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  1. There unusual, not seen anything quite like those before.
  2. I think it's 20% vat on imports, but they should drop the European tax off the order I believe? I'm looking to get one too, don't know if they would discount a group buy, if anyone else was tempted?
  3. They gave me a person to email in customer services, it might be worth me copying the email.
  4. After saying that I just had my enquiry form answered, just this minute! I guess it's coincidence, or there are folks from the RM reading this?
  5. Tried the online chat and the email an enquiry form too, they were vague with answers to the first one and advised me to ring RM and never replied to their own enquiery form with the other, cheers though.
  6. I am not sure what type of account I have signed up for, it's taken ages to get deposited funds showing into my account, now their system wont accept my ID I don't want to confuse things by opening another account at the moment even if it's needed down the line, I will try again tomorrow when I can leave the phone on while I que. I will look into that though, thanks.
  7. I am still trying to finalise setting up my account, spent about three hours queuing to get through to them, never responded to an email and I need to ring them again now, shocking service.
  8. Griffo

    I'm wrong?

    Better off with LPG as it works well in the winter
  9. Griffo

    Current sov price

    As I said in my message I will take them at £320, cheers.
  10. Griffo

    Royal mint

    Well I just spent an hour in the que to RM to ask where my funds are and gave up in the end, try again in the week!
  11. Griffo

    Royal mint

    Patience is a virtue 😂
  12. Griffo

    Royal mint

    Sometimes doing the right thing is expensive, it's good to hear you have the courage of your convictions, I believe when you do the right thing, other good things come your way
  13. Thanks for the advice, I am already a member, just had a few misgivings initially after being scammed earlier last year, generally found everyone super helpful and glad I found this place
  14. Griffo

    Royal mint

    Have they disadvantaged you in a business sense after your legal wrangle, by not letting you pre order or reducing allocation etc? Spoke to a lady on your team yesterday, super helpful, efficient and professional, it spoke volumes.
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