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  1. Any panda collector can appreciate this major score from my LCS. 1998 1/20 oz. gold panda. Paid melt + $10. This is most definitely heading to NGC.
  2. Key date Peace. Prefer to sell but will consider a trade. Asking $350. Free shipping in U.S. No problem shipping to international buyers at cost.
  3. Hey friends. Hoping some of you might be able to help me work on my 1/10 pandas and 1/10 kangaroos/nuggets collections. I have the following BU 1/10 gold bullion for exchange. Ideally, we trade on a one-to-one basis for recent years and pay our own shipping for equal services, but I can throw cash in where necessary to close a premium gap. Thanks for your consideration! Trading with other U.S. members is easiest, but I will trade with international members as well providing the shipping costs aren't prohibitive. 1 x 1986 Maple - OMP 2 x 2008 Maple - BU 1 x 2010 Maple - BU
  4. Rebuilding a 1/10 oz. gold panda set. Seeking years 1989, 1990, 1993-1996, 1998-2015. Must be in original mint packaging. Can pay with Zelle or PPFF or trade any of the coins I have listed in active sale posts. I also have a bunch of random date 1/10 oz. gold maples and philharmonics if you wanted to swap. Message with pictures and offers. Cheers!
  5. Whoever submitted this included it with a bulk submission where they don't assign numeric grades, only verify authenticity and that it is of quality over a certain level. For GEM PROOF, that means PF65 or higher. I'd like to have it regraded for this reason, but not entirely sure if it is worth the expense. I haven't come across these before to see what they're really worth.
  6. Not a Panda, but I thought Panda collectors might appreciate this. 1,008 mintage is what I could find.
  7. Picked this beauty up with the original Royal Mint packaging and COA at my local coin shop outside of Chicago in the US. I got my first proof gold Half Sovereign thanks to a contest on here, so I was excited to find this locally and add a full one to the collection. Now to decide if it goes off to NGC or stays in the original mint packaging.
  8. 1993 1 oz. silver proof. 20,000 minted. Found at a local coin shop.
  9. I can't edit the original post anymore, but the only coin left is the 1928-S AU Cleaned. Open to any reasonable offers or trades.
  10. Proofs. Here and here.
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