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  1. Career politicians, where would we be without them. No doubt Kirsty thinks she's saving the planet from COVY-19. "Blended learning"? politic-speak. Not to worry though, just think of all the money they will save when the teachers take a pay cut for only working a half day, I'm sure the mums or dads who leave work early to pick up the children thanks to this idiot won't be getting paid the full day, unless of course they are on the public gravy-train, choo! choo! loads-a-money. This country doesn't need external enemies, the indigenous clowns are doing a great job of destroying us for them. Now we are to receive tens of thousands of University students from all over the world including China. Give an idiot the vote, they will only vote for another idiot.
  2. It seems when the Gov sees light at the end of the tunnel, it builds more tunnel.😬 Lovely piece. Eat your heart out Royal Mint.
  3. If you scroll down their page to the bottom there is no information about them, unlike genuine dealers, like address, T&Cs etc.
  4. Ignore the eye candy, stop getting your needs mixed up with your wants, create a disciplined strategy for investing and stick with it. You can buy all the Vuitton, Gucci and Tiffany sh!te later when you can afford it. That's the same advice I gave to my sons.
  5. I'm afraid this is the last of my roubles, the last one I sold was on the Coin Cabinet Auction on Sunday. Ended up buying more Shield-back Sovereigns.
  6. Not if people organize themselves and lie down outside banks and government buildings, everyone else is doing it, it seems the only way to be taken seriously nowadays.
  7. Personally I agree with the shop, they shouldn't have to argue the toss with this idiot in the car who probably gets his pervy jollies doing this. I wonder if the cop Knew he was being filmed? No doubt the RM will have a disclaimer hidden away in their T&Cs
  8. That's correct. Which means we cannot criticize the shop for refusing the coin and then refuse them ourselves. Double standards.
  9. Everyone who agrees with the silver knuckle-head. the next time you sell a £100 face value Gold Brit, the buyer then gives you twice its value e.g. 2 £100 face value 1oz silver coins, you would be obliged to accept the offer.
  10. Taser him, drag him out of the car throw him in the meat wagon,down to the cop shop, throw him in a cell overnight, court in the morning, fine for wasting police time. Oh, and your car has been pounded, £200 to recover and here is your coin back, now, fff off! If only.
  11. I only paid £1850 from them for mine.
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