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  2. 1881-M without BP and with short tail. It's only an AU58, but I still like it a lot. 🇦🇺
  3. Sorry. I have the 2020 bars now and forgot to edit post. Have now edited Thank you anyway
  4. Stil waiting for that dip!!! Last purchase was December 2017 😁
  5. First... a belated Happy Canada Day to our brothers and sisters in the North. And an early Happy Independence Day to my fellow patriots in the US! This is a re-post from March time frame, no bites then, trying again... ---------------------- FOR SALE OR TRADE: lot of (62) 1965 Canadian Dollars - 80% silver by weight, each coin contains 0.6 Toz silver, total silver content for whole lot is 37.2 Tozs. Couple notes... (1) 54 coins are in Royal Canadian Mint original plastic, 8 are loose. (2) For some coins, the edge of the plastic separated meaning the coin is exposed to air (3) Probably a third of the coins exhibit some type of tarnish, most very minor All that said and generally speaking, coins are in very good shape, as you'd expect from being in original plastic. If you need other pictures, just let me know. Price is $720 by Zelle of PPFF; to save everyone the conversion, that's 14X face equivalent in US 90% coinage - but feel free to double check the math. Basically, $19.35/oz. Also open to trades. (1) 33 ASEs (doesn't need to be BU, but still nice condition) and we'll split shipping, or (2) combination of fractional gold eagles w/ ASEs to make-up any difference and each party pays own shipping. Or make your own trade offer... always willing to listen. I normally ship next business day upon payment confirmation, USPS Priority w/ tracking. So thanks for looking and happy holidays! V/r, 1000ozs
  6. You get around 15 grains in a gram of gold. A gram of .999 gold is around the £46 mark at the moment......
  7. Sovereign are a no brainer especially when you get hooked with those shieldbacks!
  9. Another fabulous coin from QB's collection arrived recently. Thanks to @CatStudent
  10. Hi and welcome from Sweden
  11. Hi and welcome from Sweden
  12. I got one dragon bar 2020, if interested pl me. Just the one bar though
  13. FTYBR

    Minting own silver

    On a serious note, can you please make sure you take delivery of the 1000oz bar and upload some photos 📸🤩 Sorry to be of no use but I will probably buy some of your pours 👍
  14. Should be info in the welcome email I believe. You would need to make a few posts before your account is upgraded from “New Member” to “Member” or to follow the link/instructions to the QuickStart guide in the welcome email From the QuickStart guide: Please check the full QuickStart guide here, this is a requirement prior to trading on the forum: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/19287-quickstart-guide-please-read-this-basic-info-before-trading/ If you need further assistance please send me a PM.
  15. Welcome from 🍀 Ireland 🍀
  16. Where are you based and have you taken delivery? I can arrange to get smaller quantities of silver - kilos or 100gms made out of it but there may a production cost.
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  18. Speak to @ilovesilverireallydo he may know a way
  19. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  20. Hi everyone, We all are going through a tough time. And I hope this will soon be over. Just we need to take precautions to keep ourselves and loved one safe from the enemy i.e. Covid-19. Anyway I found this forums is quite information sharing and I expect I can learn and share something with community here. Let's meet on the boards soon. Take care
  21. Hi there Chris. I'd like to post a wanted message / thread for a 1oz Kangaroo - how do I do this? Cheers, Neil
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