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  1. If people lose on the CFD's who gets the money ?
  2. Kate Bush , Annie Lennox , Sinead o Connor ...legends to some at least.
  3. It seems like Royal Mint quality control , or lack thereof strikes again. A lovely coin regardless
  4. Looks like it's been rubbed or brushed past something. If that's a proof finish I'd imagine the marks would be reflected in the grading outcome.
  5. A Ha , well their you go , pardon the pun. Maybe my subconscious picked it up. Thanks, put my niggles at rest 🙂
  6. I quite like it...and I don't know why but something about it seems very James Bond(y) ...hmm can't quite place it.
  7. Can't help with pricing sorry but what a love piece. 3rd picture down , it looks like a squashed zombie dog 🐕 ha
  8. I agree HT , this recent drop in metals prices to me signifies a buy if your buying that is. With all the uncertainty around & globally I don't think you can go far wrong at these levels.
  9. Hi 1g gold bars , small gold coins wanted , brand mint doesn't matter. Cheaper the better ideally. Let me know what's available Thanks 🙂
  10. Derv

    Testing your gold

    Size weight and a specific gravity test are the usual methods of legitimacy. Or use acids but then that leaves obvious marks. Or x-ray machines..
  11. Surely that depends on what you have and what you want for it ! But I think I understand
  12. One's better than nowt, I'll take it thanks
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