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  2. They debased their silver to .250 ?
  3. Today
  4. Recently decided to buy some jewellery. A 999 platinum shield,with an 18” platinum chain and a 9ct gold bracelet. will probably trade for coins eventually.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Welcome Ted, naughty boy step thread should keep you amused. Enjoy
  7. Hello and welcome to TSF. You’re definitely in the right place, enjoy.
  8. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  9. But not according to our Niton XRF machine! 😎
  10. Hi,looking forward to gain the knowledge and some silver. Thanks.
  11. I think he may have listed recently on here ( 2 complete sets at ) similar price, could be a coincidence though...
  12. There is someone selling them in a Facebook group I’m in but he is after £475
  13. Yeah 🤣 ATS have them but not in a rush.
  14. I have 3 though so the last one would get lonely 😩 Will sell mine eventually as they aren’t Sovs but not yet. Will keep an eye out though assume you need Dragon and Falcon?
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/354113309811?hash=item5272cc4c73:g:9o8AAOSwjididrwu
  16. I have some congo silverbacks 😉
  17. I only need two now ironically, and I will give you 5% profit each on both😃
  18. You must be about ready to sell yours by now James, I will give you what you paid 👍
  19. Thanks for letting us know. Would be nice if the seller actually updated his listing
  20. I bought some from him as well, but seem to be struggling to make contact now.
  21. Out of everything available, she chose a tray of eggs?
  22. Yeah I believe they are all gone (gold)
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