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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for the offer but not really after a graded one.
  2. This may be why you have no takers for the brit? Britannia 2021 1/4 oz Gold Bullion Coin | The Royal Mint
  3. Shouldn’t the title be WANTED? I think 1991’s were only proofs.
  4. My account was closed for buying too many, no correspondence since. 😭
  5. Suspension of account. Dear Mr *******, Thank you for your email regarding your account. Unfortunately you have exceeded your permitted allowance of the bullion sovereign for 2020, you have in fact had 11 coins when our limit is now only 1 per household. Sadly you will not be able to purchase anymore 2020 bullion sovereigns from ourselves. 😭
  6. Bit of a rarity at the moment so decided to go direct to RM, slightly more expensive but comes in a cap with free delivery.
  7. Same name, addy and credit card. Somehow even managed to order @ £289 when price on website was £299.
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