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  1. I agree these coins will probably hold value & when the 2nd coin comes out they will rise abit. I have 2 I am selling & its not the £500+ they have been selling for as any profit is profit & helps buy other coins for the collection.
  2. I have 2 of these left from a few I purchased but looking to move on now. I am looking at £428 posted each or both for £840 posted Pictures will follow later but get in touch if interested.
  3. I do let people pay over a few months with a deposit
  4. In hand its lovely to be honest. I have the 2oz & £5 Crown. What did it sell for or the listing price? I have on here with Silver for £7000
  5. I have for sale the new 2oz Gold Proof Platinum Jubilee coin & £5 Silver Looking for £7000 Reduced £5100
  6. I have a 2oz Gold available tomorrow once it arrives open to offers if interested.
  7. Hi Andrew, Try contacting Guy at The Coinery he purchased 4 Edwards from me & maybe open to selling them. All were top graded.
  8. I got 2 Gold £5 & 1 2oz Gold. Lets see if I will be sending them back.
  9. I have 1826 MS66, 1873 MS64, 1894 MS65, 1896 MS64+
  10. shawy2510

    2016 ms 70 dpl

    Lovely coin Mick....its 1 I need for my collection give me a shout if selling when its back or on Messenger.
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