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  1. Yeah come on mate, pull your finger out....... 🤪
  2. That's very attractive. I love the way that they antique some of the new modern coins, it makes them look very stylish 🧐
  3. So, this is my first: Today I Received post... 😋 I love looking at everybody else's coins on here, some really great bits & pieces in there. Some that I really hope to be able to get one day, fingers crossed? Some lovely interesting old and foreign coins aswell as the more modern proof coins. This is a more modern shiny affair, I know that these pictures are not awesome, but it is a reasonably interesting coin, these were all the rage a year or two ago. I am quite a fan of Double Sovereigns, I like the interesting different designs that they have, slightly more interesting than just the normal proof or bullion Sovereigns. Some of them I know, are a little bit gimmicky, such as this one, and are not to everyone's taste, but as a general rule I am a fan. A little bit of fun in my opinion...
  4. That 1836 is stunning, I would love something like that. Did it cost you an arm & a leg?
  5. Yeah, fairy nuff, I just imagine The Royal Mail making mistakes like dropping things and getting things shaken up, but you are right, I guess even the Royal Mint isn't perfect either... 😉
  6. Don't you think that it's a Royal Mail error rather than a Royal Mint one? God bless them, they do work very hard though and they do have alot to do, especially at this time of year 😇
  7. Ah man, sorry to hear that brother, I hate it when that happens. Will you send it back for a refund or exchange? 🤑
  8. I have seen a couple of gold and other pound coin designs with this, or very similar, but it;s still quite a nice desgin in my opinion 🤑
  9. Hello, I would like to try and buy a nice antique gold full gold Sovereign case 🙃 Ideally in good condition, with a nice pretty pattern, fully hallmarked, and made out of gold. If anyone has one going cheap or reasonable, then please let me know 😘 Many thanks, Merry Christmas, Ben
  10. That Chinese coin is wicked cool, I will have to keep my eyes open for one of those, really beautiful 👹
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