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  1. Eh aye , right here in this very site. It has a very active and competitive buy/sell/trade section. As to values , well that'll be up to you I spose , depending on condition and what you want vs need
  2. SOLD ! This little lot 3 Maples & 1 Philly Maples are handled and marked, Philly is in Ok condition, no obvious handling. Reduced £100+ Postage BT or PP f&f Any questions ask away Thanks
  3. Having a sort through & decided these are at odds so are up for sale , ideally as one lot. Black Bulls in bullion condition, minor bag marks ect £70 each +pp Nautical Victoria's in OMP in great condition £100 for both +pp Or all for £242 posted special delivery
  4. 4 x 1 oz Silver Phillys £106 + Postage of choice and risk Some toning on one and starting on another. Bullion condition , handled ect BT or PP,F&F Thanks
  5. One full tube 1/4 oz Noah's Ark x 20 5 oz Total Bullion condition signs of milking storage handling Great fractional pieces £160 + Postage BT , PPf&f Thanks
  6. Derv

    Melt or Sell?

    I'd sell it. I know there's probably millions in existence but are silver trophies made at the same rate anymore ? In the hopes a buyer doesn't melt it themselves. Unless it's more valuable to you as casting scrap metal
  7. If you don't want to answer it , don't . I personally don't see it as a crime. What contract do you have with them other than being a citizen , none. No contract - return to sender. If I remember correct they were pretty full on the last time around, 10 yrs ago. It wouldn't surprise me if there even worse now in terms of trying to force compliance. Data is the big ticket after all
  8. A crime not to answer a question , jeezo what next I can't remember being prosecuted last time. I must check my rap' sheet...
  9. Here we have an absolutely stunning 2 oz Silver Royal Mint Three Graces for sale & or trade. There are some dust specks inside other than that the coin looks good . Supplied direct from the Royal Mint. Comes complete with inner outer box plus sleeve with COA. £1950 or £1350 + 2 x Gold full Sovereigns Price includes Special Delivery to anywhere in the UK. Bank Transfer. More picture upon request , any questions please ask Thanks
  10. Maybe someone's attempt at home toning !?
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