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  1. What's a mystery box, or is it a secret as well as a mystery 🤔
  2. When you say you have 100k available do you mean if you remortgage? If so watch your loan to value as if we do have a crash borrowing 100k of 'equity' would possibly put you outside of your agreed deposit to value. If you want to park it a friend of mine who is an experienced property invester was offering very good rates as he was pushing developments, I did some bridging for him recently, repaid no problem.
  3. Not heard of that, need to enlighten myself more with online things like that, usually takes the son in law to put me onto things I need to know Lol
  4. As has already been mentioned fuel is the first thing I noticed recently, seems to be up 25% and food, we did a big stock up shop and I was gobsmacked how much it was, combine that with energy this year and many families are going to be squeezed, the. 25% interest rates is bladders compared to where rates should be to back to normal, the last few decades have crippled pensioners who relied on savings and interest.
  5. Griffo

    Gold Bars Seized

    I am going shark fishing, honestly, I have bought an old leaky boat 😂🦈
  6. That's a classic in any hobby Lol Welcome to this cracking forum 👍
  7. Love the piece that Silver Angel Pouring did for me, its chunky but reminds me why we work hard and appreciate the beauty in life.
  8. Interesting, I have a reasonable order in with no idea of delivery date at present, but that was explained to me.
  9. Welcome, you wont regret joining if your stacking 😉
  10. I think it's 20% vat on imports, but they should drop the European tax off the order I believe? I'm looking to get one too, don't know if they would discount a group buy, if anyone else was tempted?
  11. They gave me a person to email in customer services, it might be worth me copying the email.
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