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  1. Where's CNN when you need them?
  2. 1933 The US gov forced the public to hand over their gold giving them $20 per troy oz. After they melted the gold into bars they trebled the price of gold, as a result giving the gov more control over the economy. Sneaky.
  3. Britain paid a large part of its war debt to the US in Gold Sovereigns.
  4. Glasgow snp state of the art new hospital...locally known as the angel of death. People are actually dying at home because they are afraid to go near it and that was before covid=19.
  5. The UK's import figures for food and drink from around the world in the first half of 2018 alone was a massive £23 Billion. The benefit we will have soon is the food and drink will be cheaper for the UK consumer.
  6. I don't mind a bit of added horse meat from the EU in my burger.💪
  7. I don't think the UK can criticize anyone when it comes to chickens. Bwaaack!!
  8. This is typical snp tactics to deflect from the fact that their policy to prematurely remove elderly patients from the hospitals into care homes without the proper procedures, ( testing for the virus ) this resulted in hundreds them catching COVID-19 and subsequently dying lonely painful deaths.
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