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  1. Decided not to buy this series
  2. Latest 2 pickups , sovereign arrived today .
  3. I tried selling mine on the forum and also on ebay in June for £80 and had no interest
  4. Just checked my invoice , also only been charged £1 for each item sold during this offer , but just incase i have ended the remaining listed items .
  5. Are these just available if paying by credit or debit card ?
  6. I bought one from the mint last week , they told me 3 to 4 weeks delivery .
  7. That's a shame the Link is not working , i just tried .
  8. I would rather have a few packets of pasta and a few dozen eggs than the well over priced proof 50p coin .😀
  9. The only option i've been given by Ryanair so far is to rebook but not in April , but i will have to pay any increase in flight costs .
  10. Well i would not be buying from Europe at the moment , items are mostly pre sale with 3 to 4 weeks delivery , and after receiving an email today regarding my flight to Europe in April they said Please do not try to change to another date in April. for me the risk would be to great of not receiving the coins .
  11. Silvergun


    Could anyone identify this hallmark please .
  12. When i bought my 1st soveriegns in the 70s who would have thought gold would acceed £1000 an ounce ?
  13. They also phoned me Friday , apparently they held some back to stop the flippers getting them all .
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