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  1. From past experience, it's hard enough having to hope that RM get it right with a single coin. But ten at the same time? That thought made me not bother ordering this set. Well, really it shouldn't be that hard. Should it?
  2. I splashed out on some Powercoin items. Love them to bits. Will probably be buried with them. They don't go towards the silver stack, they are just too nice. Somehow I have managed to get a half decent sized stack just buying things I like and look pretty. But worth collecting? For artistic enjoyment certainly. For anything else... I think you need to be tremendously lucky in buying the right coin at the right time.
  3. That's pretty awesome. Collected stamps as a kid, have all the old stamp albums as well as those of my mother and uncle. Had most of those stamps at one point or another. 9 was a weird copy though, and 12 I sold to a friend at school back in the 80s for a fiver. 13 I frankly never had. Nice set though.
  4. I'll take a tube of Maples please.
  5. Not a massive fan of the coin really. And I think the mintage is a bit high, so unless there are a lot of Who fans out there that collect coins, this might be around a while.
  6. Doesn't seem to be much excitement here. Personally, I am over the Moon!
  7. MrB

    Best for buying?

    The sponsors are pretty good to buy from (BYB, etc), and I'll just echo the sentiment that this place is a pretty trustworthy resource to find and buy/sell your silver, gold, or other precious metals/items. Also, since people are talking about QBs, there are some QB sets that have been popping up lately that have been priced very competitively, fyi.
  8. I just put together my own spreadsheet. I haven't even been collecting that long, but I know that the longer I leave it the harder it will be to track down all the info. Moving to a new country is not an impossibility in the nearish future, so having a well documented record of everything will hopefully save me all kinds of headaches. Also thinking of having a digital signature (PGP, or something) for each record so that I can 'prove' that this isn't just stuff I made up for the purposes of defrauding the taxman in whatever country it ends up.
  9. I've returned and had successfully replaced coins from Royal Mint with less of a defect than what your coin has. And it is a defect. Proofs carry such a huge premium we should expect the best, if not a perfect coin.
  10. I would try to find a well regarded INDEPENDENT financial advisor and ask them. (I added the caps there. Very important to get impartial advice) Seriously, it's a nice conversation to have on this forum, and plenty of us could give you advice, but at the end of the day, you need someone who you can tell in confidence all of your needs and requirements and goals and get good, professional advice in return.
  11. Same boat. I really wanted that 5oz but I am rather happy with the 1 oz proof, especially as it has none of the minting errors some of the previous proofs I've had from RM have had. All is well. ... ... Actually, I am still jealous.
  12. Glad I got one of the 1oz silver proofs at least. Actually looking forwards to the silver bullion version since that's what the rest of my collection is made up of. Really need to convince my other half that the gold 1oz bullion is a good idea too. She's not on board yet.
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