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All non PM items for sale (All countries)

Buy, sell or swap your non-precious metals items. This section is for non-PM items located in any country. Please indicate which country you are shipping from in your thread. illegal/contraband items will be removed. (for PM related accessories please use the coin capsules & cases etc section above)

Click to view: Trading on The Silver Forum Rules & Info.

Trade Prefixes:
Please use the appropriate prefix for your trade topic. Once you have completed your topic, or if you decide to withdraw your topic please update your listing with the appropriate prefix. To do this use the edit button and select the approbate prefix from the drop down menu.

  • For Sale
  • For Exchange
  • For Sale or Exchange
  • For Auction
  • Wanted
  • Completed
  • Withdrawn
  • Expression of Interest - (used for example if wanting to gauge interest of potential group buy, or if you should remove items from storage to sell. Not to be used to request offers without a stated asking price.)


For sale listings

All topics listing items for sale must state an asking price. (Apart from when you are solely looking to exchange, then please state your asking exchange)



Please feel free to list Auction style listings if you wish.

  • State your terms
  • your starting price
  • the auction end time/date
  • Shipping info etc.

Members can bid on your auction by commenting in your thread.

Feel free to set a hidden reserve price, stating that there is a hidden reserve price and commenting when the reserve has been hit.

Be sure to clearly state your rules as to avoid any confusion.

Disclaimer: The following applies to all Members/Sellers on the forum. Members trade at their own risk. The Silver Forum does not vet any members/sellers on the forum and neither myself nor the forum is liable for any loss(es) that may result from trades. I also can not mediate any trades, this is between the two parties to discuss and resolve any issues that they might have.

Members may wish to use PayPal for added PayPal buyer protection. Note that PayPal gift payments are not covered under the PayPal buyer protection.

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    • Classic tackle shop service 😄
    • Talking of stuff happening.. I've been learning about Tesla recently and their growth, if they sell as many cars as they expect in the next few years they're going to need a lot more nickel for their electric batteries Will the push for electric cars increase nickel demand and prices in future? https://www.proactiveinvestors.com.au/companies/news/910319/nickel-demand-set-to-rise-in-2020-along-with-growth-in-electric-vehicle-sales-910319.html#:~:text=This has increased the price,the highest price since 2014. In 2018 the second largest producer of nickel was Norilsk Nickel (NILSY/mnodl.ru on Etoro) from Russia News today: https://news.sky.com/story/russia-declares-state-of-emergency-after-major-arctic-circle-oil-spill-12000221 "Russian president Vladimir Putin has declared a state of emergency after 20,000 tonnes of diesel fuel spilled into a river within the Arctic Circle from a power plant. The city is built around Norilsk Nickel, the world's leading nickel and palladium producer." I'm not sure if Norilsk were involved in this incident but their share price dropped 10% today Ok it's not a very nice thing to think about taking advantage of an environmental disaster but maybe it's an interesting opportunity in nickel if demand/price in future is on the up and up   
    • View this giveaway *Premium Members* Win a 1oz Silver Bullion Supermarket bar - 3rd Prize Draw from BullionSupermarket (The above banner shows to all member groups and is a link to this draw's sponsor's website. Thank you to @terakris from BullionSupermarket.com for sponsoring this prize draw.) *Entry available to All Premium Members* WIN a 1oz Bullion Supermarket silver bar!  Entry closes end of July 4th 2020 as per forum server (London) time.  FREE worldwide shipping to the winner! This draw is open to all Premium Member groups. The more Premium Members, the more we can spend on marketing and advertising the forum, and the bigger TSF gets the bigger deals we can do with dealers and the bigger prize draws we can organise  To buy Premium Membership to support the forum: Click here to visit the store and buy premium membership   Images show multiple bars for illustration purposes only, the prize is for 1x 1oz silver bar.  After a winner has been selected they will have 30 days to provide their shipping details to @terakris, should they not make contact with their shipping details within this time, the winner may be redrawn and a new winner selected. 1 entry per person. Creating multiple accounts to abuse this limit will result in the permanent ban of your account and all future accounts associated with you, The Silver Forum has a strict policy in regards to multiple accounts. The winner needs to be a Premium Member both at the time of taking a ticket, and the time the winner is drawn. Submitter ChrisSilver Expiration Date 1 month and 3 hours Submitted 04/06/20 Category Bonus Draws for selected member groups  
    • There is a good article on OffGuardian about "conspiracy theorists" as well.   https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/03/a-conspiracy-theorist-confesses/
    • Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum  
    • You can not admit your were wrong on PM Dealer hedging even when Peter explained it, you can not explain in what way the financial system should be changed and now your saying that when a Credit Card is used currency is not created out of thin air, you are a complete fraud here to spread miss information and I strongly suggest no one takes any notice of anything else you post!
    • No idea Phil, I just bought myself some new 8lbs line and some metal jigging lures, I already had every thing else, I just got some 30g lures which would have had size 2 treble hooks on them from my local tackle shop which was a bit of a misison as he insisted on orders being placed and paid for over the phone and passing everything out through a flap in the door.  If I was not in a hurry to get out and about I would have told him to shove it and just got everyhting online.  He has a facebook page as well and was moaning about having to shut up shop due to the lack of business but now he's been given a lifeline he's not exactly seizing it IMO.
    • You have just been exposed as a fraud on here because you come up against someone who knows what they are talking about!  
    • which part of my comment was misinformation? or are you calling it miss information because it highlights where you are wrong about currency and inflation?   HH
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