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    Land of Nod

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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    My wife always laughs during sex, no matter what she's reading.

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  1. @treetop1280 tips for supper? 😁
  2. I wish! Just pointing out that silver has not been a bad investment, as long as you're patient. Roy is not known for his patience 🤪
  3. Not so! 🤎 It's just that silver gives me nightmares 😫
  4. 😂 I think he filled his boots!
  5. They were trading on the forum for £160 at one time. A chap brought a load over from Australia!
  6. £300 increase since 2015. Per sov.
  7. @Shuaib121, I'm out of likes, but 👍
  8. Yes. lets move on and not ruin a great day! I don't think @OakHeart meant harm.
  9. When Kennedy was shot. When Diana died. 911 GFC When gold broke £1900.
  10. And more than doubled your money 🤩
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