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  1. Finite , dense , malleable , conductive + all they other good uses.... ... more importantly for me.... It's lovely and gold 😊
  2. Finally bagged a bat. No 'rona here ;). 1st of a series? Does it rival Spiderman hmm
  3. Sign up for coinbase pro , same sign in details between the two sites. Much cheaper fees !
  4. I have a spare Black Beard 1oz if anyone fancies a trade for the red fleet !
  5. Fancy posting me a couple 😉
  6. I just checked shipping to the UK £71 😲 , cheap coins though.
  7. Best place to get them you reckon, this side of the pond ? I'm after a couple myself to keep it going.
  8. SOLD 1 oz silver kangaroos x 9. As you can see handling and milk marks , hence used bullion. Reduced price £230 delivered Special Delivery 3 x 2016 5 x 2018 1 x2019
  9. Hmm interesting. I wonder if it's real or if it's the start of this 'cyber pandemic' model due to be rolled out...
  10. SOLD. Reduced ! 16 x 1 oz Bullion kangaroos sold in lots of four , 4 . Lot 1: 1 x 2016 milked , 1 x 2018 milked , 1x 2019 , 1 x 2020 £104. SOLD ! Lot 2: 4 x 2018 some milking handling marks £104 Lot 3: 4 x 2019 one I think has toning £104 Lot 4: 4 x 2020 £106 All in bullion condition some with milking and toning handling marks + Postage of choice and risk Buy 12 for £320 delivered Special Delivery + Free tube
  11. The code ? Sent almost instantly I think. I purchased it a half hour ago online.
  12. Just got the Mrs a lucky dip bullion sovereign from BBP with a free Britannia. First time using the referral
  13. Looks set for a nice swing up. Which stock is it ?
  14. You're going to melt a Rolex bracelet ? Is it damaged ?
  15. I've only ever taken advantage of the £50 1g gold bar deals. Few and far between these days. As GBS ^^^ mentions loss leaders are used to sell overpriced items so mind how you go !
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