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  1. Had this arrive today, not sure how many there are in the series to collect but this one looks in good condition.
  2. Think that’s enough purchasing for this month.
  3. Well I ate the cake and drank the drink so down the rabbit hole I go.
  4. Was interested to see how the 10oz Britannia looked up close so had to go and get one of course and then compare it to the 1oz.
  5. Ordered 9am Saturday and arrived today. One of the best finishes I have had from the mint.
  6. Thank you to @GSTrading for sending this lovely lady to me.
  7. At last. So glad to finally get my hands on one. Great work as always by BYB and glad to be able to support the forum.
  8. Thank you to @ChrisSilver and of course to prize sponsor @RoslandGold. Great to come home and find this waiting for me.
  9. Wow a win that’s fantastic news. Thank you to the sponsor @RoslandGold
  10. A small Xmas present that I got from GS.BE. Will be interesting to see how prices compare next year.
  11. A present to myself after another heart op. What a year 2020 has been!! Two lovely coins that left Belgium yesterday and arrived today. Hopefully we get a Brexit deal for silver at least
  12. A little something for getting through another heart op, hopefully I won’t need a third op and can just get the 3rd Winnie the Pooh on its own 😃
  13. When I try to go to the prize drawers using my iPhone I keep getting an error message come up.
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