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  1. Hopefully we see £1250 again as might be tempted to buy some
  2. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/workmen-discover-hoard-of-17th-century-gold-coins-in-wall-of-brittany-manor-house-wkmpjrns5 why oh why does this never happen to me. If it did, it wouldn’t hit the papers!
  3. Agreed. Even the ones who found the gold bars in the tank. I would keep quiet and feel like I’d hit the jackpot. To hand it in is madness
  4. This looks like the coin box i was looking at at the weekend which is Rothschild collection
  5. Have you seen the bricks that @MickB has had cast? Now these look good a d wouldn’t mind all my copper being cast into bricks. Could get a pretty penny over spot for those i recon.
  6. It’s more to do with the fact that copper bars are seen as more of a novelty item. The bar price isn’t really related to scrap price but what someone is willing to pay. It’s not like gold bars where it’s a highly competitive market governed by spot price and dealers spread etc
  7. Just wish i could send if off and it come back nice shiny 400oz bars. Would keep going forever then lol
  8. @Bigmarc being at this stage though which is as processed as i can get it, does reduce the size. Like those two bags was basically half a shed full of scrap copper. If i could flatten the pipe that would be another good way to save a lot of space. All time but i do sort of see it as a hobby once i start getting a good bit.
  9. BigstackD on YouTube has the best videos. He calculates the cost of thr gas etc aswel on some.
  10. Interested in this thread. I had 2 tonne of copper saved up but weighed it it at £4 a kilo about 3/4 years ago. Realy wanted to find a company that could process the scrap and make it easier to stack/store. Whether that meant shredding of crushing or casting into bars. I was unsuccessful at finding somewhere. Had too much to try process myself. I just fill these bags up for storage, they weigh about 100kg when about 100kg when full.
  11. I’ll have a good go at responding to the OP. I come from what I would describe as normal working class family, parents divorced when i was 4, had a single parent household for a few years and then parents met partners/re married when i was around 10/11. Looking back we were poor, especially before my mum re married but to be honest everyone i knew was in a similar position and we weren’t any worse off for it. My perception of wealth (I remember it well) would be going around someones house that was just nice. Thats it. Nice. Litterally a 2 up 2 down on a rough street, but if they had matching carpets and doors that shut and matched, ok furniture and matching cutlery i thought they were rich. My main focus when leaving school was basically get to work, get a trade, start earning and get into property. The only people i knew with nice houses and money were tradesmen! I wasn’t really aware of high flying corporate jobs or people, that was just alien to me and something that someone else did somewhere else. I got to work and by 22 managed to buy my first house. By 26 i had 5 houses. But i was nackerd (100 hours a week can do that), skint & in debt (5 houses does that), and also had met my current Mrs and just wanted to enjoy life a bit more. My main focus then was to clear the short term debt ie credit cards loans etc I’d put into the houses, but also build a bit of a buffer incase it went tits up. I’ve always had an interest in gold, but never really understood how, where or what to buy. I kept an eye on the price over the years and when I found myself in the position of being debt free (not including mortgages), with additional passive income i decided time to diversify and buy gold while it’s under £1000 an ounce - I’d learned from my years of keeping an eye on the price this was a good price. I found this forum and it helped me mould a strategy early on and I’ve pretty much stuck to it. I’ve bought on here and all the main dealers. I have just shy of 40oz which i accumulated over a couple of years. I’ve slowed/stopped now as this forum helped me discover another string to my bow - S&S ISA and a SIPP. Pretty much focused on these now and generally just having a diversified portfolio. I look to add to property, gold, ISA and SIPP but all gradually and maintaining a pre determined share. My perception of wealth has definitely changed, mainly being that often it’s exactly that - a perception. Everything is relative to your own situation and the more i have accumulated in PMs or otherwise the more aware i am that there is always someone else with a bigger pile, so look after your own pile and eventually you’ll be pleasantly suprised at how it can grow.
  12. Wish i was in the market to buy some when it hit £1250! But if it hits £2000 I won’t be complaining lol
  13. It’s a common misconception that only pure gold is the right stuff to buy. You’ll soon learn 22ct is equally as good! If you don’t like modern sovereigns then older ones are more gold like on colour
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