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  2. Hmm, I'm pleased you've highlighted this, but I'm not convinced my coin is showing the problem that's happening to the coin in the link. That has corrosion on the high surface points of the coin, where the pvc sleeve has been in contact, whereas mine has tarnish in the field and not on the high points.
  3. https://amp.theguardian.com/business/2020/may/27/how-the-coronavirus-crisis-has-hit-the-uk-economic-outlook
  4. I'm sitting on a few but I think these are going to do really well moving forward. 215 what's a steal compared to some of the Queen's beasts.
  5. As I said, most of us here are in a minority. Most ‘normies’ out there don’t think the same way as us
  6. Something we need to consider is in the event of a second wave, policy is different and there is more of a plough on approach. The major concern in February and March was the high end mortality rate forecast and effect on health services. They were caught unprepared to respond. With a second wave more is known, what is needed and mortality rate is lower than feared. With track and trace operations is quite possible to have very low R and suppress the second wave to a ripple.
  7. Please do update us if you find out any more 🙂
  8. Wow, thank you @WotNxt! I just might have to get that book.
  9. I think the 2020 ones will be the most common dates out there once this settles down. It will be the coin that everyone bought. And, it looks like the RM are really pumping them out and, as a result, their bullion quality control is about as good as the server at a local Harvester at the moment.
  10. A 5oz proof lunar S2 2012 Dragon. Got it for almost the same price as a 5oz BU. 😎
  11. https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/pvc-damage-on-coins-768300 It could be something like this; it does have a blueish tinge (although blue is usually an indicator of reactive silver rather than gold)
  12. I think this is even better 🙂 Found by googling for "al merito distin-guido" (with the quote marks around) which returns only one hit: https://archive.org/stream/5001lotsofselect00alma/5001lotsofselect00alma_djvu.txt "*4309 F-68a - 1812, bronze gold plated, 55 x 45 mm, plain-looped edge. Obverse: Bust facing left. Below the date "1812". Around is "FERNANDO VII*REY DE ESPANA Y DE LAS INDIAS*". Reverse: Coat of arms with clasped hands, branch and sword below. Around is "AL MERITO DISTIN-GUIDO* GUATEMALA*" This is in fact the same medal illustrated in Grove's book, and which originated from our Part I" I believe the book referred to may be this one mentioned elsewhere on the same page: "5357 Grove, Frank W. MEDALS OF MEXICO, VOLUME I. San Jose, California, 1970. This is Copy Number 8 with a special leatherette binding and autographed by the author. New." Your best bet might be to buy a copy of the book: https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?kn=Medals+of+Mexico+Volume+I+Medals+of+the+Spanish+Kings&sortby=20&cm_mmc=AMZ-_-DetailPage-_-OOS-_-NOISBN
  13. @Thomast took a while mate, but got to sunny Spain safe and sound 💪
  14. Today
  15. If I stumbled upon a gold inheritance and I had no prior knowledge of gold, I still would have googled it. I like to know things... it's very empowering.
  16. Prophecy


    Obviously silver is far more accessible but do you think it's peoples tendency to want to own a mass of stuff that attracts people to it. Quantity rather than 'quality'? Unhealthy hoarding?
  17. Midasfrog


    This shows a good example where silver has the edge over buying gold . For anyone building a house extension or even a new build project these heavy black boxes can be used to fabricate internal and external walls. They are great for hanging radiators on , nice strong fixing points. They will also maintain their value and be useful when times are hard .
  18. This was probably it mate, the seller was reasonable and we got to a fair price in the end.. needs a touch of wax to freshen the external surfaces up, but its nice.
  19. I sent them an email on Tuesday about a coin that turned up in less than desirable condition and not even as pictured on the website, i got an instant response to basically tell me to enjoy my damaged coin! I'm not fond of companies that neglect customer communications. Goldsilver.be wont be getting my orders again! Hope you can get through to them! I just used the [email protected] email!
  20. Would you consider an offer?
  21. Everywhere I look and go, the more I see social distancing is weakening, everyone wants things back to normal, shops open, parties, bbq’s, pub open, hey it’s summer. Just wait until the kids go back to school and Uni’s start, back; it’s absolutely inevitable, the question is do they plough on regardless of human life lost. Can’t see there not being pain somewhere down the line, it all feels a good excuse to me though.
  22. Very nice. I was looking at one of these on ebay. Stunning
  23. I seen one yesterday sell for 215 I just spotted it slow
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