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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    More of a collector than a stacker.
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    • Silver 1oz High Relief Silver Proofs (Mainly Perth Mint)
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    Currently: 1oz High Relief Silver Proof Coins

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  1. Should be info in the welcome email I believe. You would need to make a few posts before your account is upgraded from “New Member” to “Member” or to follow the link/instructions to the QuickStart guide in the welcome email From the QuickStart guide: Please check the full QuickStart guide here, this is a requirement prior to trading on the forum: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/19287-quickstart-guide-please-read-this-basic-info-before-trading/ If you need further assistance please send me a PM.
  2. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  3. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  4. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  5. Hello Jazmin, welcome to The Silver Forum
  6. Thanks for your listing. I will keep this one up here but for future listings please can you list any non precious metals items. E.g. all of the copper etc, in a separate trade topic in the non PM trade section here: https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/33-all-non-pm-items-for-sale-all-countries/
  7. Sorry to interject in your sales topic Emanuel but noticed this question, and as it’s a question with an easy quick answer thought I could help out as I was here ASEs (American Silver Eagles) are 999 fine silver, which is pure silver.
  8. Thought I would share a picture. Also clarifying for others that it is a proof coin. Source: https://www.govmint.com/coin-authority/post/first-ever-privy-marked-silver-and-gold-eagles-mark-75th-anniversary-of-world-war-II
  9. ChrisSilver

    Help a Newbie!

    Yes there are some questionable posts, including your one here: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/34662-help-a-newbie/?do=findComment&comment=399286 Though the majority of members are male, there are a lot of female members. And we ask all members to be polite and respectful to all members and to show decorum. Please also remember that public posts are public, some jokes may be best kept to private messages as to not offend others. Also to note the member with the name Chris is not me and not affiliated with the forum, they are just a member who has used that name.
  10. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  11. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  12. There will be two more of these promotions and then we will need to close this for the moment as have ran out of ASEs A massive thank you to @Lr103 for organising these. These types of promotion to promote the USA sales section may be back in the future
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