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  1. Ended up with 6 George 1 st 1oz silvers , first order I got no confirmation just if you are having trouble with your order phone the mint I didnt have a phone handy so tried ordering again and got a confirmation straight away
  2. Not had any problems Paul , payment usually clears within an hour but this month took 5hrs .
  3. I would like to swap a George 1st for a Henry 7th please if any one has a spare in good condition. silvergun
  4. 2 for me if possible please .
  5. Will also be stacking wood now iam tooled up.
  6. 1oz silver James 1st in stock at Royal Mint
  7. Got a dispatch email for 3 x 1oz and 2 x 2oz James 1st silvers plus a gothic crown portrait 😀
  8. Silvergun

    Too early to sell?

    Worked in Glasgow for a while in the seventies working on the Monklands motorway . Loved it and my Celtic friends.
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