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  1. Reduced prices. Take all & I will include Special Delivery
  2. I bought this recently on a whim but change my mind so putting it up for auction 9.15g Gold in Quartz Rock Start price £10 £2 increments Finishes Saturday 9pm so 8:59:59 is the last bid
  3. Thats true, I would like to get in on some Silver but at the prices currently I don't dare. My luck I buy at £22 & it goes down 15% overnight 🤣
  4. Didn't buy anything today but did sell the 2014 1oz Proof for £350
  5. I have some bars for sale which are now in hand. 1g Nadir Coin £55 1g CPM £55 x2 available 1g Combi Bar £53 x4 available 1g Canada Maple £55
  6. Oh for god sake 🙈 I love Disney things, Gold Proof 50p for me
  7. Knocked 45 seconds of my 5km 😀 1st 26:01 2nd 24:10 Today 23:25
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