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  2. I think you hit the nail on the head there.
  3. Its incredible, people genuinely believe it despite witnessing their own shopping basket increase in price. All to deny it for God Powell.
  4. I'll agree to disagree. Pop a thousand Britannia's on at £2 over spot and or £2 under nearest bullion dealer equivalent and watch the lurkers commit and buy. I'll be one of them
  5. Sorry - you are deceiving yourself. You clearly don't understand Fed QE is bank reserves. Anything you see going up is transitory supply side fluctuations and they will settle down pretty quickly. The $trillions being pushed out as stimmies, furlough, bail outs etc - these are minor ripples on the pond - it's transitory - Jay Powell called me last night and told me so.
  6. @Paul. Certainly supply and demand is at the core of product movement but the economy is the key driver. 18 months of the pandemic has left many on their knees. We have seen death, illness, lower levels of income, higher costs, empty shelves, no fuel, NHS waiting lists through the roof, kids with limited education and it goes on and on and on and on. I dont't believe that as many people have the luxury of, or the state of mind for, investing in / stacking of silver as before whereas sellers, who are subject to the stresses of holding illiquid assets, are looking for a market that has diminished.
  7. Nobody forces anyone to buy slabbed coins. There are plenty of outlets selling raw coins as well. As you say, however, Caveat Emptor. You only have to look at the number of threads in these very forums started by individuals who have bought or thinking of buying coins that they are having doubts about authenticity. Then you have the other side, where someone will post a photo of a coin and ask for an opinion on it's grade, only to be told it is not possible to reliably judge from a photo. But isn't that what you do when you buy a raw coin online. You look at a photo and make a judgement whether it is worth what you are being asked to pay for it. At least with slabbed coins, you are buying something which is 99.9% guaranteed genuine and is of known quality, which you can then compare for value to similar quality coins.
  8. SGS alternative measurement looks really accurate from a personal experience point of view (purchasing). CPI is well over 10% right now.
  9. Today
  10. Slight word omission there sorry, should have been collectors experience, it's not just NGC, any third party grader. What I was really meaning to say is that if someone new to the field starts buying top pops, and once starts to gain more experience in coins, finds out they possibly could have gained more bang for their buck through Raw coins as it where, Numismatics should be a good pass time without buyers remorse , Fully agree however Caveat Emptor.
  11. Absolutely....there is no wrong or right...store them in a secure place at home....or a secure vault with a bullion dealer...Hmmmm makes me think of the Hatton garden job.....no place is safe if you think of it..its just luck...if you are going to display your collection of silver and gold on here or any forums online well....you open yourself upto all kinds of deviants..I can understand to a certain degree people showing their entire collection of coins on here for instance...lets face it..its a (Look what I have)...bit of boasting and showing off!! Something I wouldn't do...and the reason is there some very unscrupulous but very intelligent hackers of your laptops that can access your name,address,bank accounts etc and it's not difficult to discover where you live. I read a comment on here earlier about the coininvest auction...(maybe got the name wrong) who had their stock stolen from the Hilton Hotel this weekend. Absolutely heartbreaking for them and I empathise totally.... but just goes to show that there are people out there..professional thieves that do their research and due diligence when planning major robberies like this...anyone that posts their coins of significant value or show their entire collection.....is asking to be robbed..unless you have your collection in a safety vault.... which as we all know isn't 100% secure....dont show/boast and display photos of your collection on any forum...I wouldn't but if you do....dont blame anyone but yourself if...and hopefully it never happens to you..one day you wake up and find your collection missing😲😞😞😞😞😞😞
  12. Stayed long and strong on PFC and have added to my holdings multiple times since my post above. Now popping and hopefully patience will continue to pay off.
  13. The fantastic thing about this hoppy / addiction is that you can make up your own mind how you want to store your coins.
  14. Well if I was 195 years old..I think I'd have a few knocks and scratches on my face..😆😆😆😆😆
  15. Possibly not, I have tried to impart some knowledge on more than one occasion. 😎
  16. "Dr. Kevin Clancy - Knows his stuff.." Although he seems a nice guy, I read his doctoral thesis, and found what I believe were a few major logical errors. I have not had chance to discuss this with him yet. I also thought it was not presented in a manner which would have made it easier to read, understand, and assimilate, but perhaps that was only my impression, and maybe all doctoral theses are like that as standard. "2022 Proof Sovereigns and sets I am told due @ Beginning of November." Thanks for that, but our mole told us it was confidential.😎
  17. I apologise..think I quoted in the wrong thread..I apologise I have upset you with my error..
  18. I'm talking about the GIV shilling being offered for £350 compared to the one I saw being sold for £26on ebay..maybe I've posted in the wrong thread.... Regards.
  19. What you talking about? What coin are you talking about? I mentioned the toning and not the strike of @matt1r's crown.
  20. Interesting...as the coin in the original post that the dealer was asking £350....looks alot problematic than the one I posted for a selling price of £26 I find it hard to accept the excessive price difference..yes the coin I posted has a few scratches but I think is in a fine detail condition....and the price difference of £324 btwn the 2 shillings..well I'd glady purchase the £26 GIV over the one for the asking price of £350with the few scratches in the fields..
  21. Hey, just don't be so quick - I think you slightly misunderstood what dikefalos replied to. Please refer to my question upthread on 1937 crown.
  22. Yes, I agree. I wouldn't spend £26 of my own money on it, unless I really wanted an 1826 shilling now and I only had £26.
  23. Dr. Kevin Clancy - Knows his stuff.. 2022 Proof Sovereigns and sets I am told due @ Beginning of November.
  24. While the coin has good detail it has some pretty large edge knocks/bag marks and lots of fine scratches. Not a great coin IMO.
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