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  1. Well done @Spence098and @CeaiuI’d have loved this coin too 👌
  2. Congratulations @Spence098 I guess!! I really wanted to make a higher bid but the import tax and postage costs made it a tough decision 😢 Great auction!!!! 👍🏻
  3. I’m keeping my graded Bonds medium-term now. I’m sure they will stay quite iconic. 🤔 Every movie release generates more interest. Daniel Craig’s last movie now and then onto the new Bond. Aston Martin DB series of models flew up post Craig’s first movie. I’m sure it will have a similar effect on the RM designs. The issue I have is that when you are putting a coin into an auction below RM release price you only need one bad auction to lose out terribly. It’s great for opportunistic buyers. Who’s putting Bonds into their next auction? I’d be surprised if any did. I’d rather pay a 15% final
  4. Yes mate, I can’t sell my 2ozs now after that pathetic Coin Cabinet auction. I couldn’t get various coins in with them without duplicates and they refused to put coins in. Too many binds yes but they are still very low mintage in 2oz format. I almost bought several it seemed way too cheap.
  5. Yes a 2oz. I’m shifting mine after next Bond movie release (hopefully).
  6. Just don’t spit on it by accident 😂
  7. Looks like a fleck of silver to me. Conservation should disappear that before grading. Worth paying for. No point it being there in the slab.
  8. I heard that graders have about 1 minute per coin to make a grade so a 1 minute video like this, 30 seconds per side should show an issue.
  9. That’s about right. You’ve really got to look very very hard to find an issue on a 70. I zoom in to 3.8x (my new phone can go to 6x) on my iPhone video and do a recording and go over both sides slowly then watch it back then recheck areas of concern and tilt the coin. Lighting can make a big difference too. This coin was graded a 70. I thought it could achieve it and it did. I opted for conservation anyway. If it’s living in a slab forever it might as well look it’s best. I sent it in at £4,650 value, £80 for grading and about £186 for conservation. It’s added value so I’m happy 😊
  10. Waiting for Wonger to turn up shortly....
  11. Anything less than a 69. 68s usually have something easily noticeable imho
  12. I’m sure they will go eventually. Not so sure about their £9,000 £5 pr70 Alderneys. Yes, it’s nice but at 6x Spot?? Then again, anyone who can’t shell out £35,000 Might be tempted at £9k 🤷‍♂️
  13. Yeah, pay in more than a few hundred at my bank and they ask where it came from. “Won it at the bookies” answer must me given a lot.
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