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  1. Different, I kind of liked it. Pretty much everything on your list apart from the snow blower I would pay half for, including silver. I do enjoy your posts.
  2. No need. I have a underlying issue with people saying do your own research in relation to crypto when 99% of people haven't a clue what's going on. To be honest I have been collecting silver before the age of the internet and have forgotten what it's like to be a newbie. Ignore me and carry on.😁
  3. Why? I could spend hours looking for information when someone on here can answer in seconds.
  4. In a auction I would bid up to £77. (That's not a bid tho). Unless you get £1 listings on eBay I would probably hang on to them as they are not the type of coin to quick flip.
  5. When I was sixteen, after my exam results we went to a Christian rock festival to celebrate. I got my left ear pearced and bought a sterling silver dangling earring. I looked a complete pilliock and took it out after a day. Still have it today in a box somewhere.
  6. I think before the gold standard it was 4.25 pound in weight of silver to one ounce of gold, not sur tho, seems to ring a bell. Also had something to do with the word £. Iscac Newton I think.
  7. Probably when it's suits America to do so again, same as last time. Wasn't 15 to 1 before the gold standard.
  8. Saleroom.com search through local auction houses to cut out the postage. Careful of the fees tho, it varies
  9. Yes, as above search for individual coins, half crowns, florins ect. Has been a few good deals lately on the forum, follow @oldschoolsilver she seems to liquidate a fair amount every now and then. I am not buying at the moment so may be a bit out of touch.
  10. I wonder how many real bullets the get going through the postal system.
  11. It's not necessarily negative but more the great human desire of a good underdog story (and a obsession with shiny things). Unfortunately if you were to throw a dart in the random object generator and bought that 20 years ago, you would have had a return at a bare minimum of inflation. I am currently sitting at home watching pepper pig, so have a little time on my hands and generator came up with purse. Silver 20 years ago? About 8 dollars, so slightly better than the above purse. Not necessarily poor but not a good investment either.
  12. Is American junk silver cheaper than our own junk silver, why not just buy it here? Morgan's maybe a better one to accumulate.
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