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  1. Full stack as of today. Missing a few things still in the collection but slowly getting there.
  2. Hi there and welcome to the forum.
  3. Great speed again by GoldSilver.BE. Less that 2 1/2 days from order to delivery with UPS. Ok I really must try and save rather than buying silver. A 10oz Yale and three 1oz’s.
  4. Ordered Sunday late evening and arrived Tuesday morning. Great speed again by GoldSilver.BE.
  5. Hi please put my name down for two bars if possible.
  6. A beautiful 10oz Britannia bar arrived today thanks to @MrScottsdale, looks better in the capsule.
  7. Fantastic news a nice early bday present. I’ll keep an eye out for next steps.
  8. At least it didn’t take as long to deliver as Brexit itself, the Silver 50p finally arrived today.
  9. A few more to get 2020 under way, plus a back up 2014 horse. Ordered Sunday and arrived this morning in the UK from GoldSilver.BE can’t complain about that.
  10. They have their dinosaur one out tomorrow so curious as to what it will look like. Ideally I’d love to get a Britannia bar but might have to wait.
  11. I had it, if I was the one performing it I’m sure I could have got the 5oz gold version lol Bet the platinum will look great once you get it. Will probably take a month to get the Brexit coin arrive too!!
  12. Out of heart surgery this afternoon and back home to find a little something waiting for me
  13. What a great find for that collector, could have bought a lot of silver instead though lol wonder what NGC rating it would get? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51134884
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