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  2. Morning all! I still have some of these available. From looking around the forum, the price looks good but if anyone can point me to evidence that I've got the price wrong, I'm all ears! I'm a newish member but have done a few trades here already which have gone well. If anyone would feel more comfortable paying on delivery, I could be open to meeting in the Midlands for the right deal
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  4. Got any tips for selling on Ebay? I sold some fine silver coins recently. How about discontinued currency?
  5. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  6. I just received mine thanks. I've just drop a PM about getting some Nevada
  7. Very interesting reading! Thank you! I will most certainly research it more
  8. The are going for less on FeeBay now. I know because I sold my only one there and only received one bid.
  9. Not that I know of. You can auction off anything. You just have to lay out the conditions as stated in the post ChrisSilver left up above. I canceled my auction as there didn't seem to be interest at my starting point... ended up selling on FeeBay afterall, but missed the higher sale time period.
  10. I saw the release for that.... the gift set was $150 USD. Next to Peter Jackson or maybe some million/billionaire, I probably have the largest collection of LOTR memorabilia. Although I plan to sell a majority of it, I probably will get the silver coins. Probably won't get the 4k discs because... I don't have a 4k HDTV nor a 4k Blu-ray player. If I ever do get 4k, then I can start to consider. I still enjoy my plasma TV, which was the best at the time and still provides better blacks.
  11. I agree. I just received a response today because I wanted to know if the release of the coins where going to be "collectible" or considered "bullion", which only wholesale buyer can acquire. They told me that they will release more to the general public as collectible. That means... high premiums, but you can buy direct. I almost bought this map foil from a dealer, but I decided to go straight to NZ Mint and I was able to buy direct and save.... they offer free shipping world-wide. This is the first foil that I have ever gotten. It's typically not my thing. Definitely not a
  12. Why do some coin dealers offer gold coins close to the spot price? I'm not sure they used to be currency. However, I assume they're not in good enough condition for numismatics. Or that gold price is high enough to justify this. Asking as they could be a compact storage of value. Your thoughts?
  13. I have Leopold III coins dated between 1948 and 1951. He is known for the Royal Question and had to abdicate in favour of his son Baudouin who went on to become one of the most popular kings of Belgium. Silver purity is 83.5%. They're obviously not mint but of decent quality and I got them from the same place I get my 1 ounce coins. Would this be something that would interest you and why?
  14. Sorry to ask but are auctions for special items? This coin seems to be a special anniversary edition of walking liberty.
  15. Hello all, Just a post to present myself. I am based in western europe and got into collecting silver 2 years ago. This includes the 1 troy ounce coins and also coins that used to be currency. Someone on reddit redirected me here saying that I'd find other people from europe. So here I am and looking forward to sell some and learn more about precious metals
  16. This sold on FeeBay... the buyer is going to get it graded but I don't know with which company. Maybe I will persuade him to join this forum. The "first day" for this particular coin is total BS because they are ALL first and only day. Such hype!
  17. Thanks so much to @BackyardBullion and Mrs BYB for all of their hard work to sorting all those European Mint orders and getting them delivered in such a timely manner! I was delighted to receive mine today! Once again a big thank you to all involved it's a massive undertaking it is really very much appreciated!
  18. 2011 UK Silver Proof Piedfort Set Although limited to 2000, the actual mintage of this collection has yet to be released by the meticulously efficient Royal Mint. This set of six chunksters served just one purpose for me - my quarry of the two Piedfort City £1 coins, Edinburgh and Cardiff. One observation which may be worthy of note is that although the base metal Edinburgh is the most sought after, as also with the silver proofs, the Cardiff Piedfort is significantly rarer than the other 3 "Cities", and yet not the most expensive. Sheep are to be found in each and every fi
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  20. Cheapest i could find them was from RM. Cheaper than a 1/4 QB. Not far off cost of a 1/2 oz QB for 2 1/4 oz coins.
  21. Consecutive numbers, nice - don't see that all too often. GLWTS.
  22. Nice design. I might get some of these.
  23. @kennyruss72 The following is not financial advice - I would suggest speaking with an accountant to get the best idea of the pros and cons. If you are buying with your business account and your business is NOT VAT registered then you would be buying with VAT (or not if buying from Europe for the next 28 days!). The business would technically own the silver (assuming you are a Ltd company). If you are just a sole trader then it makes no difference as you are the business entity as well as the person so you own both. If the business is a Ltd company then the company owns t
  24. Beautiful, but its a tad to much on my budget for a single coin as its strays a bit from my collection. What do you have?
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