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  1. After this years 1oz lunar for a pal of mine if anyone has any spare. Cheers
  2. Selling a few more of these on behalf of a friend of mine. £67 each plus post of your choice. £65 on 10 +
  3. He MAY let a few more go..... hold on for update. Added 0 minutes later... Maybe some more to go... ill update you asap
  4. Replying to a PM who was 1st. Ill go through it after.
  5. Selling another 10 of these on behalf of a good pal of mine. £62 each. Plus post
  6. Thanks for organising this @Roy. Great cause. And thanks to @ChrisSilver for my prize !
  7. Its been a long day.. lol Added 0 minutes later... £11.25
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