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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    • Silver 1oz High Relief Silver Proof (Mainly Perth Mint, some RAM)
    • Perth Mint Swans 1oz Silver Coins - ER Blue label PF 70
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    • Silver 1oz High Relief Silver Proof (Mainly Perth Mint, some RAM)
    • Perth Mint Swans 1oz Silver Coins - Blue label ER PF 70 - 2017 to date ✅
    • A few other coins

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  1. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  2. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  3. @TTR ignore my last post in your topic (I’ve now hidden it) I presume by +4 over spot you mean that you are asking £4 per Troy oz over spot? And spot will be calculated when an interested party messages you or comments on your trade topic? Thanks in advance for clarifying
  4. @Auzalex please can you see my previous post above. Please can you also post asking prices as per forum rules?
  5. Topic moved to the ungraded trade section as it’s not a graded item. Please make sure you have read the applicable Quickstart guide to trading as it contains useful and important information. UK QuickStart Guide EU QuickStart Guide USA & Canada QuickStart Guide As per forum rules please also state an asking price.
  6. I know that some visitors / members are unable to access the forum whilst on work wifi, this is unfortunately due their work places network settings blocking certain websites / regions. Some IT departments even blanket ban whole countries! Our current servers are in Finland. Unfortunately if TSF is belling blocked by your work place, then there is not much you can do, accessing via a VPN or Proxy may work, but likely may be blocked. The best solution I have would be to use your own device, such as a mobile or tablet with a sim card, and to use your network's 4G etc connection, and not your work's wifi. If you are noticing you are unable to connect on 4G/5G then it may be worth checking with your provider to see if they are blocking it. If you are able to send a screen recording to me in private messages, so I can see exactly what you are experiencing I may have more of an idea.
  7. @dts Thank you for listing items for sale on TSF, please report any posts you would like hidden and we can hide those for you.
  8. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum. Please make sure you have read the required Quickstart guide to trading as it contains useful and important information, including the answer to your question about why you currently are unable to post in the trade section. After reading it, if you have any questions please feel free to private message me. UK QuickStart Guide EU QuickStart Guide USA & Canada QuickStart Guide
  9. @CollectorNo1 your topic has been merged into another topic as there was already a topic about the same subject. You may wish to use the search feature of the forum to check if there are already preexisting recent topics rather than started new ones on the same subject
  10. The forum rules includes the following: I have noticed a few listings recently in breach of this. As well as some listings getting around the rules listed about by using excessive punctuation instead e.g. "!!!!" or ***TEXT*** The issue with this, is that one member adds additional CAPITAL LETTERS, emojis, punctuation etc to grab extra unfair attention and soon some other members start doing the same but increase the amount of capital letters, emojis, punctuation etc in the titles, until the trade section eventually just ends up as one horrible mess and it becomes hard for buyers (include yourself reading this) to easily navigate through the items for sale on the forum. This rule purely exists to keep the trade section a tidy place and functional for everyone. Therefore I kindly ask that you follow the following: Follow the above quoted forum rules on emojis and capital letters Choose Capitalised case if you want to make your text stand out; e.g. "Like This" rather than all uppercase "LIKE THIS" Limit punctuation such as asterisks to a maximum of 2 asterisks (one either side) e.g. *Like This* inside of ********Like This******** NOT inline with forum etiquette: 1OZ AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE ****PRICE LOWERED**** INCLUDES COA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Good use of title in line with forum etiquette: 1oz American Silver Eagle *Price Lowered* includes COA 🇺🇸 In some situations a word all in all upper case is perfectly OK, such examples mainly include abbreviations E.g. UK (as it is an abbreviation of United Kingdom) or COA as it is an abbreviation of Certificate of Authenticity. In general I would say to try to only user all uppercase for a word if it is an abbreviation of a word, otherwise use standard sentence case, or first letter of each word capitalised, e.g. Like this, or, Like This. Many thanks to the members who follow this and help to keep the TSF trade section a pleasant and easy place to browse. In August 2021 there were 625 trade listings started in the precious metals trade sections on the forum. Many thanks for these members who choose to buy and sell on The Silver Forum and once again thank you to those who help support TSF grow with Premium Membership.
  11. For clarification BYB meant he can offer his BYB bars and other BYB branded products in other custom sizes. He makes a lot of great pieces and has done a lot of custom project works for members of the forum. TSF aren’t offering any TSF branded custom bars I am afraid. Though there are 100g and 250g TSF branded bars as well as 3oz and 5oz TSF rounds, coming later in the year.
  12. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
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