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  1. I think it will be up. but could be wrong and hope I am. if we see a further dip I may load up some more
  2. we can prey!?!? ha that's what my retrospectoscope said aswel, damned machine!
  3. I know all boxes are different but it would be good to have a box that shape. if you do ever decide to do one then I want one 😀. I am with metro bank and its a little disappointing as all the SDB are plastic!
  4. just throwing this out there.... I have 3 boxes made by @Alun - all superb quality - he even sent me a couple additional trays I requested for a very reasonable fee. I am a sucker for a good box but I currently have a problem! I have now moved all of my gold into a safe deposit box and the current boxes I have won't fit and it doesn't make sense to pay for a huge safe deposit box just to fit the boxes in - so currently the gold is in plastic tubes. on the odd occasion I do visit the safe deposit box I would love to see my beautiful gold looking far more presentable. does anybody else
  5. @MickB that's interesting! will look into this as good to know!
  6. I wonder if you could buy them as a "gift" for clients through your business account. a bit like all the drinks I buy my "clients" at Christmas
  7. Yep speed very slow. But looks smart! Hope there’s not too many snags but soon can be ironed out!
  8. Actually looks great in the in hand pictures. Also pretty sweet having the royal mint send you stuff for review and i agree best not to monetise this review but hopefully opens doorways for paid collaborations in the future.
  9. Not that it’s my field of expertise when it comes to coin sets but once the hype dies down it seems that these coins from sets aren’t THAT desirable. It will be the next big thing or the next big thing after that. Although i must admit ive only been collecting the last couple of years so not sure what hype surrounded previous sets compared to the current QB collection. Either way I’ll just sit on the whole full set of 1oz gold, worse case scenario they are worth spot which currently is a lot more than I paid for any of them.
  10. Heard good things about glenlivet 18. Decent price too..
  11. I had one of the more pricier bottles from @Madstacks and the bottle and box arrived in perfect condition.
  12. It has skeltor hands. To be honest I’ve jusy got a bit bored of the series designs. I’m glad it’s come to an end. Will be buying the 1oz gold and will be keeping and eye out for whatever the next series is
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