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  1. I completely agree. This is part of the One word govt. etc... Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. Hence why Brexit really put a spanner in the works of the United States of Europe (of which Macron is pushing Merkle hard to implement now that the southern states are really weak) However there are a lot of people that are awake and that are waking up that will reject that and push for PMs and/or a gold standard again.
  2. I fear the media are driving a lot of this fear mongering, it's all that sells nowadays. But life is about to get very real and very difficult for a huge portion of the population in the next 8 weeks. Quite what that will do to metals prices remains to be seen. I'm hugely optimistic on that.
  3. Anyone know where to get the 20z Queen Beasts Welsh Dragon from without paying through the nose for them? I've started getting my niece and nephew silver coins for part of their birthday/christmas presents in the hopes of teaching them the value of wealth and hopefully to teach them that wealth creation takes time. I've found a website that I can buy them from for £99.99 each, which is too much really but as their dad has Welsh heritage I think it would be nice for them to have that acknowledgment. I've already got them the White Lion from the Queen's Beats collection. Thanks in advance...
  4. Hello fellow silver stackers.. New to a forum platform. Been stacking for several years on and off but recently become more focused on wealth preservation. Looking to learn and add to my stack through this online community.
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