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  1. I think inflation concerns and rising interest rates will see gold start to climb. Seems to be a bit of a delay but I’m sure it will happen. My shares have certainly been tumbling so hopefully some of the money people pull out will end up in trusty gold
  2. I’ll trade you a greggs sausage roll for one of those coins when this happens.
  3. I’ve never understood why RM makes the recent sovs look horribly pink in their pictures. In real life they aren’t too bad. Not as nice as the beautiful gold coloured ones but not rose gold like.
  4. Not a fan of blister packs, nothing wrong with a good old fashioned capsule. Especially for bullion
  5. A lot of details been lost in the bullions compared to the proofs. Still want one though lol
  6. @matt1r wow beautiful well done. Wonder what it’s worth over spot!
  7. Do we think these will be hard to get gold off or just the usual
  8. Just had an email this is being released tomorrow and the design will be available to view on RM website. The new sovereigns will be available to pre order from atkinsons and I assume other dealers! I hope it’s going to just be the same as the proof, that’s what I’m expecting 🤷‍♂️
  9. I just hope gold returns to its glory as the master inflation hedge. Crypto has stole too much of that thunder lately!
  10. What happens once you reach Grandmaster level. Is that when you are told that all gold is actually made of chocolate and it’s a scam for the peasants
  11. If gold prices are 1 million an oz then the bullion dealers will absolutely be in business.
  12. Wtf no bullion? From RM? The same RM who love to produce the same coin in every variation known to man so they can milk us punters for all we are worth? If so they’ve missed a trick there 🤷‍♂️
  13. I was in Bath a few years ago, before i owned an oz of gold. There was a “gold” exhibition on at the museum and some of the peices were thousands of years old. Some a absolutely mind blowing artifacts were there. Found a picture i took:
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