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  1. so this point is NGC better because they always take pictures
  2. good idea. i will take more picture these day and a new topic
  3. @SilverStorm @SilverJacks @ChorltonThe point is both of two coins of my picture on pcgs are not show any photo……
  4. slab was opened and tampered?Is it really possible to be done by professionals who are not appraisal institutions?Okay, I will try to contact PCGS, but many coins that have not been opened and tampered with NGC and PCGS also have many problems such as oxidation. After all, it has been 4 years since they were on sale. Can they still know the authenticity? I originally thought that the reason for this was because they didn’t wear gloves. After all, there are many modern puzzle coins sent by other colleagues for appraisal. The rating is 70 points, but the puzzle was removed when they were packaged.
  5. I bought a set of 2017 britannia from eBay in the United States. The number is 1. Although I have not verified it (who can tell me how many ounces of silver coins should be in the pcgs box) regardless of the authenticity of the number certificate, the silver coins seem to be genuine, it is estimated that the US apmex Send it to the version released after scoring so it is the firststrike。But I found that there are scratches on the front and back of the coin at the same place. The presence of stains is not only in the proof, but also in the reverse proof.I don’t believe that this is a defect of the coin factory and it is very serious. When the coin sent for authentication within 30 days has defects in the same position on both sides, I guess this is a problem when it is held or packaged. Sorry that the last one is not clear, but can anyone tell me the weight of the 1oz silver coin in the pcgs box?
  6. Total is100 so where are the lost 50?and really I dint think it as beautiful as royal mint too, iwas think it may be a special new design,but now it look like just copy
  7. 2021 tudor rose ? i dont find any information can you show the photo?
  8. want to buy 1989 sovereign 4 coin set for 5700Gbp. payment :transferwise。 International Shipping to Taiwan. If you have one set and want to sell please give me message. Thanks
  9. i cant agree more, always has the "final" Fortunately, I bought a similar design before, but it was designed and issued by the British Isles, but the guardian beast is the symbol of British royal power rather than the queen. After all, the monarch will change over time, but the royal symbol will not change.
  10. what is that mean at the end of your set name "AAM""DAM"?
  11. I dont use it ,what other function does registry have or does it just display a list of favorites?
  12. so as title,i am buyer because location is Taiwan, paypal say not support PAYPAL F&F just normal paypal. I want ask cant i choose confirm transaction to eliminate the possible of refund?
  13. oh thank you , i first time use paypal i think i need to learn more about it, in Taiwan and shop store always use credit card only .
  14. HAHA sorry that i dont expression clear. I mean use paypal payment, thank you for pointing out the question
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