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  1. Thank you to @Timberwolffor the link to Chards for the SOTD Sovereign. My first order with Chards and I found the website very well presented and easy to navigate. I was more than happy to pay the ‘bit extra’ on top of the RM price in the knowledge that my order is confirmed. And if I get a low queue number on the day (most unlikely!) that’ll be a bonus. Thank you too @LawrenceChardfor the interesting posts on the forum.
  2. 2 oz. Gold Henry VII has just landed…think it will look even better as it becomes part of a set…
  3. Seems like a lot of them have already been graded…..there’s a ‘second’ coin struck, third, fourth….the list goes on….‘One of first 100 struck’.
  4. @TheShinyStuff The three coin set sold in The Coin Cabinet Auction 37 last April or May for £1050. And the list price for the two coin set from Hatton’s was £1299. I have the full sovereign coin and it’s a nice coin, portrait excepted (and it’s a yellow proof sovereign).
  5. I bought my 5oz gold for a little more than the TCC auction result. I had a choice of two from which to pick. Mine is 100% but, true to form with the RM, the other was not. Considering the disclaimer above, I’m very happy with my purchase.
  6. Maybe try your luck with @GoldDiggerDave I might get a panic attack if it’s not under my pillow at night!
  7. I have to agree, there’s definitely something going on with the frosted areas. Shades of green and orange depending on how the light catches the coin! Here’s my 5oz example….
  8. Thanks. I presume that was direct from the RM? If £12k is a total bargain, would you regard £18k as a total rip-off. I’ve been offered one at that price.
  9. Hi All. Did the RM release the 5oz Gold Gothic direct to customers? If so, what was the issue price?
  10. You must feel very disappointed with that, though I think it’s a minting rather than handling/ loose capsule issue. I hope they will replace your 5 Sovereign piece but I also hope that they don’t foist it on some other unsuspecting customer. Perhaps they could use it for the Trial of the Pyx and charge a huge further premium for it? Then there would be no complaints.
  11. The 5 coin Sovereign set has landed. Thank you to @paulmerton for the early morning link on Monday! Great to be part of this wonderful TSF community.
  12. Hello Bixley. If it is genuine, you have a very rare and sought after coin (mintage 6000). However you need to ascertain if it is in fact genuine. I have attached a photo from Kurt Jaeger (standard reference on German coins after 1871). You will note the ‘F’ symbol which denotes ‘Fälschungen vorbekommen’ which is fairly obvious in translation. Submission to NGC/PCGS I think is warranted, or indeed Künker (very reputable German auction house) visit the larger UK coin fairs regularly and you could ask their opinion. That all said the coin looks nice in the photo and to my eye in ‘ss’ condition. Good luck with it!
  13. The link seems to be going directly to queue now
  14. Confirmation email received and money debited from my account.
  15. That seems to be done and dusted then
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