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  1. Can I get PM'd for some as well please. I'm interested in some too. Thanks
  2. Oooh I'm enticed. I'll take it! I'll PM you now
  3. I'll take them, I have a project for them I'll PM you
  4. Fantastic price If I don't need to replace the car, I'll PM you!
  5. @Roy one could argue that maybe the prices will rise to what their fair market value is? That could also be said that if they paid fair wages to the factory workers the prices would rise, or if companies weren't so pushed by share holders to keep returning huge profits they would accept smaller profits that would negate some of the price rise? Maybe then the tech companies wouldn't rush out such small incremental updates to devices every year either?! Or is that being naive?
  6. Was literally just typing a PM to Connor when you posted this!
  7. Amazing set. If this is still available in a couple weeks I'll be surely tempted.
  8. That sir is a great visual to represent how flawed the SLV market is. Thank you for sharing
  9. Agree, I've been drawn back to this and sit here wishing...
  10. That is some stack you're selling! Best of luck
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