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  1. Few 5 oz of proper steak from @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer including best price in Európe. Thank you.
  2. Ordered Monday night ,got it this morning.
  3. I got few orders with them all were delivered , but you have to wait little bit longer as usual. When you log in you should see how many days until delivery. Can be 40 or more days.
  4. Just filling that form is it standard or modern? As well in reholder services oversied reholder £7500? Total value £2000 and total cost all services together? Thank you
  5. 1/2 oz gold Lunar Ox from Coininvest.
  6. I think someone mentioned on forum that they stop doing 1 oz silver lunar bu.
  7. Got it last month 2 oz mouse proof but today she can join her ancestors under one roof. I can assure you there is no cat in the house 😁
  8. From @BackyardBullion group order. Falcons and Mouses. Thanks you
  9. Few years back there was Australian Sovereign proof low mintage as well , and it do not attach any extra premium in sales. Few changes hand here on forum for around. £360 if my memory is right.
  10. No didn't , will check tomorrow morning but that one spot was enough.
  11. It was only leatherette box without CoA
  12. Got my replacement on Saturday already, but sending it back again small dot on windscreen , I think somebody mention it here coin with same problem , probably they just swapping coin and send each others. With note on invoice additional items will be send shortly.
  13. Send my back as well, anyone know if RM refund postage?
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