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  1. Bellissimo , a very well done @richatthecroft
  2. possibly electro plated Added 0 minutes later... Ha beaten to it Added 0 minutes later... Ha beaten to it
  3. Anarchy isn't always death and destruction like it's always portrayed. For me , I believe the truth shall set you free. Freedom, in any guise never comes easy. Nor should it . I took the red pill after the 07/08 crash , it turned my life upside down , I almost lost my mental battle, but through the fog of truth vs lie battle ground I have come out stronger and a better man with a clearer vision of what is really going on. TV was the first thing to go. Letting go is the hardest part..
  4. I think but can't remember for certain they debit your account upon dispatch of goods. No idea if that plays into the credit search. Shady practice none the less
  5. Yes I bought two a couple months ago, no issues other than a nuisance sales phone call...to sell overpriced proofs...just like H&B ...so far. Decline all other offers if called!
  6. Treat them like you would a Harrington&Byrne order, see a deal get in then get out. Sign up for nowt and deffo don't be fooled by telephone sales jargon.
  7. I like it...but don't love it. Though it has that Perth Mint quality.
  8. Hi , thanks for the shout out , I managed to get one. Thanks again šŸ‘
  9. So it is , I was getting mixed up with plutonium, which can be made. Any stocks in particular ? Or peruse them all
  10. When I first 'wanted' to buy gold , but didn't , it was just shy of Ā£260 per oz ...I wish I had but life got in the way. What's important for me now it here..now...next wk.month...year...
  11. Derv

    Sold all my Gold

    Wonger.....Is that you !?!
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