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  1. I agree, mine has the IRB portrait. I shall investigate!
  2. Roy

    Silver for kids

    Pay them in sterling sixpences and shillings! Great idea SDD
  3. Helpful? https://www.thesilverforum.com/compare/
  4. I was also confused. On the main page it says produced by the Pressburg Mint (Slovakia) but in 'additional information' it says the mint is Geiger Edelmetalle (Germany)? https://www.pressburgmint.com/about https://www.geiger-edelmetalle.de/en/about-geiger/our-locations/schloss-gueldengossa/ I'm sure they are from Pressburg but I wonder if they are partners?
  5. Roy

    Queen's 70th Jubilee

    I wonder if the Jubilee coin might feature a new obverse, the Elizabeth veiled head?
  6. Indeed. When I travel to said countries I substitute my Bible with 'Teaching English Abroad' and I'm usually afforded the same courtesy.
  7. I've acquired 40 x 1/25oz gold coins which amounts to about 50g or 1.6ozt so I am on my way! Whilst this weight of coin is usually an inefficient way of stacking, I've maintained a £40.45/g average (£1258/ozt) by buying on the forum.
  8. Neither. Save up for the next 2oz 'Great Engraver' release.
  9. Royal Mint announces 'The Great Engravers' recall By Roy, Coins World Published: Apr 1, 2021, 12.01 AM The Royal Mint has apologised for what it describes as 'a huge mistake' and is pleading with the British public to return any recently bought gold and silver coins that feature work by the engraver William Wyon. Mr Wyon's family, it appears, were not consulted when the new coins were conceived and do not approve of the mint using the designs without their permission. Speaking through their lawyer, they said that they were 'most upset' and that the mint were absolu
  10. No, and for me it's one of Bitcoin's best features. Because I like espionage novels and the like, I've put a cunning plan into action. When I travel I always pack a Bible, it's useful for picking up chicks and being gifted free drinks, and I've hidden my 24 word recovery phrase in the text. Now, you won't know my method or appreciate my wile, but with this I can confidently travel across borders and through customs with any amount of crypto and without declaration or discovery. Nobody will want to steal, confiscate or seize my Bible and I won't have to pay any duty on it.
  11. Bought with currency, not money. Currency is like a bottled fart, absolutely worthless.
  12. What you should look out for is 'Vintage' bullion silver. It's basically the same as today's bullion silver except that because it's old (vintage) it's worth more (think '60s Rolex 😉). It won't milkspot and the more toned, rougher looking it gets, the more people seem to like it. I think it's possible that you could sell it for more than spot in the future.
  13. Yes, but 1.39 billion phones are sold every year. Silver was money but then so was copper. I don't share @sixgun's passion for silver as money. The silver price will increase but only because of a demand from industry. What profits you see will be evaporated through crippling inflation. (this is the wrong thread for this)
  14. Maloney likes to use the phrase, 'unaffordable and unobtainium'. Won't Apple and Samsung products become so? Solar panels, medical equipment and paraphernalia. Film, batteries, autos. Can the price of silver be allowed to rise? Everything will go up!
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