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  2. You mopping up these from the week-handed flippers, IMHO is a very wise move indeed….a fool and ther money are easily parted! Do people not look at the bigger market? When I watched a 70 grade 2oz silver sell at Heritage this week for $3100, I thought folk would realise…but they haven’t…yet! Even after taking into account auction fees, that’s over £2000 in hand for the seller…yet people are parting with them for £400! I was tempted to buy a few myself off eBay at 4am in the morning (after the Heritage sale), but the ones on offer had ‘issues’ from what I could see…milk spots already! I hope the ones you have bought get 69 or 70 grades, if you decide to go that route…your entrepreneurship deserves to be well rewarded👍. And as for Alderney…why have cotton when you can have silk!
  3. You could do unto the Chinese and make a casting from silver of it...lol.
  4. Aye, that’s why I wrote it, you have other thoughts?
  5. I've cancelled a few orders from various premium silver sites and uet when I tried it with powercoin they said they'd send memy order as quick in fact quicker then they would post them as available and did...during this time orders are getting ridiculous e erywhere, I waited 4 months for one coin from poland, cancelled one three months in from another, getting prerelease right now is a joke...they get promises from suppliers and those suppliers don't deliver as their staff can be gone for weeks from infection or trucking companies leave them in the hole for better paying deals
  6. Alderney imo havnt got the same class,production quality and mintage production of perfection as do the RM. E.G... listening to others comments they got the date totally wrong??? For starters...do not have the dies that come close to the quality of the RM!...I Guess it's like buying a Rolls Royce compared to a Ford Fiesta...😄😄😄😄😄😄
  7. I bought both at rrp, I assume you mean @Darr3nG? If he really believes in the coin then that's subjective surely, absolutely worst case scenario he really likes the coin so is it really a loss? We all have stuff that depreciated, life is too short for regrets in my opinion. If this coin does infact tank ,then what have we actually lost other than money that's depreciating almost as fast.
  8. Perhaps people ordering by bank transfer and not following through? I have ordered2, my concern is if you get the dregs compounded with the no returns policy. Now if the mint would return to sealing them properly there would be no dubiety buying from the independents(provided u get an unopened, sealed product) I fear they want their cake and eat it also.
  9. Welcome aboard the often sinking stackers group, stick your stack in the hull and let's be off...lol.
  10. They don't get sold out..dealers put these coins on for £799.00 hoping to take advantage of us paying for the FOMO..but gradually they come down a tad..its all about supply n profit..( Unfortunately) for us mere mortals....😲😳😲😳😲😳😢😢😢
  11. Well with respect I think you might have got a little stung considering one got sold at £380.00 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  12. I have had a look around for the 2022 proof sovereign. Price seems pretty high, anyone knows of any going around £650 probably understand it's no, but worth asking. Cheers gazer.
  13. Who wants another two???? Quality guaranteed or money back, £1500 each and I will stand over them being authentic ?? Payment in part cash part dr#gs accepted.
  14. The benefit on eBay… if it’s c**p.. I send it back. Get my money, open a dispute.
  15. What was the highest price you paid, initially? £800+ 🤑 What's the quality like? I am weary of taking the chance on there. I did buy one off a FB group and it worked out really well - assumed sellers on there knew about coins (how to handle, etc.)
  16. It’s amazing how these keep popping up after being sold out.
  17. Nice call. I was thinking if I got a 1kg I would hanging around my neck like da’ boss. 😂
  18. Today
  19. Hello @JohnV66, Sorry that's gone. Cheers
  20. I think you will do ok imho , if they don't reach £640+ in the next 12 months after 2nd release and graded ones reaching healthy prices on auctions etc then I'm going to make mine into knuckle dusters and start a fight with the postman ( he lands me in these predicaments) Once all the spares get bought up by folks who actually want the coin then the tide will turn.
  21. My concern is why does the mint permit these other releases like the Alderney? Provided they keep production mainly (entirely) in-house I think long term they will do fine. second concern is the mint do another release of the same coin, 10 to 15 years down the line. Not beyond the realms as I think marketing will not give a damn by then, way things are going. If you are a reseller, it won’t matter.
  22. Didn't get stung at £800, but paid £640 for one, due to missing out on the day and seeing the high sale prices on ebay etc. Complete FOMO! Really like the coin though, so I have bought a few more since, all the way down to £400 - even bought the Alderney PF70 set Looking forward to picking up a few 2nd releases to make up some matching pairs. Longer term, I'm hoping the price appreciates enough for me to sell on, leaving me with a nice cheap pair for my collection.
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