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  1. Roy

    Fake Sovereign?

    If a sovereign/half sovereign is not the correct weight and dimensions it is not a sovereign/half sovereign! It is merely 3.xxg of gold. 'Between 1842 and 1845, the Bank withdrew and had recoined some £14 million in lightweight gold, about one-third the amount of that metal in circulation. This not only kept the sovereign to standard, it probably removed most of the remaining guineas still in commerce. The unlucky holder of a lightweight gold coin could only turn it in as bullion, would lose at least a penny because of the lightness and often had to pay an equal amount to cover the Bank o
  2. Do you think gold will drop to £1200/oz?
  3. Absolutely. But when just about everything is at an all time high, you may be rewarded most for your patience.
  4. Fair point. Actually, interest rates weren't bad in '78 so perhaps it did increase, to be decimated through inflation later.
  5. Well, not quite HT. If you put £25 in a current account in 1978 then yes, but with PBs there is always a chance of a prize. I take it y' nae a gambling man?
  6. Kilo Libertad 2017 (mintage: 200)
  7. Exactly. Oops! Of course, £5500 is 6 months of living expenditure! OMG, it sounded like such a lot of money at first but without an income, you'll burn through that very quickly. Thinking back, I was getting through £1000 a month 30 years ago 😬 Unless you own your property, surely you'd need £1000 a month for living expenses? (Please advise, non-uk resident.)
  8. If I had £5500 and I hadn't already, I'd invest in a Silver Forum Premium Membership.
  9. Get a grip man. Finish your lunch before you attempt to discredit a trusted dealer.
  10. Roy

    Music Legends

    Queen, Elton and Bowie. All legends but did the Mint do them justice?
  11. Pete is spot on here. His story will be a familiar one to some and a history lesson to others 👍 I too think the Golden Age is behind us, but it will probably cycle round again. The problem is that every man and his dog is now a precious metals/bullion dealer. Suddenly, everyone has got this and that 'in stock' or 'coming next week'. Christmas deals, Sunday deals, 'I bought 2 and I'll sell the other as a favour' deals. It's getting ridiculous and it's a condition that has spread from Facebook. It really needs to go back.
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