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  1. You could send me £200 every month and I will send you 4g of gold.
  2. I feel inflation when I go to market, but it is the imported fish (salmon and tuna) that has rocketed in price. Native fish remains low. Chicken and pork prices remain stable, which is good for local families (staples) and vegetables remain low. It's rice that hurts the pocket. The Philippines has to import rice (long story) and it's expensive to buy a good grade. Overall, I budget p2500 a week (£35) for a family of 4.
  3. Why don't you put them in touch? Problem solved. 👍 As for your question, I concur wholeheartedly with @DBCooper. Don't bother, get another hobby If you want jewellery, buy it in Thailand and wear it. Bullion, buy it in Singapore and leave it there. I won't be bringing or taking gold through Ph. customs unless it's around my neck. The Philippines is culturally similar to Thailand (and India) in respect to gold, everyone family will hold some, usually jewellery, but it is for safety. To protect them in hard times. That's why there is a huge pawn industry here, pawn it on a Monday, buy it back on a Friday. Your pals could try there, but it will need to be quality (18k plus). If you are buying jewellery here locally, it could well be from Dubai or Saudi, brought in by OFWs. I like Saudi gold btw, lovely colour. Finally, tell your pals to steer clear of any mined gold. It's illegal yet still goes on, local governments seem to turn a blind eye. It's not just a matter of being robbed or shot, or both, but it's the environmental and physical damage that occurs through the profligate use of mercury. Added to the fact that most mining activities rely on child labour. For your perusal: philippines0915_brochure_web.pdf
  4. Roy

    Sovereigns Vs pounds

    You missed this one 😊 https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/historic-coins/historic-sovereigns/1925-sovereign-george-v/
  5. Roy

    Sovereigns Vs pounds

    Why did it fail you so? edit: I read in the news that the inventor of auto-correct had passed away. His funnel is tomato.
  6. Roy

    Sovereigns Vs pounds

  7. Ah, there must be a lady of the house!
  8. I disagree. Nothing wrong with a soap water soak, just no rubbing or abrasives. Place the coin in a bowl or cup and slowly add warm soapy water. I use Fairy. And air dry.
  9. Yes, agreed. And all the while, you've been gaining the disciplines of work: timekeeping, money management, workplace relationships, taking care of your equipment etc. The OP should be thinking about this, not investment. Perhaps buy a bike or cheap car so he can extend his work opportunity radius.
  10. @FlorinCollector snap! I left university and went straight into the motor trade. Earnt enough in 2 years with bonuses, commissions and overtime to secure a mortgage and buy my first house. Then I began my chosen career. If I'd started as a junior straight away, it would've taken me at least another 5 years to buy. I believe my work experience helped me through the application and interview. You're probably the smartest lad on the forum.
  11. Now that works! I'm a bit underwhelmed with the 2 oz bullion tbh.
  12. Lyndon B Johnson may have.
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