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  1. I thought details have to be taken, and HMRC could request the information. Customer due diligence is the phrase. Just a money laundering check.
  2. Not necessarily in its reserves but having the currency made from silver and then dropping it must go some way to prove its worth. The way I see it is the silver back then Is a completely different product than the silver we have now. It needs to drop the precious metal label. If it not used in any currency and not stored by banks then it should be viewed no differently than copper. The price may be the correct price for today's usage.
  3. I watched a documentary once about this, might have been the secrets of Oz, can't remember. Anyhow, at the end of the Roman empire they talk a lot about how they kept the public entertained, the gladiator battles, feeding to the lions, the people had more and more of a infatuation to sex. I thought back the the similarity was believable. It went on to an experiment they did with mice. The provided mice with all their needs. They didn't need to do anything for themselves. What they found out was all the mice did day in day out was groom themselves. Again this just reflects today's society.
  4. Hello oliman Hope you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for a over the counter Britt?
  5. Everitt Family Jewellers in Hatfield. It's the kind of place that has been there for centuries. There is a bit on display but most of his stuff is in the safe. Nice guy to chat to and he always tries to do a deal on multiple items. (For me anyhow).
  6. I picked these up at my local coin shop. The owner said he was glad to be open after all the lockdowns but they are struggling. Just thought I would post and say alongside the silver squeeze, local businesses need our support to. Cheers BM
  7. I think they were released last month. May take a while to get here. I have family in the states, so I can get them but I'm not interested if they are 999. I am hoping they mint the same as the originals.
  8. Bigmarc

    Best for buying?

    What area in the UK are you from? If you want to start collecting, try going to a coin shop and see what they have. Was talking to one owner today and he is really struggling after all the lockdowns. I picked up a few pieces, the price was pretty much the same as most of your online retailers.
  9. Hi Does anyone know if they will be releasing the 2021 Morgan dollar in .900 version? I can only find information on 999 version. Cheers
  10. Hello voy and welcome. All depends on budget and why you want to do it? There seems to be many different ways to achieve the same thing.
  11. I'm currently visiting the isle of wight, anyone got any tips on coin or antique shops?
  12. In reflection of my post last night, I think my views may not help a new starter as I am coming from the corner of someone that already has their goal in physical silver. Many people stack (accumulate) for all sorts of different reasons and it may help for you to decide why you are doing it and what is your goal. Please try not to be lead by faceless individuals when investing quiet a hefty budget. I personally have stopped buying silver as in comparison it is the most expensive it has been since starting. You may not have that option, I have also just started getting in to gold (to try and ad
  13. I have kind of given up on physical silver. Mainly thanks to the hundreds of YouTube vids and the mob culture of wall Street silver. I have a revolute account which has a commodity section. I can buy paper silver there, there is no vat or premium's and I just pay 1.5% over spot. I am using this to keep my toe in the silver market and can cash up in seconds to buy physical gold. I do still like to stack physical but i don't find it a must have anymore (I've never been one to follow a crowd). So it's definitely sovereigns for me.
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