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  1. I'd definitely take 2 possibly 3 1 oz if you get them available .
  2. Put me down for a few please if you do happen to put a post up Cheers P
  3. SOLD Thanks 1 tube of Btitannias , mixed 2019 & 2021's bullion condition , free tube + free special delivery £560 Bank transfer Any questions ask away Thanks
  4. Hi , I think you can up the insurance with the post office. Or alternatively send them in a couple of parcels .
  5. Selling at a loss. 3 x Silver Proof coins 1 x Royal Tudor Beasts 1 oz Lion of England 1 x 1 oz Alice Adventures in Wonderland 1 x 1/2 oz Alice Adventures in Wonderland Some small milking to the 1/2 oz. Other two appear to be fine. £210 posted special delivery
  6. SOLD Here we have a complete 17 coin set of replica Spanish History coins. Each one is 925 Silver , some being 24ct Gold coated. With COA One coin missing a half capsule 445.8g total = 14.33 Oz £240 posted Special delivery Some stunning designs on these coins. Bought from a forum member couple years ago. Bank Transfer Any questions just ask Thanks
  7. SOLD As above two full gold sovereigns in lovely condition 1964 (3m) 1978 (6.55m) Both in lovely condition Bank transfer £745 posted special delivery
  8. SOLD Gold Sovereign x 4 bundle deal £1450 posted special delivery 1891 (6.3m) 1901 (1.57m) 1981 (5m) 2009 (60k mintage!) Need to buy a trailer asap hence the price Bank transfer. Any questions ask away.
  9. SOLD - Thanks 1/4 oz Gold Proof 2016 100 years Proclamation of Irish Independence Numista rarity 90. .9999 24ct 5500 mintage! £410 Special delivery included - Reduced ! Forgot to add - comes complete with original box outer sleeve and COA , not pictured. SOLD 1/4 oz Gold 2016 Krugerrand SOLD Any Mark's are on the capsules only. Coin in great condition. Bank transfer Any questions ask away
  10. It was tongue in cheek. I haven't worked out the math. It would be 0.05 toz ×25 is what the tube would be less a legitimate tube. Finding it first pick is the conundrum
  11. Once - finding said dodgy tube first pick 😬😋
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