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  1. Bakes "into" the coin is sort of my point. You can possibly remove the surface spot through a mildly abrasive process, but the contaminant is likely to leach back out to surface over time. Not worth the risk of damage, in my opinion. Has anyone successfully removed a milk spot and not had it redevelop months or years later?
  2. Seems like you'll have far greater success of putting microscratches and scruffs into mirrored finishes following these methods than permanently removing milk spots for the long term. If all milk spots were was a surface contaminant, wouldn't NCS be able to easily remove them in a non-destructive way?
  3. Bump for offers. Open to trades for pre-33 U.S. gold or other interesting world gold and poured silver bars.
  4. Bump for offers. Possibly open to trades for pre-33 U.S. gold or other interesting world gold.
  5. Not necessarily, seems to be more dependent on the mint and their processes. I have no milk spots on any of my Perth Mint bullion. I have only experienced it on some pandas sporadically and heavily on Royal Canadian Mint bullion, none on my Perth Mint collections. Can't recall any on Philharmonics or U.S. Mint bullion that I have had.
  6. I think it depends on what your goal is. You can always stack silver bars and pursue semi-numi and numi gold. The silver:gold ratio is so off that I think silver needs to rise more or gold will drop to get more in line with historical averages, but who really knows.
  7. Back in 2012 I did an experiment with NGC's NCS service. I unfortunately don't have the photos from before or after anymore, but I submitted a 1994 S10Y panda that had a very milk-stained surface to see if they could restore. The coin came back looking nicer for sure, but the stains remained--they aren't removable by NCS. I spoke with one of the top NCS guys about the milk spots and what was causing them, and in short, it is from chemicals used on the dyes during the minting process. Remnants of the chemicals at times end up stamped into the metal and eventually work their way to the sur
  8. Nice! It is BU. Proof is mirrored with a frosted Kook, and proofs have a large P mint mark.
  9. Just introducing myself. Been stacking and trading PMs and coins since 2003. I got into this scene when I inherited a coin collection from my late grandfather and needed to liquidate some of his gold investments to support my grandmother. When I started to learn about numismatics and metals in general, I got sucked in and started my own collection and trading. I was previously very active on Silver Stackers and had done a ton of trading with international collectors before taking a hiatus for a while. I'm in the process of reassessing my collections and thought it would be good to get involved
  10. How about these? I can email large photos if you message me.
  11. Tried to "insert image via URL" but only got a red background behind the URL; wouldn't post, no error message.
  12. Looking to sell the following. Payment via PPFF/Zelle/Chase QuickPay preferred; PPGS +3%. If you live around Chicago, in-person is good too. Australia Lunar Series II 1 oz. Silver set in classic red display case. Case kept in cardboard sleeve for protection. All coins purchased as released and are in their original capsules. $515, shipped free in U.S., international at cost. Insurance extra at your discretion. Photo was taken the other day, hope you don't mind. Additional photos available if desired.
  13. I don't know if it is illegal, but it is a terrible business practice. Perpetuating the sale of replicas/counterfeits should be a blow to their reputation, and unfortunately things like this deter people from panda collecting. At the very least they should specific these as medals instead of coins since they aren't the actual government-minted editions.
  14. I have a variety of gold pandas just back from NGC that I am interested in selling (no trades). I realize I am new to this forum (although I swore I made an account here years ago when I was actively trading), but have a trusted history on silverstackers.com and through eBay. I will cover standard shipping in the U.S. Special handling and International at cost. Asking prices in USD and based on recent sales/asking prices. I accept PayPal Invoice (+3%), PayPal Friends/Family, Zelle/Chase QuickPay. 1986 G10y (1/10 oz.) - NGC UNC DETAILS "Bent" - submitted in OMP, disappointed they identifie
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