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  2. Prices move for loads of reasons, and timeframes for things are unknown. You swap out of fiat into metal based on your own analysis, beliefs and judgement. The fact that everything is valued against what could well prove to be a collapsing currency depending on what happens means that the spot "price" is only part of the story.
  3. BigMac. There's no making sense of the perfect time to buy, if you knew that you'd be a very rich man. A good place to start are secondary market bullion Sovereigns and have a game plan, a sovereign a month or every few months. If you are buying for the long term daily/weekly fluctuations don't really come into it (baring a massive gain or crash) even large shifts level out over time. I see people buy into gold and once they have it in hand they expect too much too soon and are watching spot prices every second of the day. Some have very low attention spans and sell gold off as fa
  4. Yeah but isn't silver heading to the moon? The moon must be underneath the earth at this present time...
  5. I didn't know what TPTB are either, I just make up my own when I don't know. Tomato, Potato, Tuna and Broccoli, or was it Bacon?
  6. I stopped judging silver by the spot price after it recovered from the big drop early last year. I think in cost average terms and avoid super premium stuff as a rule. Attainable bullion prices aren't really the same thing as the price of futures or industry trading. In my opinion. Gold tends to track a bit more reliably to spot and the dealer's prices tend to reflect this pretty quickly. There has been a move upward in average premiums for gold though, so that needs to be factored in. 2-3% still happens but not as often.
  7. Latest 2 pickups , sovereign arrived today .
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  9. That's what I'd have to resort to if I couldn't find a truck!! I'd lose the walking stick and replace it with another wheelie bag!! 🤣
  10. Correct, mainly, certainly as far as bullion goes, for the better dealers at least! 🙂 For numismatic stuff, yes, but see above for bullion.
  11. Did you miss somebody out? https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/newbies-investment-guide/1008
  12. £400 per oz? If it dropped that low, this would be me leaving the bullion dealers incognito. 😂
  13. Well, it has not been a good 24 hours for gold - down by about 4.6%. It started following the end of the FED meeting yesterday. It seems that the FED may be looking to have two interest rate increases in 2023 (yes 2023) and so people are selling gold. Though a cynic might view this fall in price as a deliberate ploy by the banks eleven days before the implementation of Basel III. After all, even though it is so close, very few people really know the full implications of Basel III. If, as some say, paper trading becomes unattractive and so the banks have to unwind their positions, then a l
  14. Hi and welcome to the Forum. Gold and Silver crashing today lets hope it brings down premiums so we can add to pur stacks 🙂
  15. This is a very good way to put it. Do you remember in March 2020 when silver dropped below £10 an Oz. I think the cheapest 1oz silver coins I could find were around £25 each. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. Watch out, it was about there when I began this cursed collecting .... lol
  17. Ok everyone know now,when florin is buying yall better be selling and vice versa...lol.
  18. No, don't think so, not in gold anyway. I doubt the next Great Engravers will be in 1 oz format, but if you could stretch to 2 oz gold proof, it could either be: W.wyon's... 1. Cartwheel penny 2. George and Dragon 3. Gothic crown The last two would have a stunning design, very sought after. The first coin, would be nice, but the most appropriate and interesting fact about it, is that the coin was made to put confidence back into money, as the face value was worth the same as the metal content. An interesting and very relevant aspect to the coin back then and
  19. gold: price moves more or less in real time silver: it tracks small moves in real time, but less so for drastic drops such as today 😕
  20. Can't see a single issue with the coin surprisingly the matt Finnish is a bugger to get decent photos though
  21. ady

    Fake Silver

    Message info@sigmametalytics.com they are most helpful and answered all my questions
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