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  1. where can see it before website complet?
  2. The color on the front looks very yellow. Could it be the addition of silver or the shadows created by the casting technique?
  3. I actually see that price for 799 all the time but he stated that it is not returnable, if there is a defect... so I never buy him, I believe they actually have more in stock, once they sell out for 799 they will show 4 coins for 839😢 Although I would like to get one but I would rather use the exchange or buy it with RM even if it seems very difficult
  4. Is it going to be released again in mid-February Is the launch of the new coin too fast...
  5. God everytime everyweb when I wake up it always no longer available😑really give up
  6. JJH

    Royal mint account.

    my area time is not same,and i am no good in english hahaha just wait RM answer my email for two day
  7. JJH

    Royal mint account.

    collectible coins right edit the adress is not allow for me,i push the "edit" and it just show 1sec and immediate become the "Welcome back" page
  8. JJH

    Royal mint account.

    i can ordering and immediately cancel without any reason? it really can be done?😂 Now i tried to run the process once , and I found that he would not automatically bring in my registered address and asked me to call again....why is it so unscientific
  9. JJH

    Royal mint account.

    so if i dont buy anything inRM before, i can't save the CCinfo???
  10. JJH

    Royal mint account.

    So I want to ask a question This is how the RM account pre-entered my credit card for express checkout I pressed about every button and found that I couldn't find a field where I could pre-enter credit card information, has any of you done this before, and if so please tell me how to do it
  11. god i very like the panda only....... if it still can. please pm me
  12. i think it is a good trade......😄 you cand find more 2022 now but less 2019
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