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  1. What an amazing find! That’s what makes coin collecting interesting, not just buying whatever you want wherever you want at a price! Yes the history of the coin and the ‘General’ is most interesting. Over a decade ago, I visited a well known German coin dealer who had just purchased 21 of these coins together that day from someone who popped into his office. He offered me the pick of the crop (ss €1700, vs €1900, stg €2100, that’s the rough equivalent of vf, xf, ms). It was incredible to see so many of these loose coins together in one place. It’s a beautiful coin, with the elephant set again Mount Kilimanjaro, and your example has fantastic luster! Well done.
  2. I’ve just placed an order. Let’s see what happens….
  3. Just need to add the Piedfort to complete the Decimal Day 50p’s in Gold. Will post photos of all 4 versions together when complete.
  4. Lovely example @Heirlooms. The history of George Ansell is also very interesting!
  5. Many thanks to @RII1288 for this beaut. Smashing design that’s growing on me!
  6. Just sent you a private message
  7. Lovely coin and well presented by RM in a larger presentation box. Concave on obverse looks really nice too. And a faultless example to boot.
  8. Thanks @GoodAsGold. That explains the 5 coin set in the latest Numistacker video (about 2 mins into the video). Btw I can’t see any ‘dimples’ or marks on the Una and the Lion in that video (nor are there any on my ungraded example). I think you are correct about the relief on the RM releases, I feel the same when I compare the Alderney Silver 3G with the RM 3G side by side. Enjoy the weekend!
  9. Hello @GoodAsGold. Thank you for sharing all that information. A very concise and yet comprehensive summary of the Una and the Lion coins. The total mintage for the Helena says 400 on the COA, but 200 in the boxed presentation. So I wonder if the other 200 have been released yet? There is only one other point that I would add, I feel the relief on the Helena is higher than on the Alderney. On an aside, do you know anything about the unaandthelion.com website which is under construction? The full website was due to go live on 18th March, but didn’t.
  10. Thank you @Frenchie@Liam84@Stuntman@GoodAsGold@Gypsyfor your comments over the last couple of days. The coin has gone back and I have been refunded by the dealer. Great to ‘meet’ you all on my first post on TSF. Btw it was the 2019 Una from St. Helena, the inscription on the obverse is slightly different on the 2020 and 2021 coins.
  11. Thanks @Liam84 for your comments. Yes I paid the usual 70 premium. I also have an ungraded example without this issue. So I think it will be going back.....
  12. No need to be sorry @Pete, honest opinions welcomed. Thanks for your view on rejecting it. @Shep, your explanation for how it made a 70 makes sense. Ta for that.
  13. I’m new to the forum and just received today this gold proof St. Helena £5 Una and the Lion coin which I bought already slabbed as PF70UC by NGC. I was going to post it on the ‘Today I received...’ thread. However when I received it there appear to be ‘dimples’ or flaws on the obverse mirror fields. The reverse is perfect. Planchet/die faults? Does this affect the value/desirability of the coin? I’d welcome members views and advice.
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