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  1. Lots of make music legends! Are there any British females?
  2. Why can’t they keep their mouths shut and split the loot 50:50??? They deserve to be taxed! 🤦‍♂️ Drip feed your conserved coins onto the market a couple at a time to maximise value. Get them graded at the same time.
  3. I guess copyright may have been an issue?
  4. Cover up the name Bowie and ask people who the person is. I did on my WhatsApp group and none guessed it right. I’m staying away feom this one. Doesn’t mean to say it won’t make someone some money but just in case and with a decreasing gold price 😬
  5. Was this a proof coin bought at a bullion sized premium? Were they selling as bullion? If so they may not refund based on the weight of the coin and silver content. Maybe they should have stated condition and sold as bullion on their listing though, to avoid any confusion of bagging a bargain.
  6. Bought from them and sold back to them. No issues! 👍🏻
  7. Welcome. I’ve subbed to your channel and look forward to your first video mate 👍🏻 I also have a channel under the same name and my forum name.
  8. Don’t worry Pete it’s only a loss when you sell. Keep stacking, back up the truck 🛻
  9. That will be because it looks like the lead singer from A-Ha who did the Bond theme “Living Daylights”. 😉
  10. Assuming mintages aren’t doubled or tripled 😉
  11. I wonder if the 2oz gold special edition looks different to this. I hope so 😂 This is one I might not bother with, and that’s saying something 😂
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