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  1. Free replacement capsule included.
  2. Propably not as nobody did it.
  3. I ordered my 2 oz set on second day of release , when few more were available with delivery in early September. To my surprise got parcel from RM yesterday opened it and there is my 2oz set. I can clearly see is recycled one , bubble wrap was used before , capsules not pristine , look like somebody already checked them. Will have to check coins in daylight but clearly RM promised strike new set for collectors not happy with quality and send these sets back others customers waiting for later delivery. I got through all topic but no one want disclosure COA number they send back.
  4. Falcon left £300 plus your choice of delivery.
  5. They can do 1/2 oz silver proof as Perth mint on Lunars.
  6. QB 1/4 oz silver proof set , little brother looking great 2oz proof set will be magnificent.
  7. My 1/4 Oz set in complete orders as well. Lucky to get one 2oz set today and it is sold out now from not longer available Yesterday.
  8. 1/4 oz gold Queen Beast White Lion of Mortimer £405. Sovereign 2020 £315 Plus postage of your choice, free postage in take together. Bank transfer preferred
  9. Looking to sell my spare 10 oz Silver Beasts. 10 oz Falcon , scratch on capsule queen side. £300. 10 oz Yale £295 Plus your choice of postage. Bank transfer preferred.
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