premium Members to be notified of some new and upcoming features to the forum and an opportunity for members to put forward suggestions to TSF on ways to improve the forum etc. All suggestions are welcomed, though note that not every suggestion will be viable or feasible for us to implement and that @ChrisSilver is unable to give feedback on all suggestions made. The Platinum Lounge can also be used by Platinum Premium Members to post any topic that would usually be found in the main forums, should they wish to only share this topic with Platinum Premium Members / Official Sponsors / Moderators.

    We wish to say a special thank you to all of the Platinum Premium Members, your Premium membership purchase greatly helps towards the running costs of TSF and also towards the costs of growing the forum. 

  2. Premium Member Lounge

    Premium Member Lounge - The main club area to discuss all topics privately with fellow premium members.

  3. Premium Only Trade Section

    This is the trade section to buy sell and trade exclusively with other Premium Members. e.g. You may have a rare coin that you wish to sell to another collector and would like it to go to a fellow supporter of the forum.

  4. Sovereign Topics

    This forum is for premium members to discuss all sovereign related topics. Ideal place to discuss how to spot and avoid common counterfeit sovereigns.  

  5. Panda Topics

    This forum is for premium members to discuss all panda related topics. Ideal place to discuss how to spot and avoid common counterfeit panda coins, in a private forum just for premium members.  

  6. Premium Member Prize Draws   (7070 visits to this link)

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