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  1. Exactly !! I'm sure the same was said about tax and national insurance ! Temporary increase my hole...
  2. Some dealers I've seen mention specifications in the information section of said product.
  3. I think it's a good idea. Especially for those who aren't very mobile or want something different . A welcome service .
  4. Derv

    Red Letter Days...

    Very well done. I bet it's rewarding. Any chance of some pictures of the collection? A couple of my all time favourites happen to be 'roos.
  5. Derv

    Small Gold Nuggets

    Ditto @dicker I am also intrigued. All the best
  6. Derv

    Small Gold Nuggets

    I suppose depending on what they are asking for it , and your measure of want (value) may determine if it's worth further pursuit. Is there not a basic math formula on gold for a given measurement and weight , obviously knowing the purity helps. Basic acid test as mentioned to determine purity first!?
  7. I don't know if anyone who has one. I have the 1oz and love it. Would like the second release but at a decent price, premiums went mad on it and it's only newish out . Added 0 minutes later... As in to buy or for sale?
  8. Derv

    Small Gold Nuggets

    Are we looking at 11oz in picture?
  9. Derv

    Small Gold Nuggets

    I initially thought it had a pyrite look to it , pure guessing though. Colour looks ok
  10. Derv

    Small Gold Nuggets

    It's more for melting as opposed to testing sorry
  11. Derv

    Small Gold Nuggets

    Aqua regia !?
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