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  1. 1993 1 oz. silver proof. 20,000 minted. Found at a local coin shop.
  2. I can't edit the original post anymore, but the only coin left is the 1928-S AU Cleaned. Open to any reasonable offers or trades.
  3. Proofs. Here and here.
  4. Ahh, these types of modern commemoratives are tough sometimes when not well known. With lower mintages, most proofs left in original packaging will likely be PF69 or PF70 coins. Might not help much, but the last ungraded versions to sell recently went for $25 and $35 USD. A PF69 is up for buy-it-now for $66 USD delivered.
  5. If you tell us what the coin is, or post pictures, you'd be able to get more assistance estimating a value on here.
  6. Depends on the type of coins. For U.S. coins, Greysheet has a wholesale (subscription) price guide and a free consumer price guide. Ebay sold listing. Heritage/Stacks auction results. NGC and PCGS both list guide values based on the sales of their coins. If you are looking for U.S. coin values, I do have a somewhat recent Greysheet I can get you values from.
  7. All these PCGS Gold Shield coins are just back from grading, so the slabs are mint. Download links for all TrueView images will be provided with purchase. May be able to negotiate on multiple items. Morgan Dollars 1880 MS63 – blazing luster with pretty blue/red/orange rim toning - $75 1884-O MS63 – full deep purple/red toner - $85 1888 AU Questionable Color – purple/orange toner - $65 1921 UNC Questionable Color – deep copper/oil slick toner - $65 1921 MS62 – nice luster with a hint of pastel t
  8. Newest addition to the 1/10 oz. set I am building. Picked up at auction in OMP and submitted myself.
  9. Looking to move the last of these Morgans on to other collectors. Disclaimer: grades are estimates based on PCGS Photograde, see pics to rate for yourself. Asking prices are based on dealer Greysheet, but I am always open to reasonable offers. PM with questions. Cheers! Proof Album (numbers in photos should match number in list below) Morgans (2) 1879 – AU50+ – smidge of luster left - $40 (3) 1879-S Rev. ’79 – VF25/30 - $27 (4) 1880-S – Large S – XF45 –
  10. Well, this beauty arrived just in time for Christmas! Many thanks again. Hope everyone here has a happy, healthy holiday season and new year.
  11. Hello friends. I am trying to rebuild a complete set of 1/10 gold pandas that I parted with years ago. I am hoping to trade some of my 1/10 gold coins for your 1/10 gold pandas. I am seeking years 1989, 1990, 1993-2015. Must be in original mint packaging or NGC slab MS68 or better. Available for even trade (ounce or value): 1 x 1998 AGE 1 x 1980 Krugerrand 1 x 1986 Singapore Tiger NGC MS68 1 x 1986 Maple, mint sealed 1 x 1997 Maple Leaf with "Family" Privy NGC MS69 2 x 2008 Maple 1 x 2010 Maple 1 x 1996 Philharmonic 1 x 1998 Philharmonic (
  12. Hello friends. For my fellow Lunar Series collectors, or maybe just snake lovers, I have one Australia Lunar Series II 2013 1/10 oz. Gold Snake - in original mint capsule. $240 USD.
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