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  1. Bigmarc

    Gold Wedding Rings

    Cheers. Clicked the link, now every advert on my phone is for engagement rings. If my missus see's it, it's going to cost me a fortune.
  2. You may have more luck posting in different section. @trp
  3. Another good one to look at is Roman Abramovich. During Russia in the 80s Roman worked as a mechanic and a "street trader". From there he imported rubber ducks and sold them from his apartment. By 1989 when the Berlin wall fell and he turned his rubber duck business in to making dolls and was legitimate this time because the financial boundaries had changed. After this period he used his "street trader" skills and started trading timber, food, sugar and eventually oil. In 1992 he was arrested and sent to prison for stealing government property and in 1996 he moved into an apartment inside the Kremlin on invite from Boris Yeltsin. By this time he was trading in oil and aluminium and was worth billions. In 2003 he bought Chelsea football club with the change in his back pocket for fun. Now I know a lot of the story is probably lost in history but the point I am trying to make is that this man made his way trading what people may have needed according to the current financial hardship. Oil and aluminium "probably" didn't come into play until things were on the up. If you were to ask him the question about how to sell gold and silver during this time, what do you think his answer would be? Would you get market value? My thoughts would you would have had to meet him and his henchmen In a alley somewhere to sort out a deal.
  4. Noah was over 500 years old when he built his ark. He had a lot of time on his hands. My wife is not interested, my kids are not interested, my family and mates are not interested. They all pretty much think I am boring, but it's mine, if we are away and I want to disappear to a coin shop, it's something "I" do, If I want to have a day out at a coin fair, it's something "I" do. I've been away on stag weekends and still managed to get away for a few hours peace, just adding to my collection. I have always been about the metal more than the coin. I have made many mistakes and collected some bargains and to be honest it wasn't until I joined the forum that I saw the error of my ways. I have learned a lot here and although I am still primarily about the metal (it's simple), I am slowly starting to look at saleable coins. So to clarify I am more of a treasure hunter than a investor. "A hobby"
  5. In the 80s and 90s during the hyper inflation period in Romania there were green growers and butchers that did there trade for the day and by the time they went to the wholesalers, inflation had risen that much the hadn't made enough money to restock. Even the people working in the mints that make the money didn't want to work for the money they were producing. This is obviously worse case scenario but if you were to sell a ounce of gold to pay your bills, by the next day the money would be worthless. People would only want gold and silver if they had the means to hold on to it.
  6. Interesting read. I suppose it all depends on the severity of the crisis. My personal opinion is the author misunderstands the purpose of gold and silver. If they are talking hyper inflation then our beloved metal would be pretty much redundant during the crisis but after the crisis, when everyone else has lost their wealth, we as collectors have a pretty good head start in the new monetary system. This is no means the reason I collect. I do it just to have physical assets the current working system. If there was a crisis I would probably move on to cooking oil and wine.
  7. Just looking at it, it's a epp license. It says it will not be issued if there is a safer alternative. I am assuming you need a extraction hood and a filter, somewhere to lock it up and £40. I'm not sure about it being issued for the hobbyist.
  8. Bigmarc


    I'm going to unfollow this thread now as I feel a bit of a stalker. Had a quick look at the his/hers buying feedback. The do buy from coin dealers so there must be some interest there, they like a bit of fitness and quite partial to some indoor plant growing, buying up the hydrophonic plant food and extractors (must have read about it somewhere) Just putting it out there but this "may" have been a case of eBay quick listings app and being lazy. I have bought from people before that generally didn't know what they were selling wasn't silver. 🥲
  9. Brits down to £29 only 65% over spot. I think the silver squeeze is still working.
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