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  1. The Tudor Beasts bullion version may entice me more but I'm still holding back on this particular series. Don't want to fall into it just for the hype. I'm still in love with the QB series. All I can do for now is wait to see how the bullion version coins look like and then make a decision.
  2. Now THIS I like very much! I assume they'll be selling them per tube as pre order as well? If anyone has more information on this release I would appreciate it. 🙂
  3. Love the QB designs and they are much more classy in finish compared to the Tudor Beasts. QB’s miles ahead! A big pass on the “KB” series for me. Too bland of a design and lacklustre.
  4. I completely agree with you! I’m not a fan of the newer red tinted look. I much prefer the old yellow finish as it puts a smile on my face more than the new ones. 😆
  5. Beautiful collection! Seems like the first 3 big ones are going for an astronomical hike in price especially on eBay in recent weeks. Glad you managed to complete the set up until now. 👍
  6. Now that I’ve seen the official design and it is what was earlier leaked I’m very disappointed. Absolute shambles of a design imo. They could’ve done A LOT better. It’s as if the designer(s) were inspired by a Pokemon with the shape of the panther. I’m going to hold off any purchases of this series at present. The basic font choice and sizing of the 2022 characters are way off. They just don’t look right. It might be too early to say but maybe just maybe if I see the real thing in person I might like it a bit more but it will be a hard sell for me to jump for one. I skipped through the live YouTube feed that was earlier posted and I’ve got to say not one person on that stage showed any charisma or energy to sell the new release of this series. Far from exciting...
  7. QB 1oz Gold Completer Coin 👌🏼 It’s rapidly becoming my favourite coin to stare at 😍
  8. I'm not much of a silver stacker but do collect a few series. As far as investment purposes are concerned or my end game; I'm avoiding silver at all costs...here in the UK specifically. It is incredibly difficult to get a decent return on your silver IMO. However, if you are stacking old british silver coins and old silver jewellery/ornaments then yes you will have a higher chance of getting a better return compared to purchasing brand new silver coins from any bullion firm or shop with the VAT slap on it. For a pure silver stacker enthusiast you have to shop much harder to go around the VAT trap. Each to their own. If you like silver and you enjoy stacking it then by all means continue but I personally don't see it as a wise investment long term. A mix of both yellow and white shinies are the way to go but more yellow. 😜
  9. It is a very labour-intensive process. The effort, time and materials you need to invest in to complete the process far outweighs the end result of the gold reward. Sure there are plenty of youtube tutorials that show you how to do it but a lot of things look "easy" to try and replicate yourself but it's not that straight forward. Some of the chemicals are very dangerous to handle and you have to constantly monitor several stages of the process. If you mess up one stage it has a knock on effect to next phase of refining. In my opinion it only makes sense to carry out if you have access to the materials with ease, seperate and safe location to carry out the process and an exceptional quantity of old computer parts that would be worth to extract the gold from.
  10. Initial designs of the new coin series aren't amazing they are simply meh ...however I will probably start collecting them. 🤣 A more detailed and different design approach to the QB series would entice me more to collect different sets of these coins but I get the feeling they (RM) are just milking it with the releases now. They probably anticipate the same amount of appeal as the QB series. Only time will tell...
  11. Recent arrivals. 😁 I don’t collect many silver coin series but I love pirates and ships so I had to continue with collecting the Tuvalu Black Flag Series. The Red Flag Fleet - Ching Shih The Royal Fortune - Black Bart My favourite is still the BlackBeard - Queen Anne’s Revenge first release coin. 👌🏼
  12. Extremely fugly design! 😂
  13. Amazing condition for its age! Very very excellent find and purchase. Congrats
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