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    More of a collector than a stacker.
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    • 1/10th gold for collection
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    Currently: 1/10th oz Gold. 1oz High Relief Proofs.

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  1. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  2. Those coins reminded me of these Scottsdale rounds. These Scottsdale ones are stackable and quite a reasonable price IMO. You may already be aware of them but if not hopefully this is helpful for you: https://www.scottsdalemint.com/product/5-oz-scottsdale-silver-stacker-round/ as could be an alternative similar product you can buy
  3. I was basing the price had increased from from your initial post that said $166+ Yea that is how it works. The same like hotel rooms for example. I suppose it also depends on your outlook. You could look at it the other way and see that the coins were sold at a discounted price to the buyers who picked them up first.
  4. 17 left at time of writing. Meaning 32 sold since my previous post above. At time of writing the price for check/wire is $177. I am presuming they are unable to restock (at least currently) and have had their allocation. This item may increase again before they sell all remaining stock?
  5. Dealers prices are usually based on the cost of restocking the item. They hold X amount of A item, so that they can ship that item out immediately. But the price which they can sell that item at is based upon the price they can restock it at, when you buy they immediately re-order that item from a supplier. There are also other variables that can affect their prices. Their current stock of that item is only 49 at the item of writing (this is extremely low for this dealer as they often stock thousands and thousands of each item) so it could be that the price is just set to increase as stock goes down, this is common. Prices fluctuate in this industry based on supply and demand. This item also has a limited mintage of only 1000, unsure how many this dealer initially purchased or how many they have access to currently repurchase or their current costs of repurchasing. Prices in the precious metals industry fluctuate, they also do in some other industries such as aviation where supply and demand as well as fluctuating costs also affect the prices of airline tickets. You can look at the price of a plane ticket or holiday and then several hours later the price is significantly higher.
  6. Thanks for the bid but unfortunately it isn’t valid. Please read the rules at the beginning.
  7. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  8. I have hidden some posts. This topic is for discussing the current Gold price in GBP. This topic is NOT for discussing coronavirus, please use the related topic for that in the non PM section.
  9. Topic closed as haven't heard back from @ciulumasno123 to confirm if their item is located in USA & Canada or not. If your item is still available please re-list, note the item needs to be listed in the region it is located in.
  10. 1oz 2017 Dragon & Phoenix High Relief from @oooootini
  11. Hello Jon welcome to The Silver Forum
  12. ChrisSilver

    German Silver

    @Scrogit I have merged with a previous existing topic.
  13. ChrisSilver

    German Silver

    Please report it to eBay, hopefully they will remove it.
  14. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
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