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  1. Hi everyone,there have 3coin to sell 2017 sovereign. 2017 half sovereign. 2017quarter sovereign 1989 double sovereign. All NGC pf 70. The priceis: 1. 2017 1sov =1050£(1300$) 2.2017 half =530£(660$) 3.2017 quarter =280£(360$) both 1+2+3 =1800£(2240$) 4. 1989 double =2000£(2490$) Fees include postage but not insurance. Item in Taiwan will send with Taiwan mail so it will not be taxed. Bank transfer(wise transfer).pm if you have any question. 6/27Will sent to auction if it not sell. Thank for read 😁
  2. 1989 2 sovereign NGC PF70 £2050 or equivalent currency price including postage from Taiwan ,use Taiwan mail SD Bought from previous auction The tablet is intact but I used a food vacuum to pack it payment:Wise Transfer If you don't mind shipping wait times and inconspicuous scratches on the board, please contact me
  3. That's right. Image from alamy. But there is no description and even searching for Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Platinum Jubilee Coin will not turn up any correct information。 what I really want is not just alamy!🤣
  4. Who knows the detailed information of this coin, such as the type of mint, etc. The picture is taken from the Internet feeling good
  5. thank you all, give it up and got better coin ,the better thing is learned something new
  6. Is this really coin photo? What he showe undecimo almost not the rhiht location,even the u and n almost not like yours
  7. The seller has changed his mind and sold it again, the asking price is 1400gbp, on the condition that it is non-returnable, true or false, let me know who of you who see it will grab it, yes the deus seem some different……… have add more photo
  8. So the chemical reaction of the rubber band when it touches it will be so like a burn? And in fact, the whole process takes less than two months. If plastics have this effect, isn't the white lining of ngc also very dangerous? It should also be plastics, what I really want to know is that the 22ct gold coins in the same period will also have this effect. situation?
  9. He didn't know either, he didn't even know anything about the coin, so neither of us had a price, but then he replied that he found too many people sending him messages so he decided not to sell it😢 I originally looked at the wear level of the lion and guessed that it should only be ag detail.Otherwise high rating about the price leading to skyrim
  10. I didn't even catch my spelling mistake Let me change it
  11. I find someone want to sell it ,and I am interesting,but both we don't know what it price should ,so what do you guy think, the high grade almost show the face of lion, but this is not so,I tjink it maybe about1500? Add new photo
  12. as title Recently RM has released many coins with the same pattern and diameter but different weight, like platinum jubilee serious,etc 1/2 oz,10OZ and kilogram level are excluded here, so it mean 1OZ 2OZ 3OZ 5OZ 😏who has the chance to own the majority .Or compare 1OZ to 5OZ Wondering if there is a difference in their relief🤨 But the relief doesn't look different or is it because I'm only looking at internet photos so I can't tell the difference? I know kilograms will make a big difference as englian lion 1OZ The area is approximately 838 . 2OZ about 1256 .5oz about 1926 But according to this calculation, it should be that the smaller the coin's relief height will be the most obvious? There seem to be other coins with smaller diameter differences if my memory is correct, but the actual weight difference is too big, don't they just increase the thickness instead of making the relief higher, and the mint doesn't seem to describe the thickness of the coins, why are they reluctant to reduce a little bit Thickness increases the height of the relief🤔
  13. After 20 years, it still maintains very well, but it feels less red than 1989. If you don't look at the queen's side, it is actually not much different from proof. With 1989, the target progress has reached 2/3
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