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  1. Just heard about the Tony Timpa case. Didn’t hear anything about this when it happened!! Cops acting like kids laughing and joking about it at 16mins. Already dead.
  2. Like shares, maybe don’t catch the falling knife. When a rebound happens then maybe buy? Often people miss the uptick though and that’s the argument for buying little and often rather than big lump sums. Go with what you feel is right for you. Nothing worse than making someone else’s mistake. I like to make my own mistakes - it hurts me less. 😉
  3. Yup, my Asian side of the family love the leg and wing meat. Not keen on breast meat as lacks flavour.
  4. https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/82678/jewish/Koshering-Meat.htm The Jewish tradition has been salting chicken for millennia to disinfect the meat. Its a natural way to withdraw the blood which was the original reason for doing so. The extra benefit was the cleaning. My dad worked as a manager at a Kosher chicken processing plant in Manchester for 5 years. The salt made the chicken really tasty and they have different levels of salting from basic to more strong. The chickens were corn fed too at that plant. My dad was given a chicken at the end of the week as were his staff so that was our Sunday lunch sorted for the Gentiles!!! They aren’t cheap but if you have Jewish butcher local it’s worth giving it a try!
  5. The elephants are very free range too but I hope nobody would want to eat one. Noble animals 🐘 👍🏻
  6. Thai chickens are usually very free range, able to sleep outside and often corn fed due to abundance of fresh veg & corn. I’m considering keeping chickens when I eventually retire over there 👍🏻
  7. Some are making redundancies. Stock market always likes that although it’s sick 🤢 Also, BA’S parent company are launching a quarantine legal battle against quarantine. Rolls Royce are dirt cheap historically it’s hard to go wrong even after the bad news. By brother made 100% on Aston Martin Lagonda on his first SIPP investment in about a month. 2nd wave we could be back where we started??? I’m to 🐓 to invest right now.
  8. I agree I have nothing in stocks overnight at present!! You just don’t know what could happen in Asia on a Monday as we are fast asleep. 😴 I did ok on Aston Martin today though. Made a few % 👍🏻 then ran!
  9. Pallet loads of bricks being left at flash points ready to Be used use in riots. Who’s buying the bricks and who is delivering them?
  10. Why I’m still buying PMs (mainly gold) most of the reasons are here: https://goldswitzerland.com/silver-will-explode-and-fake-money-collapse-like-in-3rd-c/
  11. I think Wonger is talking about the new $ not today’s $. The new $ could well be the equivalent of $50 today making his new $400 target $20,000 in today’s fiat! 💵
  12. Chemring Group Plc has done rather well so far this morning
  13. This was uploaded on the Twitter account. Not a clever thing to do. It was then promptly deleted. Lost them a lot of supporters that tweet did! Edit - Now suspended. 2nd Edit - Apparently this was a fake Antifa account.
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