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  1. It's no different, in the middle of the gold standard the average wage was £85 per year. At £4.25 per Oz that's 20 Oz of gold, ish. Today the average wage is £26000, at £1300 per Oz, that's 20 Oz of gold.
  2. That's the attraction
  3. Nice one, I'm no expert, I do laser engraving as a hobby/sideline (currently on hold). This world and the arts and crafts world cross paths, so any issues post it up
  4. This will get you a step forward, not sure it's perfect. I am personally thinking, spraying black, dipping in wax then removing the wax for the gold colour with soldering iron, then spraying gold. Then remove all wax by sticking it in oven.
  5. I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve but I will add my two pennies worth. I have zero artistic skill but I have done a fair bit of transferring images on wood. I think what you are after is a sublimination type of method on the cheap. It would usually cost about £1000 to get set up but if you wish to do it on the cheap this is how I would do it. Download inkscape, it's a free open source software for creating graphics. You can use photos,, images, vectors or just create your own. Access to a laser printer. This method only works with a laser printer as the ink separates easily. With wood I use the waxey paper you get with postage stick on labels. This vid will give you some idea how it works.
  6. Maybe this but I only know this from industry. https://www.appmfg.com/blog/4-facts-on-dissimilar-metal-corrosion
  7. Bigmarc

    Time to sell?

    Should read my messages before sending them. It was ment to say the replies you had received.
  8. About twenty years ago I use to work in Germany. I noticed bullion coins being sold from banks, in the exchanges in the airports and many coin dealer shops. That is where and when it started. I traveled a lot with work and most European countries seem to have this easily available and most of my expenses went on this new hobby. Back then you tube channels were virtually unheard of, I think I followed one (maybe shadow stack) not sure. At the time I never paid much attention to the price and just picked it up as and when. If you could do it all again what would you change? Buy only British coinage. Don't get me wrong I am a sucker for something that looks nice but it can be a pain if you want to sell, if you don't sell that often. I should have started with gold sooner also. It's not a good plan to have all eggs in one basket. Did you stick to mostly bullion? In the beginning yes, wasn't until I stopped working away when I seeked an alternative. Moved on to mainly pre decimal. What metal did you stack the most of and why? Or did you have a bit of everything? I am a silver stacker through and through and only in the last year did I cash out on the hype and invest in some gold. I do stack copper and tin also but at some point this will be sold and spent on silver or gold. When you bought did you buy from dealers or second hand? Majority was bought second hand after about ten years. I never went in to this seriously until then. I lost a lot of money in shares after the credit crunch so moved on. when you decided to liquidate your stack did you sell to a dealer or privately? I've done this three times now. eBay use to do max fees £1 so there was barely any cost involved in selling. I have also sold bits on here,. Gold and silver. Nothing wrong with dealers as it's instant money but if you are looking to maximize, then eBay is best bet if you can grab one of their promotions here is good but trust needs to be built. Do you have any advice for new stackers? Keep a open mind and try not to follow the heard. Ask yourself why you want to do this and what do you want to achieve (something I had never done). Some people buy a amount every month and some save and wait for the dip. Which one are you? If you haven't got a b/s filter don't watch any YouTube channel. Pick multiple platforms that you could sell on and build up a selling profile if you wish to play the market. Maybe start buy buying coin lots, take out the crowns and florins then sell the rest (i did this for a while on eBay).
  9. Bigmarc

    Time to sell?

    Good luck with whatever you decide and let us know how you get on. There are a few of us here that have liquidated some of our PM's to buy the crypto dip and it is always best to have options. Some of your were replys seem a little harsh in my opinion, take what you want from it as "experience". If you decide to sell some then that's the next big learning curve and maybe beneficial to see the whole process through. To be honest it's rather refreshing to hear about potential losses on here as a matter of balance instead of the usual mantra of long term hold with no clue what the future holds.
  10. I have a relatively small budget for my pm,s. It is toped up continually by side hustles. I hoard nothing apart from metals and everything we don't use any more goes on eBay. Years ago when I first did this I easily converted my garage into 6 tubes of Brits, now I just stay on top of it. So my two pennies worth is to eBay the lot.
  11. Bigmarc

    Time to sell?

    Johny. Many people do this for different reasons. A lot of people want security some want options. Try not to focus in on what you want to hear. Is there going to be a crash or a correction? Is there a difference? One is fear talk and the other is opportunity talk. As @dicker said post "correction" they tend to over correct in my opinion and it's a gamble I am willing to take. I have done the same with crypto to as these follow the markets even more so than metals. Many members are very serious about investing and often talk about large port folio's. I am not in that camp. So just work out who you are because if you feel the whole world is going bankrupt then it's probably best to hold. Best to follow your gut I feel and stop it with the YouTube videos.
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