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  1. How do I unfollow this thread!? The origional subject matter is no longer amusing me and the bickering is tedious..
  2. Cool! Not sure I could show my face at the gun club with a gold plated shotgun though lol
  3. Totally. A few grand sure but £350k is just a mental move but it’s paid of for him fair play i say!
  4. https://apple.news/AhfCVsDkZSTa2_06dFhdB8Q I know this is in the Sun, but jeeeesus! This guy had some serious balls to gamble £350k on this, i think it’s down to luck not judgement it’s turned into 2 mil, if i was him I’d cash out at least a mil before it turns to dust
  5. As much as it’s not enough to save it, consumer confidence is a key factor, most markets are built on confidence. I guess it’s been so sharp and sudden that people expect things to return to normal as sharp and suddenly. The reality will gradually hit as this year goes on. What that actually means for the markets i have no clue!
  6. I think skys the limit when it comes to shoot prices, i used to know a gamekeeper who ran shoot days that cost £10,000+ a day for 8 guns. On the syndicate i shot all the other guys regularly had other days that were £600+ a day which was a but rich for my blood. Apparently some of the corporate shoots can be huge 500 bird bags and the sky is black with pheasants. That’s not very sporting though. The money can be crazy
  7. @dicker i was part of a syndicate in a place called Bunny in Nottinghamshire, it was only a cheap one, about £2200 a season, i think we did 8 days and typically would bag anything from 60 - 120 bird days with 8/10guns. I also did a few duck days in devon. I live in the midlands, the guy who i used to shoot with a lot i fell out with and never really fancied joining a shoot on my own. The guys i shoot clays with don’t fancy game shooting. I never score when shooting clays i just practice. There’s definitely a big difference to clays and game, but i think all practice helps. Yesterday i shot 125 carts through my new 20 bore, i then put 25 through my 12 bore and felt like i was shooting a blunderbuss and couldn’t miss! Do you mind if i ask what sort of money you pay for your syndicate? Do you need to do anything? We used to have to take turns bringing lunch and give the beaters a day.
  8. @MrGeorge totally agree. I was just talking about this yesterday, it’s just insane how the ADs are allowed to operate, it’s practically criminal. Jewellery stores with the so called “rare” rolexs in every window who are getting first dibs on all the sought after models. I wish i had built a better relationship with an AD a few years ago. It’s not even that i want to flip them but part of the interest in a good watch for me that they hold their value - not looking to make a mint on them, I never expected to see the gains on the watches i have, and don’t plan on selling them either, but buying on the grey market just kills it for me. There should be some better way of limiting supply to the obvious flippers, i dont think it does anything for the brands when they only have their sh1t watches on show in the ADs.
  9. Can’t believe i got this gun in January! I got to use it yesterday for the second time at the clay ground. Great to have a day of reasonable normality. Shame the pub wasnt open for afterwards! What do you shoot @dicker? I haven’t shot game in about 5 years as no one to go with and very expensive but would really like to start again next season even if i do one day a year!
  10. That was funny, especially when she said she is the only person in the world who can do it. How convenient!
  11. @sixgun it’s one thing saying things might/are likely to happen, but this is clearly someone willing it to happen which is very different. Even the view that “you don’t NEED to pay rent” is just laughable. @Rocky2000 so the only reason to pay rent is because you will be evicted if you don’t? No other reason at all? Thats like saying the only reason not to rape and murder is because you might get caught. Those kind of views are for parasites.
  12. So in 12months with a CCJ and no hope of getting a mortgage and a terrible reference from your landlord so no hope of renting, then what? The most important “real thing” i pay for is the roof over my head. This helpful advice is only helpful if your plans are to be found face down in the gutter with a needle hanging out your arm.
  13. £1383! Down we go! Sure it will bounce back higher...
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