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  1. $51 postage to UK minimum from what I see. Ouch. That probably doesn't cover VAT either and/or other charges either. Guess I'll be waiting to see if RM sells it or some charitable forum follower decides to sell theirs
  2. If the spot price of silver hit $1000 an oz, where would you sell? I don't see the market for physical silver being liquid enough to absorb those prices if it ever happened. Everybody and his dog would probably be trying to dispose of their stack (unless the great reset really was around the corner). This kind of market distortion would be difficult to navigate. Just look at what happened with oil when it went negative.
  3. Hi, I am looking for one each of a 2oz The Queen's Beasts Unicorn and Griffon. (Griffon and unicorn taken care of, thanks) I always seem to be just too late anytime I see someone selling these, so lets try just asking instead. pm's with pictures please. Thanks in advance.
  4. Not my first silver, but my first coin: Pandora's Box from Powercoin.it
  5. Thank you. Bit of a lurker here, and new to all things silver. November seems to be a good month for things silver for me. My first coins arrived, and now this. 2020 looking up at last.
  6. Wow! I think this is the second thing I have ever won. First being a plastic toy when I was in junior school. What a week. My first coins arrived and now this 2020 is looking up
  7. I would love to have a 2020 bar. Any number. I guess that's me on the waiting list Best regards, Mr B.
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