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  1. rob6

    completed (By Platinum Member) 2017 10oz Q.B. Lion 🦁 NGC MS69 "REDUCED"

    Nothing in mind specifically, coins preferred, of a reasonable condition, with value to match the asking price. Fractionals to get close. and can negotiate any difference.
  2. As stated above, in excellent condition Sold plus SD postage. With the option of purchasing a 2018 10oz Q.B. Griffin NGC MS67 for Sold "Willing to trade for gold of equal value" PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer
  3. Nations of the Crown Gold Proof £1 coin Complete with C of A and all packaging as from mint Limited Edition of 2,017, weight 17.75g yellow and red gold.
  4. Wallace & Gromit 2019 UK 50p Gold Proof coin. celebrating the 30th Anniversary. Only 630 Limited Edition Presentation were minted
  5. Una and the lion 2 oz Silver, NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo. Complete, box, CoA etc. as sent from the Royal Mint. These are rarely up for sale, and continue to confirm their value as an investment. Recently sold on CC Auction for £2,700 Plus postage. Asking for including RMSD, sorry no offers. Paypal F&F or BT
  6. rob6

    Doubled Die Reverse ???

    Thanks for the explanation, I am unable to see any doubling, but obviously I am not an expert. Would this be classified as a mint error? Also do you think it would reduce the value of the coin? I've looked on line to see if I could get some idea of it's worth, but as far as I can find there are none for sale, and only two graded of which mine is top of 2.
  7. Could anyone, in this vast pool of knowledge, explain what "Doubled Die Reverse" actually means? I own a "1975 S. Africa Gold 2R " coin in PF 68 Cameo, with this on the NGC label? An estimate of it's value would also be nice, as it is the highest graded? Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this.
  8. Beautiful set of four coins in excellent condition . £350 Including SD postage. BT or Paypal F&F
  9. Looking for a 2020 I/2oz Silver Libertad if anyone has one spare? I have a 1/4 oz that I could offer in part exchange if interested?
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