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  1. Everyone's interested in this draw and rightly so. This is another awesome prize given away by The Silver Forum and it seems to have attracted a lot of participants. Great to see the Forum growing and gaining new members. Good luck to all who have taken part in this prize draw 👍
  2. Now we're past the half century. Come on everyone, let's see those likes 👍
  3. What a beautiful poured silver 5 oz bar, makes a terrific prize for one lucky winner.
  4. Congrats to @Martysmith for winning this awesome give away. Great prizes as always at The Silver Forum.
  5. Hi SilverSnake I will take a non scratched one please with 1st Class SF please. Please pm me your PayPal details so I can send payment. May I ask will this be posted tomorrow?
  6. Hi again, how much for the scratched greyhound 2oz silver, and how much for the one that isn't scratched?
  7. Hi SilverSnake do you still have the scratched greyhound for sale? May be considering a purchase.
  8. Whoops, spoken to soon its gone back to how it was again. I will update this if I notice it has been corrected.
  9. The spacing of the gold price and +/- price change in the metals header seems to now be fixed on my Samsung Galaxy S10. That was a great quick fix 👍
  10. Hello I am viewing on Samsung Galaxy S10 Mobile and the spacing on the gold and silver price header is incorrect. My current gold price +/- is shown underneath the gold price and below the header area so i am unable to see it. See below screenshot. Also I am unable to see the trading section icon, but maybe you are already aware of this.
  11. Its like Clockpuncher said, you have got your stack for a relatively good price compared with what you would pay for the same at todays prices. A nice bit of profit that would not have been possible if you put the money in the bank. The volatility can be unpredictable but it seems to be a bull market right now, and prices are slowly climbing. As far as I'm concerned precious metals are far better than a currency that keeps deflating in value, and as more and more fiat currency is printed that value keeps diminishing, and therefore the price of gold and silver keeps rising. The metals
  12. Yes it seems they know how to talk it up and create a buzz. Still I'm guessing anyone who purchased silver 10 years ago must have made a sound investment. Can you remember the spot price when you bought it? The charts show spot price was apx £13 per oz in middle of September 2010, compared with the current spot price of £21.13 at time of writing.
  13. What was the prediction made by Baloney about the price of silver in 10 years time made 10 years ago? Just curious? If you can remember of course? Its always fascinating when people predict prices out to 10 years.
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