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  1. Received mine. Video on YouTube: Doesn’t look too bad. I’ll chance not returning it. 😬 Not sure why it keeps flipping into portrait when I took the whole thing in landscape to avoid a tiny sideways video!!!
  2. My 2oz Gold “Bond 2” has made it safely out of South Wales and is on its way to Manchester via Bristol of all places 😁 Lets hope the quality is up to scratch 😱
  3. Not read the previous comments but if keeping the gold for a few years you should be good. Have a cash emergency fund so you don’t have to cash in any gold at a loss. 👍🏻
  4. Ah ok, so are you in Nebraska now? Some of the US members might be able to help with this. Which state are you trying to get it to? That might make a difference??
  5. If it was all legitimately accumulated then I don’t see an issue. Why into the US? I guess they will think it’s come from stolen CAT convs in the UK. A bank transfer of that size would raise a few eyebrows. 😬
  6. 😂 maybe in all the confusion - anything is possible. 👍🏻 Thanks for the best wishes 😉
  7. I may have ordered 3 by mistake 😂 😬 😮 Hopefully I receive 3 and just pay for one 😆
  8. Oh dear, my payment is still “pending”. I’ll let you know if I get any emails etc.
  9. @sixgun if you would know of or would like to set up a petition (for what good it would do), to call for a vote of no confidence I’d gladly sign it and distribute it.
  10. £100 Billion in testing is the last straw for me. This is total B.S!!! Just copy Sweden’s model and spend £100 Billion on hospitals instead! This just proves to me that the big pharma companies and those with related contracts are sending brown envelopes to the politicians to keep up this charade. 😡
  11. Two of may neighbours had letters from the council today for “anti-social behaviour”. Had a few friends round and the nosey neighbours grassed! The Chinese CCP’s social credit scoring system will be next. Pay more council tax if you have a few mates in your back garden etc. Just follow the money, it usually leads to to the right place.
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