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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Series currently collecting:
    • Silver 1oz High Relief Silver Proof (Mainly Perth Mint, some RAM)
    • Perth Mint Swans 1oz Silver Coins - ER Blue label PF 70
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    • Silver 1oz High Relief Silver Proof (Mainly Perth Mint, some RAM)
    • Perth Mint Swans 1oz Silver Coins - Blue label ER PF 70 - 2017 to date ✅
    • A few other coins

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  1. @Numistacker please keep your own sales posts strictly to your sub forum. Members can also consign directly to The Coin Cabinet should they wish.
  2. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  3. @silverdocket are they topics that are only open for Premium Members? If not and you still require assistance please start a support topic for this in the support section here with a link to the topic you are unable to post in and we will help.
  4. You can edit the prefix from ‘for sale’ to ‘completed’ just hit the 3 dots on the top right of your trade listing, press the edit button. Then the x on the current ‘for sale’ tag, and then choose the ‘completed’ tag. The previous quick drop down selection was a custom plugin and needs to be updated by the author of that, it will be some time unfortunately before that is added again. So in the meantime please use the edit button to change the trade prefix. In regards to trading feedback please see the orange message above, this is in development.
  5. Bump. Last Swans I had that were dusty came back from NGC a 70 after conservation and grading though I can't make any guarantees this would grade high also. @sovereignsteve tagging you in as you expressed some interest in previous swans I had listed, incase you are interested in this. If not, no worries
  6. The margins in the precious metals industry are only a very few % Don’t forget that they also need to cover the cost of premises, insurence, security, shrinkage, taxes, accounting, legal costs as well as staff salaries and other business costs. Staff should also be paid a fair salary for their work.
  7. I can’t seem to replicate that error here. Please see above edited post. If possible please could you make a screen recording showing the error and post in the error section of the forum, as it is better to handle support/errors though there rather than here in a different topic. Thanks.
  8. If you are ordering in a currency which you do not hold an account in, i.e. you have a GBP account but sending in EURO, then It may be a good idea to look at transferwise or currencyfair. The transferwise app is very good and easy to use, and you can send a transfer and then pay from a UK debit card. The exchange rates are usually much better than using a high street bank
  9. ChrisSilver


    Welcome to the forum, that’s a sizeable investment. You may get a better response from the community by purchasing Premium Membership, as it would go some way to show it is a genuine question Premium Membership helps to support the forum to grow.
  10. Thank you for the posts in regards to Prize Draws. We are aware that this feature currently isn’t working, please see the orange message at the top. We will get it fixed as soon as is possible but we need to wait for the developer of that work to get back to us. Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience and down time of this feature. We have new prize draws coming as soon as this feature has been re-added
  11. Item: 2018 Proof Krugerrand, Silver 1oz Coin. Box/COA: Yes, both box and COA + outer sleeve Condition notes: Never opened from the capsule, condition looks good but looks like there is some ‘film’ from production (please see photos) this is noticeable in the mirrored field, also on the right side. Asking Price: £80 + 7.50 P&P Royal Mail Special Delivery. ONO I am open to offers on this, please message me. All fair offers considered. Market price: From limited research. Prices seem to be around £95 + shipping from dealers in U.K. / Europe. Please let me know
  12. You do not need to enable 2FA if you do not want to. Though if you would like better security you can have it enabled, only takes a few seconds to type the code in.
  13. Thanks. The quick drop down selection option hasn't been added yet, but if you edit a listing you can then use the blue button to choose the completed tag
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