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    My wife always laughs during sex, no matter what she's reading.

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  1. 1958 Sovereign NGC MS66 Nice coin, nice grade 🙂 £695 plus post of choice, UK located, UK post only. Bank transfer please.
  2. GSR of 90:1 Is anyone actively trading this? Is it worthwhile? I recall @Darr3nG doing quite well before 😎
  3. Half sovereign rings from the Royal Mint. 3 off, sizes R, T and V. A 2020 half sovereign in a sterling silver ring, lovely jubbly. Comes in a presentation box. £550 posted SD for all 3. UK located, UK post only bank transfer please 😊
  4. What I find interesting is that the first ever gold sovereign of 1489 weighed exactly half an ounce and was 23carat (95.83%)! https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/the-first-gold-sovereign/152 I don't particularly like 1/2oz coins, although they make sense as a stacker coin, but am quite fond of double sovereigns 😀
  5. Stunning, but not quite a belter
  6. Were you on-call stuck in a hotel room at the time? I recall a similar experience 😁
  7. Roy

    Royal Mint

    As we know, there's nothing more permanent than a 'temporary measure' #1971 #ifyoudon'tholdityoudon'townit
  8. Yup! He was team mates with the Manuel (Fangio) too 😁 A brave man to drive with a German team (Mercedes) only 10 years after the war. The rest is history 🏆
  9. I believe he identified as 'manual-trans racial' No automatics for our Stirling 👍
  10. Beautiful sentiment and gorgeous bar! I love that's it's hand made and personal rather than just collecting 18 sovereigns, for example. I'm surprised to learn that you are a grandfather Stef, I thought you were younger? Enjoy every moment, gramps ❤️
  11. Yes, if you'd bought them in 2018 for £25 and were able to sell them to James for £50, you will have made a profit for your time, but is £50 worth the same today as in 2018? You know me, any sporting chance to take a pop at silver on a Silver Forum 😇
  12. You allow them to call you 'Loz'? How rude! 😛 I don't know if you reproduced the email faithfully, but what a poorly constructed piece. Standards have certainly dropped at Barclays. I made an international transfer (digital) to Barclays yesterday and it went through ok.
  13. @Foster88 150lb is 68kg so perhaps your weight in silver? I hope I'm being generous and not offensive! 😇 I first learnt/read about Turing in the late 60s where the war was still fresh in people's minds. He was a genius and someone a young boy should aspire to be. His sexuality was never mentioned, perhaps this was because the older generation were still in control of what we were exposed to, that would probably change in the 70s as society became more liberal? My grandfathers' generation were a contradictory bunch for sure, then again they'd suffered through two world wars. Codes were a big part of this schoolboy's life and I hope it stays that way!
  14. Interestingly, If you look at the bars closely, you will see a design difference. I can't remember the technical term, but to use belly buttons as an example: some are 'innies' and some are 'outies'. The 90g bars are quite different from the others, both in motif/mark and lettering. (incused and raised?)
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