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    Queens Beast 2 oz Silver Complete Collection in Presentation Case.

    Queens Beast 1/4 oz Gold Complete Collection in Presentation Case.

    Egyptian Relic Series 5 oz + 2 oz Silver Coin Collection.

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  1. Dave did he let you go round to check them? Did you get to verify his stack?
  2. Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 Yes it looked like an auction house in my room for a while there. Mr Teddy was having a tea party with his friends to make it look like an audience was here lol. Teddy made an invalid bid so I had to warn him.
  3. Thanks mate was fun for me too. I felt like a real auctioneer for a few mins lol 😆 Please gimme 5 mins before I send my PMs I'm just making a brew.
  4. Margin call gentlemen. Will send PM to @Orpster and @Charliemouse to confirm payment and shipping 👍
  5. Yeah exactly 💯 % mate. Next time I will do on my new desktop once I buy it lol 😆
  6. Lol I'm on my mobile and I was trying to leave comments on one when a notification came up and I accidentally hit it whilst typing lol. Glad we had some fun. Both great coins you will both be very happy 😊
  7. Sorry for my delays guys I should've had 2 different end times 5 mins apart or something - lesson learned 😆 Confirmation 👍 @Charliemouse wins this auction for 2002 shielded sovereign by a nose with winning bid of £392.50 Congratulations mate 👏
  8. Confirmation 👍 @Orpster is the winner with a bid of £395. Congratulations mate 👍
  9. Let me figure out who got the coins I believe it's @Charliemouse for this 2002 Shield Sovereign. Congrats mate 👍
  10. Was trying to do a soft close on this auction and I accidentally hit a notification that took me away from this page and onto the other page. So final call going once
  11. Lol @Orpster is in the winning position at the moment matey
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