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  1. Last few £60, John Lennon sold
  2. shawy2510

    completed (By Platinum Member) 2017 Gold Proof £1

    Spot +3% to clear
  3. 4x Buffalo bars 2 x 10oz bars 1kg Pyramid 1oz coin Remaining
  4. I was hoping for 4k to be honest but some bugger in the room kept going for it. Its the single finest between NGC & PCGS so I went for it. I watched about 300 of the lots & nearly all went for minimum 4x the estimate & alot by even more. Good luck with any you are after.
  5. Auctions are going crazy high at the moment but had to get this. Told the misses it was 2k instead of the 5.8k. It was being sold in Swiss Francs so said that was the exchange rate.
  6. shawy2510

    completed (By Platinum Member) 2017 Gold Proof £1

    2017 Remaining & reduced to less than 6% over
  7. Selling some silver to part fund a coin I am after for my collection 1oz Coin £24 1kg YPS Limited Edition Pyramid £730 Postage extra
  8. shawy2510

    completed (By Platinum Member) 2017 Gold Proof £1

    2017 Gold Proof £1 Spot + 3% £875 plus post
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