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  1. Better start seeing how much kidney's go for
  2. I didn't buy that much. I was after specifics. I managed to get the Queen's Beasts Dragon 2oz BU coins for my niece and nephew. They were a load cheaper than anywhere else I could find them in stock. So the savings of that was the primary driver. But once payment was sent the goods were shipped and I had them in hand in a couple days.
  3. I recently bought some QBs and some other 1oz silver rounds and I had no issues with service. I'd buy from them again
  4. That looks right. They have little to no VAT paid on PMs, so cross referencing that to https://chards.co.uk and one fo their 1ky minted bars you're saving about £80. Perhaps their premiums are slightly lower as well?
  5. Got mine delivered today. Happy with the product. Very nice looking. And happy to say it passed the magnet test
  6. For me from https://auragentum.de/ I'll be doing the magnet test as I do on all PMs I buy
  7. Of course if you're in it to flip it. But if you're in it for the long haul or the zombie apocalypse. With the premiums being so high at the moment the better priced stuff is all heavier bars
  8. Not the cheapest, but the cheapest I've found that are also in stock https://auragentum.de/100-x-1g-silber-tafelbarren-combibarren There is some VAT/TAX and posting to the UK though
  9. Based on a quick search for the same 1 kilo bar on Chards, it is £871.62 (incl. VAT) so looks to be not bad. It does have a premium attached as do all bars and coins https://www.chards.co.uk/silver-1-kilo-bar-baird/12746
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