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  1. What is the diameter of said sphere? I assume it is about about 2cm across?
  2. Goodness gracious great balls of silver! Or it could be: Holy silver balls, Batman!! I'm going to need to get me some of those. @BackyardBullion I'll be contacting you at some point for some of these
  3. Ooooooh very nice! Looking forward to seeing what you create
  4. I think it'll be relatively flat at the close. Pure finger in the sky stuff
  5. Interesting... next thing us stackers will be blamed for global shortages and the reason inflation is running as it is
  6. I've not had any issues sending or receiving tubes of Brits and the like in the post. So class yourself as unlucky in this regard mate.
  7. Sad but true, the sooner people wake up and realise that this current crisis is an IQ test the better.
  8. @silversky Agreed, the Europe/UK situation is no different. Committing to Net Carbon Zero without actually having a viable alternative to go to besides massive depopulation so that there are less citizens to consume resources.
  9. You didn't purchase a Royal Mint paper contract coin by any chance did you?
  10. Let's be honest, it wasn't hard to see that the birds would come home to roost. You can't print FIAT debt into creation at the rate they have over such a short time frame and expect there to be no inflation. Unless you're really, really, really stupid! Hopefully we will get to write the additional zero's we need onto the fiat notes we hold I for one am keen to get a permanent marker out and start defacing "paper"
  11. I asked via a PM, the answer is a negative ghost rider!
  12. Soon Fiddy-cent will be known as twohundred-billion-dollar
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