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  1. How hard do you ned to hit it with the ball peen hammer to imprint the dents? Also, how long does it take to do that ball?
  2. I've tried clicking on the link in a private browser window and adding in the code and it works for me. So there is no embedded part from the email. Maybe check again. But it's working for me
  3. Mmm, I copied it from the email I was sent from Bleyer. I've just checked and it works for me.
  4. https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/shop/silver/pre-owned-1kg-umicore-cast-silver-bar/
  5. I've bought several items from them, some with what I would class as high value and they have always been delivered no issue.
  6. This concurs with what the RebelCapitalist said in a video the other say analysing what Jamie Dimon had said. Analysis that also showed that the US checking accounts had more funds in than pre-March 2020. Dimon estimated anohter 6-9 months before those additional funds were spent. So that could tie in nicely with the mid-terms and also what others are seeing in short term bearish sentiment/pressure on PMs. Once that's spent however, that will force the Fed to reverse and open the spiggots again.
  7. I'm glad you can afford kilo gold bars. That'll be me selling a kidney on the black market to afford them 😀
  8. I received this from @GoldDiggerDave, a wonderful addition to an auction held earlier in the year that provided much needed entertainment to a heap of forum members. Thanks @HerefordBullyun for the auction. So my first slabbed and graded piece...
  9. These just turned up. Thanks to @BackyardBullion for his ever amazing poured work and @ChrisSilver for this forum. Long may it continue to be successful
  10. I feel it's a waiting game before the complete collapse of Wall Street and the derivative market. Then the first out will be hunting for security. The rest will be left with worthless paper
  11. And not available anywhere for anything close to that "spot price"
  12. Those aren't gloves. They're altered bed sheets
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