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  2. @HonestMoneyGoldSilverI am very lucky. I didn't know anything about the PM fame until I came to TSF. Now I know just how much I don't know about PMs 🤣, but am enjoying changing that. thank you for the welcome
  3. Christ. That's the stuff of nightmares. Or is it? Maybe I'd buy a few hundred.. I can't decide
  4. I'm buying at this price, who wants to sell? I'll offer £60 per sovereign.
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  6. You could post them all as a joblot in the "Non PM Items" selling section. I'd be interested in that sort of thing, depending what the coins are.
  7. Tuesday Bump. Both set price reduced to £25 below 1oz gold spot price. Trade option still available on both sets Today each set available for £1550
  8. Welcome @REILsilver You're a smart cookie if you made it to TSF at the start of your stacking journey. Congratulations as well as welcome 🏆
  9. Most likely over many years and it's probably started, we've been heading this way since WW1. However anything could happen before then to speed it up. Worst case I'm thinking nuclear war, no matter how unlikely, that'd bring us down to months. Or even weeks if the correct infrastructure is wiped early on. Realistically, we still have years. So the general consensus is to relax for now.
  10. Royal Mail Special Delivery will insure the contents to the price paid provided this can be proved in the event the package goes missing ( extremely unlikely ) - bank statement and copy of sales invoice will satisfy a claim.
  11. Take some pictures of the item packaged before and after sealing envelope, with address on etc. Then send special delivery insured. Job done.
  12. Any other ideas to make sure the dealer i bought it from definitely receives it and can't say they didn't get it 😏😏
  13. Indeed. @Upsidedown You may be interested to read this which is an easy and informative read using several examples from history : http://people.uncw.edu/kozloffm/glubb.pdf Years rather than months I suspect, but it WILL happen sooner or later. 600 000 net immigration to the UK last year alone (ONS Stats) : it's coming ! As far as we've come, there's still a way to go and things will get a LOT worse before it all goes completely tits up @CazLikesCoins Where ya gonna bug out to in the ever-so-slightly overcrowded UK then girl..? I'd love to know because I'll come and join you if it means escaping the other 67 million+ bugger-outers...😷 I've heard St Kilda is nice this time of year and the Puffin Pie is both plentiful and a delight to the tastebuds..! @Sy007 Apologies for hijacking the thread. Keep on stacking. You are doing the right thing.
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