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  1. Baloney Maloney. You do have to filter out the bias but he makes some good points if you can see through the BS
  2. What a joke the royal mint can be. So many mistakes on all levels. Can’t be that hard surely, they are banging out enough “special” releases. Anyone seen any 1oz proofs graded sold yet?
  3. I do think this coin is very desirable but i think the fact the mint is making it available in all known sizes and forms (proof/bullion in 1oz,2oz,5oz etc) i think does take the shine off it slightly. I have the gold and silver 1 oz proof plus the 1oz gold bullion so hoping the prices stay strong but not sure how it will turn out. Great design but possibly over done. Hopefully not
  4. Received this today. Very happy with it, unfortunately had to pay more than RM price but @Chrisplym was a pleasure to deal with. Great packaging and also very fair and reasonable with the price - enough room for both of us to feel happy with the transaction i hope. Also @Paul offered some very useful advice on what is my first proof purchase, so thanks to him also!
  5. For me, initially the "storage ideas" were all ways to bulk up my stack and help motivate me. 25 sovs in and RM tube are quite underwhelming. Even 100 sovs looks a lot more substantial in the capsules and tubes than just 4 RM tubes. you have to use all tricks of the mind available to help push you forward! I love to have the entire collection in my boxes made by @alun but unfortunately I can't justify the SDB prices to store them. still hoping someone will develop a narrow box purpose built for SDB, a bit like the narrow watch boxes you see.
  6. Old thread but though I’d share! Similar method to others!! I use lighthouse capsules for the sovs and air tite tubes. Can fit 17 per tube. Can’t remember how many 1 oz fit in a tube with the ringed capsules i use. The width of my safe deposit box is exactly right for the sov tubes which is very handy!
  7. Haha me neither but it might tempt me to sell some!
  8. Crypto bubble going pop will also see floods of money pouring into gold
  9. I keep waiting for it to rocket. £500 a sovereign would be nice
  10. Hi @watchesandwhisky Pretty good advice there from @JosephM. I would do as you suggest. Make full use if the Lisa allowances and save to the fullest in premium bonds. Yes you aren’t necessarily earning great returns on premium bonds but your looking at a 2 year time frame which is very short. Any form of investment requires a long term view point so don’t waste your time speculating on anything other than your goal. Saving for a property. £15k a year is a great amount to be able to save, give it a couple of years and you would have a very respectable deposit. I know from dealing with
  11. it came in a plain clear one but the insert one is one of my own which matches my other QB and fits the tubes i keep my 1oz in I’ll buy it.
  12. My new favourite coin! It’s the bullion if you hadn’t guessed - couldn’t get the proof! Got a silver proof coming soon though!
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