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  1. Yep I hope this is the solution for the lot I bought Regards
  2. Many many thanks again for the app Was 100% correct on all this coins.
  3. Belize 1995 5 Dollars - Elizabeth II Balmoral Castle Asking £20 Payment by BT PPFF or debit card (+2%)
  4. Elvis Presley coin, The Birmingham Mint Asking £25 Payment by BT PPFF or debit card (+2%)
  5. 2006 GIBRALTAR £5 Five Pound x3 Concorde History Asking £75 plus postage for all 3 Payment by BT PPFF or debit card
  6. I love it to be honest but, I bought over 100 coins which I got them today and if every coin is taking so long to find it's value I'm doomed. Look here: After 10 minutes searching on internet I still have no idea how much to ask for it...
  7. Well I took my new passion seriously so I bought the ''best'' tools. But now I'm more confused then before
  8. Hmmm I tried on this coin but didn't got any results. Any idea?
  9. What on Gods of Krypton is this? I have this baby and according to her non are ordinary metal
  10. Hi How on Erath to know which one is silver? Please help. Regards
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