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  3. No idea. But, when I started stacking silver I touched/held every piece I bought (long before knowing anything about proof/BU/etc.)... loved it... there's something really nice about holding pure silver (or gold) in your hand. One of the first sales I had was here on the forum, and the buyer was very upset that the "bullion" silver was handled/tarnished, but when offered a full refund on return didn't accept. My advice is, if you intend to sell it for profit in the future the more "mint" in packaging it is, the better. Same price, but no hassle!
  4. Thanks @Darr3nG, I have no plan to sell them unless I have no choice sometime in the future. Do you know why they never seem to be for sale in the packs except at the Mint? I understand with the coins, where people may have bought by the tube, but things like the 1oz 3 graces bar are all over the place not in the packet. I missed the Una & the Lion one which I would have liked to get, but only see it for sale elsewhere in a clear little plastic box if at all.
  5. Absolutely not. Keep it in the mint packaging, unless you have no plan to sell...
  6. Harry Potter is Wonga? What??? It makes total sense...
  7. I'm sorry if this is a dumb newbie question, but e.g. I bought a 5g gold bar (the only purchase I regret, should have got a small gold coin instead) & a 1oz silver 3 graces bar from the Royal Mint. Both came in a card & they didn't seem to have any other way for me to buy them without being in the cards, so I never took them out. When I see these items for sale anywhere else, they are never pictured in those cards. On the Mint website, they also have things like a Sovereign sold sealed on a card, but nobody seems to ever advertise those second hand sealed up like that. Why is that? Is there some disadvantage to having them sealed in their original Mint packaging other than the extra space they take up?
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  9. I know the announcement didn't happen like it was supposed to but I don't think it affects the timing of the release. I think it was just a reveal of the design but as for release date.... I think that's still to be announced.
  10. Well..... It might have a little something to do with it lol. Just a wee bit 🤷
  11. I cant see the elites going for that personally, its far too controlling on the likes of the Claus Swabbs of the world. Maybe the Brix nations to gang up on the dollar using a basket of currencies & physical - that makes sense to me anyway? The digital currencies will be interesting, How they will go about is anyones guess - 'compliance - we will save you' I think they realise they cant force us to stay home & 'stay safe' anymore, they blew thier cover there.. I dont care what anyone says that was downright tyranny & there are enough people that realise that now the psychosis is failing.
  12. Well given the crossover between buyers of Harry potter coins and memorial coins it's probably a good idea to space the releases out
  13. Well, I have never heard of CrawleyCoins until now. So if it is loss making marketing technique to gain exposure for the company, then it seems to be working.
  14. Could it be a case of currencies being backed once again by the gold standard hence supply is short ?
  15. The announcement for those was due on the Thursday the queen died so pretty much fell of the radar.
  16. What happened to the Harry Potter coins? Aren't they due soon?
  17. Or they could be making a loss, as someone once rather fatuously informed me some years ago. Using loss leaders is a well-known marketing technique, but it is likely that @Midasfrog answer is correct. This is not confined to the coin business. If you wanted to buy, for example, a new Ford car, do you think you would get a lower price buying it direct from Ford, or from one of their dealers? 😎
  18. If they made those sets with proof sovereigns, even just the 2022 then maybe there would be interest but these are a dreadful rip off.
  19. half of that is true. But the vaults are,nt empty. there filling up 😉
  20. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  21. Could I have the complete 8pcs crown and the crown capsule please 😁
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