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  1. Bump (with a small reduction in the price - and to include postage to a UK mainland address)
  2. UK based. UK mainland address RMSD post included. Payment by bank transfer. As the post heading reads: £1355.00 each or £1340.00 for a pair - either way post inc. Lovely coins (with capsules). Kept in storage from new.
  3. UK based. UK mainland RMSD insured postage included. Payment by bank transfer. £550.00 last 2020 tube Two tubes at only £21/toz so as the post subject reads each tube at £525.00. HERE'S ONE WITH A NICK, BUT MOSTLY WITHOUT))
  4. Bump - the price will be increased on or around Sunday 19/09/21 come what may. Edit: Done..although the price remains 'relatively' low. Thanks for looking in..
  5. UK based. RMSD included to a UK mainland address. Payment by bank transfer. Excellent condition - each £1450.00 - a pair discounts each coin to only £1420.00! [PM>posts] - Thank s for looking in
  6. Hate to say it ...but it is a 'bargain' for those seeking such a rarity! Thanks for the input @Gypsy - much appreciated))
  7. UK based. UK mainland address RMSD insured postage included. Payment by bank transfer. Fine example - Reverse (Falcon in articular). However, not obvious to my eye - there is a very light mark on the obverse, (see photo - with aid of magnification and shadow) For sale at £1510.00 posted SOLD - many thanks ...appreciate the appreciation
  8. UK based. UK mainland RMSD insured post included. Really lovely example of the coin available today £1865.00 o.n.o (with screw capsule as shown). Kindly PM if interested. Payment by bank transfer.
  9. NEW LOW PRICE for a very collectable coin. PM if interested
  10. Sunday evening offer ...the already keenly priced PF69 for sale at £2500.00 and one of the QB Lions of England for an additional £900; only if bought together this evening.
  11. Price reduced for the weekend! Message me if interested. (Perhaps take a look at the graded rare Platinum 2017 PF69 Krug - might be tempted to do a deal.)
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