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  1. It's not as expensive as most charge. There is a lot of ads for ounces rather than Troy ounces. Also advertised weight of full amount rather than silver content and people still buy them. I wouldn't buy it because I enjoy spending hours looking for a good deal. For a but it now price with free delivery it seems ok if you can't be arsed with the hours of looking. If I am looking at top price for a bid I like to go in at spot plus a percentage. Tends to work well for me as If I win it's usually under that figure.
  2. Thanks Liam I've been round the houses a bit in my mind because my collection has risen in value but have no gold. I got wrapped up in some of the other threads in here and lost fact of my original goal. My intention was to release some funds from silver and change into gold, I'm glad I didn't go for it as my plan has always been the long game. I'm currently not buying silver and trying to take as much info from here about gold as I can before I purchase my first ounce next month (4 sovs). Chris silver explained to me how the silver forum came about in another conversation, so in t
  3. Hi all, great post. Thought I would have a go at representing the newbies on this one. For most of us I can imagine it's nice to come to a place and look what's on offer without a big question mark above it. Looking through the eyes of a newbie there seems to be a lot of high end stuff exchanging for a lot of money, kind on feels like turning up to a masonic lodge meeting on your first day in your underpants. Personally I don't have much interest in selling "but" in order to gain community points would you recommend putting some up for offer? When you are selling would you prefer t
  4. Thanks, I did think about that, just seems a bit high end on here. I'm going to get premium at some point and I will give it a go. Cheers
  5. Good morning Sorry if this has been asked before I am trying to make some room in my stack and am trying to sell pre 1947 bits and bobs. To get around the eBay and PayPal fees I listed on Facebook market place. The problem is the ad keeps getting taken off. Says it goes against their t/c's. Does anyone know why this is? I've requested a review. I feel I am missing something as see loads of other coins on there. Thanks
  6. Backyard bullion I think to.
  7. As a newbie I'm just wondering if I am not concerned with the price of gold but rather the silver to gold ratio. Is it a good idea to change silver to gold? Has the gap been this close?
  8. Thanks Pete Good food for thought. I have always been a collector of silver and have never given much thought to gold until I joined the silver forum. I was wondering for those of us who's stacks are mainly silver should take this opportunity to even things out a bit due to the silver gold ratio being so low. The premiums are so high on silver at the moment that is not hard to to sell for a decent price. Compare it to the premiums on gold, I am finding it hard to resist cashing up for some sov's. Have the premiums on gold ever been high?
  9. Hi good post I am currently in the same position. Just wondering what route you took to sell your silver. Did you try to offload quick or get the most from it? I am attempting to make room for some sovs, so I am going to get rid of all my pre 1947, then some of the pre 1920s, should make enough to order my first 5 if I get a decent price. Did you price it up at spot? Under? Over? Cheers bud
  10. I've been a member a few weeks now. I have been collecting for years, just for the love of silver. I had never really heard of the term stacking up until a few months ago. Whilst being a member here I have come to the conclusion that I am probably already a stacker. This forum is brilliant for all the information, feels very welcoming and it's great to mix with people who share the same interest. It can also be very overwhelming for a newbie such as myself, what you have to remember is a lot of these guys have been doing this for years and are very good at it. The vast quantities that th
  11. Yeah stacker queen, did you have a look? Not sure they have updated their prices tho, seems pretty cheap
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