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  1. Derv

    Gold SIlver BE

    Orders always arrived on time. 20+ orders going back a few yrs now. Only issue I had was one coin in a bulk order never arrived, easily and swiftly rectified, couple of messages and all was put right. Pleased with choice, prices and packaging. Thumbs 👍 from me . My go to mainland supplier .
  2. Police up my way are certainly not doing social distancing. Neither are railway staff . I routinely see them daily. Do as I say not as I do !
  3. They are different designs minted by different companies. Most bought by dealers on varying amounts based on bulk orders. Few and far between you'll see the same price on 1oz coins from different manufacturers.
  4. Possibly had some heat applied to effect toning whilst up against a mesh fence!?
  5. Derv

    How much

    As little as possible ideally, but 70-80p a gram max. But I do have short arms and long pockets 😊 Added 0 minutes later... But then it depends on if it's rrp , pre owned, style desirability.....
  6. I know that! You try telling the policy enforcers when there after your offspring. Added 0 minutes later... It's certainly never stopped them before.
  7. That's why we are forced to sign birth certificates under threat of prosecution to create a contract with government for access to the social contract. We are keepers of children not the registered owners. Unfortunaley - no common law in Scotland
  8. Aren't the earlier Britannias .958 or something?
  9. Bump, Final Reduction £249 Inc Special Delivery
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