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  1. what is that mean at the end of your set name "AAM""DAM"?
  2. I dont use it ,what other function does registry have or does it just display a list of favorites?
  3. so as title,i am buyer because location is Taiwan, paypal say not support PAYPAL F&F just normal paypal. I want ask cant i choose confirm transaction to eliminate the possible of refund?
  4. wnat to buy 1989 5sovereign NGC pf70 for 5700GBP paypal no matter if you can ship to internal, but better you can please give me message direct or your price in your mind
  5. Ok ebay just sell one set for 5225GBP it describe only a slight tarnish on the half sovereign .i think it can be a new price location
  6. Just many original set I have see that coin all got red spot
  7. YES,i was decide if i buy a 5sov with pf70 and i sell my 2sov to cover my cost, but buy a cheaper 4coin set is still in my considerate .just what i see 4coin set seller almost describe coin has spots, that is not what i hope, so i still got 2 choice .And thankyou for your post
  8. Thank you ,I will follow it
  9. yes, when i saw this coin in 2019,i have found the special is 2sov is sometimes cheaper than 1sov and i buy a 2sov pf70 in auction 2020 Dec for 1700GBP,because i work outside otherwise i will show the photo, and when i get it in Feb, i appreciate carefully its beautiful .So now i plane to find 5sov because of the beauty of the more enlarged details.I think if 1sov just need 500GBP i still unlikely to buy it ,because it display less detail.
  10. Thank you my friend, yes you are right. Maybe i can just enjoy and collect it rather than put it in white box just write 70 ,yes collect is only a habit. Not compare with other it is a ideal need to be changed
  11. thanks, @Swampy and you said , after considerate ,maybe i can buy original 4coin set and keep it , maybe someday i will decide grade it myself ,before that i can enjoy what coin set is first ,or maybe i will keep it not to grade. but the permise is that the price will not be scary,although i am not sure how much the price should be considered reasonable
  12. I have searched for past articles ,but i need some advice. Because the mean thing i want most is 5sovereign NGC PF70 but the price might so high that i can't pay for it ,so i have considered 4 coin set and i sent to NGC grade myself. But there are a few points i want understand and take into consideration. 1.Someone who has been or have not grade your 5sovereign can tell me that 5sovereign in plastic case, can you feel collision of coin when you shake the plastic case a little? Although i don't have any sovereign to try but i have some sliver coin no matter what specifications are ,li
  13. JJH


    Hello everyone, i am a new one from Taiwan. First i was collect some special or beautiful coin,and i find 1989 and 2017 sovereign, i feel they are so beautiful especially 1989 and want to collect them.But everywhere i find the price are too astonish,and very few.And i find here, i think here a lot of knowledge to learn, and maybe i can have a opportunity to collect them.Well everyone
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