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  2. So will all silver coins eventually milk spot? Is it a case of when and not if? What preventative measures can I take in storage? Thanks
  3. BJM

    Is it me or What?

    I was conducting some research on Royal Mint products, as its bullion appears stunning. Overtime, though, a pattern of quality control issues (milk spots, toning, abrasions) emerged. Such reports give one pause.
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  5. my first post! I completely agree with kman. Silver is notoriously volatile and linked to the price of the dollar and the economy. Plus we have a US election in November. Biden is pro reducing co2 emissions and boosting solar panels which helps silver usage. Additionally, silver prices have gone up 50% in recent months so why not a pull back? If equity prices go down margin calls increase and there's a rush to liquidate...my point is there are multiple variables and dont panic if silver us part of a diversified portfolio.
  6. Some nice lots in this one - I've already got early bids in for the first time in one of these auctions. Makes a nice change as the last few have been of no personal interest. Nice to see the Una's still going up and up! Roll on Sunday
  7. I think it depends on what your goal is. You can always stack silver bars and pursue semi-numi and numi gold. The silver:gold ratio is so off that I think silver needs to rise more or gold will drop to get more in line with historical averages, but who really knows.
  8. I remember reading this thread a while back and found it very helpful. I've only been looking at QEII/modern sovereigns as it looks a minefield for someone new to the game to purchase coins minted before then. I hope it is OK to ask a few questions on this thread. I was wondering if there was any point in buying a non-special design proof sovereign or any type of proof box set? From what I've seen the sale prices for them aren't anything to write home about and if there is anything wrong with the coin you're left holding a bullion priced coin which you've paid a proof sovereign price
  9. Hi Alun could I possibly have a Walnut 10 oz QB, and a black 2oz QB? cheers I'll PM
  10. I wish I had professional video making skills - these rounds deserve it.
  11. A couple more world silvers Only the 2 lati to go and then the Latvian silvers are complete. I have to say, the 5 lati is probably my favourite crown sized world coin, even though the obverse has a particularly weak strike. The design on the French indo-china is stunning too
  12. Many thanks, yes a nice little group! They took some getting hold of! I think al lot of the best modern & older coins have left numismatic circles and are finding there way into the hands go general investors, looking to de-risk asset portfolios...
  13. I personally believe that MS and AU gold coins benefit from improving their presentation. All care has been taken to not cause any physical or chemical damage to the coins. In this case the 1910 was simply undergraded.
  14. Sounds like a bit of a minefield for a newbie so I won't get any coloured coins just yet. The Perth mint ones (which seem to leave the factory coloured) would be of interest when I get more confidence down the line... But until I'm more sure about what I'm doing I'll chill Thanks again for the advice.
  15. You obviously don't quite understand maritime boundaries, but to be honest I can't be bothered arguing with someone who just quotes the party line verbatim.
  16. @augur what did you do to the coins to get the significant uplifts...Must have some magic dip I reckon🤔
  17. I quite like Winnie the Pooh and i'm considering them for a short term flip. But, i don't think they look good
  18. The gold proof coin isn’t showing on the website tonight so I am guessing that they are reassessing their stock level.
  19. sent for regrading via @Numistacker with a nice uplift: Venezuela 1886 (low 6) 20 Bolívares (Caracas Mint), previously XF45 – now AU53. The yellow greenish hue is caused by the silver and arsenic in the alloy which was sourced from local mines. Venezuela 1910 20 Bolívares (Monnaie de Paris), previously AU58 – now MS62. The 1910 issue often presents with little lustre on the fields from repolished dies, which can be confused with wear; the photograph is actually misleading as the coin in hand is much more dull except for the devices.
  20. That's a very enviable collection there. I can't help on the price information but I think a lot of collectors would like to own some or all of those!
  21. You do not need to enable 2FA if you do not want to. Though if you would like better security you can have it enabled, only takes a few seconds to type the code in.
  22. Today I received my first ever set of silver coins! I do like the way they fit all that detail on such a small surface.
  23. Aha an expert, thanks for the advice case closed...
  24. Hi Alun, Please can I be put on the waiting list for a 36 coin full sovereign box with a plain lid please? Many thanks, Chris
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