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  1. @mr-dead you definitely did the right thing for you. There are always new highs and new lows. The whole point is to suit your own needs. Did you get anywhere with the CGT?
  2. @Rocky2000 I understand what you are trying to say, but the truth is we don’t live in a word of bartering. When you have a mortgage, bills etc to pay try telling the mortgage company you will pay with a dozen chickens or some silver coins. Like it or not Money is what makes the world go around - and i do mean fiat. Not saying it’s not better to hold and build your wealth in assets. But those assets are measured against currency, not other assets. I hesitate to say cash is king but certainly cash flow is king. There is a system there and I honestly think it’s better to go with it rather than against it.
  3. I tried to log on earlier and it said i was banned, whats that all about lol?
  4. Got sick of watching gold go up and up. So just ordered 20 sovs to add to the rest. Thought I should mention it so you can all prepare for the huge dip coming.
  5. When are we going to see a dip i want to pull the trigger!
  6. @Nick1368 I’d have a look around hatten garden I’m sure you’d find something. Wouldn’t be suprised if someone on the forum doesn’t have something they picked up at spot that would suit your requirements. @Xander Thats good advice! Those sorts of items aren’t for everyone but if it’s in the catagory of a treat once in a while, then it’s nice to treat oneself or others on special occasions. Most people try to put the cart before the horse though and are far too busy creating the illusion of wealth rather than wealth itself! Unfortunately there is no shortcut to being richer, just a shortcut to being poorer! 😃 Good luck @Nick1368 hope you manage to find something! You could always play the “ill buy you something on holiday” card. You could probably buy her enough gold chains to make MR T jelous in Turkey. Just make sure she doesn’t wear them in the pool!
  7. @KDave totally agree with your last couple points. It’s a bit like when people justify the cost of leasing a car against finance that pays down the capital. Both involve a monthly payment, but one lasts forever if you want to continue driving a car, the other has an end. The big difference is cars depreciate in value whereas long term houses appreciate in value. I also agree with your point about paying off your main residence. I have a few investment properties, some stocks and of course gold and all of the above offer potential better long term return over paying off my mortgage early when rates are so low, however i think why take any risk at all when it concerns the roof over your head. Paying your mortgage off is just a huge milestone in life and although it’s pretty boring in terms of some other more lucrative financial possibilities it’s still something that needs doing so why not sooner rather than later. If anything low rates are the perfect time to over pay. I do totally get the argument for investing over paying off the mortgage - it’s what I’ve done so far, but i do think there comes a point where reaching that milestone of being mortgage free in the house you live in is something that will be rewarding and not just financially. I’m seriously considering making that my target for the next 5 years. Especially while we are in uncertain times.
  8. AuricGoldfinger

    Sold all my Gold

    I just came here to say “got stung” but was beaten to it. Goodbye.
  9. The nutcases on the silver forum 😂 is that all of us? Gotta be a bit nuts to treasure tiny shiny objects 😃
  10. I sold 8oz just before the coronavirus started happening when gold was at around £1250 an oz. I sold it as i was buying an investment property and the lender needed to see clear funds for not only the purchase deposit but also for what they deemed the value of renovations would be. At the time although i was slightly reluctant i told myself i had made around £300 an Oz and i am a believer in investing for a purpose (obvious one being to make money) so I sold the 8oz which cost me around £7500 for around £10000 - winner! However, I ended up pulling out of the purchase due to Lockdown being announced and due to the type of mortgage not being able to complete works within a sensible time frame (it’s still difficult to get plaster and other building materials). I ended up putting the money from the gold sale along with some more money I would have used on the purchase into an S&S ISA, which has done well so far and made me feel slightly better about the £250 rise in spot price per Oz. However....what i have learned from the experience is that YES making and taking profits is nice and diverting it into other projects and investments can work well, BUT if I could do it again I would have kept hold of the gold and raised the funds another way. It’s strengthened my belief that the gold is there as a hedge against all the things we have going on now, and should things get worse at least you have one pot of money moving in the right direction. I said at the start the reason i invest is to make money but it’s helped me realise the reason I really invest is to build wealth.
  11. @KDave sounds like a plan. Once you cross the 40% threshold the rates are great and it opens up all the best deals.
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