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  1. forgive the hyperbole but... UNBELIEVABLE!! £59 effin' grand! (thank fook there's no buyers premium!) Have a pint @Paul 😊
  2. You deserve it @Paul How many of us would've taken a quick flip and sold at £10,000? I would've. Your patience and judgement will be rewarded. Git 🤣
  3. British Nationals Overseas (BNOs) or British Overseas Citizens. British Passport holders 👍
  4. Why is Platinum Pricing Backwards? I don't know, but Palladium took a right kicking early this morning 😂
  5. I understand. Give them a chance to respond 👍 To be fair, I question whether these are in fact BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) at all and perhaps the EuropeanMint are being a bit casual with their coin descriptions? I'd suggest they are bullion coins and milk spotting is par for the course. https://www.royalmint.com/discover/coin-collecting/striking-standards/
  6. Perhaps the OP could change the heading to: 'Beware of milk-spotted coins from the EuropeanMint' Sounds a little less inflammatory 😀
  7. Congratulations @richatthecroft! A well deserved pat on the back for your first kilo 😀 And not just any old kilo, that's the stack of a discerning gent right there. I fear you may struggle to part with it 😉 It's a nice predicament to have. As much as I love Sovereigns, I'm particularly drawn to the Libertads 😍 (the eternal sunshine of the sagacious mind?)
  8. Vintage 999 bullion bars selling as a package
  9. Your thinly veiled apology is graciously accepted 😉 The above coin is literal gem. An ethnicity, a history, a close cultural relationship with nature all on the reverse of a silver proof coin. The image could have been copied from an aboriginal cave wall drawing, or the like. The design in your avatar @PapaLazarou is truly sublime. Surely it can only work in gold? I'd be surprised if anyone attempts another Kangaroo design after that one! It's a hard act to follow, for the same reason nobody attempts to cover Karen Carpenter songs.
  10. Seriously? Am I the only one who thinks this coin looks like a child's art project? Perhaps the whole series was designed by Miss Kayleigh's Year 3 students. The only positive for me is the low mintage.
  11. Welcome! An interesting introduction, thanks. 😊 Lovely place Ireland, you are so lucky. What state are you from?
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