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  1. Is there a minimum number you’d accept in an order?
  2. I highly recommend this offer off GBB! Received mine maybe a month ago and absolutely loved them! 😊
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like I may well have paid way too much for what it is - but I’ll chalk this up to inexperience on my part and perhaps; not being familiar with the rep of this mint and perhaps getting a little sold on the ‘do goodie’ part that’s the ‘Humanium’ brand! Thankfully I only sunk about 25 - 30 into this so it isn’t a huge loss - I’ll live and I’ll learn ha!
  4. Has anyone heard of or had experience with this type of metal before? I ordered a Princess Diana commemorative coin for what would have been her 60th birthday (think it’s from the London Mint) and had the option of having it crafted from “Humanium” metal instead of presumably pewter. It’s called Humanium because it’s the melted down metal from illegal firearms seized from war zones and other places in such disarray. It was an extra 20 or so pounds so thought hell why not - it’s plated in 24 carat “fair mined” gold too - presumably supposedly ethically sourced gold. Anyway, was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this metal. Is it just a gimmick to prey on our hearts and sensibilities or do you think it could be / already is something of potential value?
  5. Does the 0 in the 10 look odd in the eBay picture compared to the pic provided by Alex944?
  6. Thank you very much for the welcome 😊
  7. Hey all, I expect that this has already been made and I’ve missed it but is there a thread which lists the precious metal acronyms? I have seen the Wiki section below which covers some of the terms https://www.thesilverforum.com/wiki/ But I do not see in there something that lists the descriptions or differences for / between BU or AG for example. Is there a section for this? Or if not, could a kind soul provide a list? Thank you
  8. Being a recent purchaser of a couple bars, I loved them and highly recommend!
  9. Tafmeister


    Yes, I need to study up on the real and fakes. It kind of reminds of the endless spam / phishing e-mails you receive where there’s little errors here and there to look out for - defo getting more sophisticated… although I still do wonder how my dear uncle that has promised me his fortune in Nigeria is doing - still need to send him my bank dets 😉
  10. Tafmeister


    Oh tbh given how much gold costs against the expendable capital I have, I couldn’t in good conscience buy off eBay - I’d worry too much! 😛 And yes, I’ve had a look through a few bullion dealers and believe them to be worth their weight - I hope!
  11. Tafmeister


    I think that when I come to buy my first gold coin, I’m going to give the likes of eBay a miss. I’ll turn to a reputable bullion dealer or the likes of you good folks on the forum 😊
  12. Hey thanks 😊 I went for a 1oz 2015 Britannia. Picked up a 2020 version of the Britannia recently as well and hadn’t realised that they have slightly different surfaces / textures (presumably to not just look great but also combat counterfeiting)
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