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  1. mcsouza

    Passive Income

    There is, just in a few month time it can go to £500.00 a month I'm asking because I'd like to get my hands on Gold as Silver is not very practical in the UK due to the VAT, although I'd love to have it too.
  2. mcsouza

    Passive Income

    Hi all, If you had a passive income around £300.00/month in which you would not have to worry as it doesn't come from your salary, how would you use it to buy your precious metal? buy every month whatever you can buy, save it until you have enough to buy 1oz of Gold, put an extra and buy 1/2oz every 2 month, put a little extra to buy 1/4oz of gold every month, buy all the silver you can get with it? Thank you very much.
  3. No mask will protect you from the toxic gases, it is a very dangerous hobby.
  4. I look at these processes all the time, there's a forum called goldrefiningforum, there you will see all people who are into refining precious metals, gold and silver, the only problem is to get your hands on the chemicals involved such as Nitric Acid, sulfuric acid, in the UK it's crime to carry Nitric Acid for example, and you if you want it, you will need to submit a form to Home Office with lots of information, including your GP mentioning that you are not mad. Understand the processes involved to refine gold and silver, and the most important, the safety of dealing with deadly fumes, when mixing boiling acids with metals, it can kill you, your family and animals. You will need a fume hood to operate it and not to mention how to deal with the waste materials, you can't just dump these things in the drain. Also, the acid fumes are very corrosive. I see many crazy people on Youtube doing it at home, which can be very deadly. I wish one day I can have my space with all the safety gears to refine my own Gold and Silver but, please, don't try it at home by yourself. I know it seems tempting, I confess I would like to try, but do your research first, also, this can't be done in a residential area. On the video he is mixing hydrochloric acid with bleach which forms chlorine gas, you don't want to breathe it, this gas was used on WW1 to kill people.
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