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  1. One man's opinion doesn't matter, there are positives all over the forum.
  2. I am at my mother-in-laws 60th now, should be socializing but no, I am on here!
  3. It's very addictive, it got to the point where I wasn't doing any work. I have managed to scale it down to 50 times a day 😁 The reason is I have always had an interest in metals and never someone to share it with, I don't do Facebook, Instagram, ticktock or Snapchat.
  4. Traceable, it would have to be something like they did with Johnny's in barbers years a go. " Something for the weekend sir".
  5. According to Wikipedia the 50 and 100 euro notes are the most commonly used. I wonder if they get iffy about them there.
  6. Yes I have kind of given up fighting it now, I've had two family holidays over the last couple of years where I have come home with as much cash as I've taken. I have been quizzed when putting a few grand into my kids savings account and the other day I took the kids swimming and needed £1 for the locker, I tried to change a tenna at reception only to be told "sorry we are cashless now". I do wonder how the bartering would go on, how are the youngsters going to buy their drugs?
  7. There is probably no need for a bank to keep massive amounts of cash on site anymore.
  8. Yes that what I thought unless the seller is vat registered or not. If a company is selling unsold stock I think they still need to add vat, probably not in this case tho.
  9. Much the same as eBay fees. Always find the vat a strange thing as it is not applied to all lots. I have about 4 auction houses within half hour drive so generally like to pick it up to avoid postage costs.
  10. Not sure if vat would be applied to this lot tho
  11. 20% buyers, 5% online fee, plus vat So about £1800
  12. I use to use Excel, but don't even open my laptop anymore so have been using Google sheets. I use it for most things and have even got one set up to work out what to bid on for coin bundles on eBay. To be honest Dave, I think you are right and maybe go back to the old black and red books to keep it private. I recently set up a hardware wallet. After all the technology involved you still had to write your passwords down on a piece of paper and recommend never to take photos or type it in anywhere.
  13. Yes saving on Google drive. I have many spread sheets on there for my personal finances. Would you consider Google sheets 3rd party?
  14. I heard about a guy with one leg shorter than the other, they nicknamed him snipers nightmare.
  15. Sorry to bring back a old thread but is Google sheets private? Out of ease I have been keeping a tally of recent purchases through my phone. Am I kidding myself to think that it is private like excel?
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