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  1. Bump looking for more please
  2. Mines not London but I pay £120 for a year & I think £30 insurance. I think less than £200 would be doable unless you have hefty items. If gold then a small box will easily hold it.
  3. I bought these in September from another member on here & its now time for them to go. I am looking for £200 Plus Postage 146.75g Hallmarked Sterling Silver These are selling for £500+ on websites
  4. shawy2510

    Thai Gold

    Thanks Fred. I now understand
  5. shawy2510

    Thai Gold

    Can anyone help me understand Thai gold conversions? 1 Baht is 96.5% gold but what is the weight of fine gold in that bar? I can't get my little brain around it. I looked at a bar 1 Salung but have no clue what fine gold weight it is. Thanks
  6. shawy2510

    Help needed

    No problem. Nice win over 1k profit for you
  7. shawy2510

    Help needed

    Normandy & Eu Council have 26g whereas the others have 15.5g. WWF is more collectible than the Snowman hence the price. I would either go for the bigger 2 or cash if he offers it.
  8. shawy2510

    Help needed

    I know the draw I love the Normandy coin, I would say all worth around the £1200 mark. He usually offers cash so maybe worth asking for £1300
  9. Looking for 1g, 2.5g or 5g Gold Bars, If you are interested in selling any let me know. Please, no silly prices ūü§£ I will compare to online dealers. I am willing to trade for Sovs or Half Sovs also Thanks
  10. Looking for some reasonably cheap coins, can be graded or raw. If you may have something please send me a pm
  11. Posted them all in the new Half Sov thread
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