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  1. The trouble is, everyone knows too much nowadays. They know all about economics, the banking system, the welfare state, credit lines, Robin Hood, wallstreetbets et al. when all they need to know is how to have fun. Look, work for 40 hrs a week, go bingo or darts on a Wednesday and have a couple of pints on a Friday. Take the kids swimming or the park on a Saturday and have a family lunch followed by football on a Sunday. Repeat. Put a little bit away each week and go to Butlins, or Benidorm if you're a manager, in the summer. Maybe hire a caravan in Hunstanton or Newquay, or Whitby if you're from those parts. Join the Christmas Club in September. Why does everything have to be so bloody complicated?!
  2. Roy

    Crypto vs Gold

    But as you know, crypto can make fortunes and also break people. I never advised neighbours or colleagues to invest in crypto because I knew that while it could lift someone from poverty, it could also seriously damage their future. Invest what you can afford to lose is the mantra and that is the end of that.
  3. Roy

    Crypto vs Gold

    No, as insurance. Hospital? Pawn gold. Home improvements? Pawn gold. Unemployment....etc. You are correct, this can be a game changer for Asia, just as mobile money apps (Western Union) were. But, it's regulated. So many hurdles, many SE Asians lack identification, no passports or their birth certificate is spoiled. I like Kinesis because it is linked with the post office which is much more accessible to joe average. Gold can be bought easily, with cash, and sold/pawned just as quickly, for cash. Crypto has a long way to go.
  4. Roy

    Crypto vs Gold

    Actually, I'll retract that! In theory, it should be easy but to buy crypto you need a bank account and 50% of Asia are unbanked. Globally, there are billions of people who cannot access exchanges. edit: In the Philippines, there are ways to buy crypto with cash but many will not pass the KYC. edit II: this is why I was excited about @sixgun's Kinesis.
  5. Roy

    Crypto vs Gold

    Your point about getting on board with crypto being easy is correct, but you'll find that everyone in Asia owns gold. Everyone.
  6. 'Do you wear cotton gloves? 🧤' Bully does, it stops him getting blisters 😉 😇
  7. Thank you Six, It took me 0.00041 seconds to log into SDBullion when I saw your original quote! I'm not a fan of the Buffalo (the coin I mean, the animal is very tasty) but at that price....
  8. That's what it was, the coins all got smaller! Indeed, and why should it? 👍
  9. I don't know the definite answer to your question, but I remember George VI shillings and florins being in circulation perhaps up to the '90s? The sixpence was currency up to the '80s too? Actually, I think George V silver coins too, although perhaps people had cottoned on to the silver content and these were being 'stacked' as early as 1947? It was probably decimalisation that killed the King's coins. Folk struggled to understand the old denominations, I don't recall them being particularly worn, although it was a long time ago!
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