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  1. Suspension of account. Dear Mr *******, Thank you for your email regarding your account. Unfortunately you have exceeded your permitted allowance of the bullion sovereign for 2020, you have in fact had 11 coins when our limit is now only 1 per household. Sadly you will not be able to purchase anymore 2020 bullion sovereigns from ourselves. 😭
  2. This is a 1 oz (troy ounce) 2017 Republic of Ghana silver coin with a face value of 100 Cedis. This is 1 of the 5000 error coins minted by Scottsdale Mint located in the United States. The 2017 Republic of Ghana coins were meant to have a face value of 5 Cedis and a mintage of 50,000, but 5000 of them were given a face value of 100 Cedis making them error coins and rare. Of course, subsequent 2017 Republic of Ghana coins were stamped with a face value of 5 Cedis. The face value of the coin, 100 cedis, is more than the value of the silver. Auction starts at £25, bids in increments of 50p please or multiples of 50p.. Ends at 21:00 Saturday 4th July Payment by bank transfer or PPFF Winning bidder pays for choice of postage and risk. Happy bidding. Below pic shows a depiction of the other side, not visible on the actual coin as it is still mint sealed with a cardboard back (above)
  3. Special hand poured BYB 2019 Silver Forum 100g bar - number 100 of 100. Created by @BackyardBullion, #100/100 not generally released but kept back and donated as a prize. Comes with COA. Hallmarked by Edinburgh assay. Bidding starts at £75, bid increments of £1 or multiples of £1 please. Auction ends WEDNESDAY 10th JUNE at 21:00 Winning bidder to pay choice of postage/risk. Payment by BT or PPFF please. Good luck and happy bidding.
  4. Free bump. I had 5 of these, very difficult to get there potential, considering classed as error coin with low mintage.
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