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  1. It is an excellent price, but to me this is a really beautiful coin, that is mainly why I like it 😁
  2. I love watching your videos on You Tube, I have seen them before, but am quite new to the Silver Forum and I did not know that was you. I love the gold coins aswell obviously, I remember the one that you did on an actual gold R2-D2, afew years ago now it must be. Really excellent, keep up the good work, great coins and videos.....
  3. I love this coin, it really is a beauty. I have afew Canadian gold coins, some of them are really fantastic. Well done you, it is always nice when you can get something that is a little bit more exciting than just run of the mill, bullion type coins.......
  4. Hiya, Message sent about the Russia 1976 gold coin, many thanks... Ben
  5. Does anyone have any 1oz Gold Coins, from The Canadian Call Of The Wild Series? If so, then please drop me a message. I would prefer proof coins, or bullion coins in very good condition Many thanks
  6. Victorian Shield sovereigns, must be just about my favourite type of sovereign. Is there any chance at all of getting a close up picture of each side of any that you may have left from the 1840's please? Very many thanks......
  7. Hello, I sent you a message about this the other day, I do not know if you got it or not? Cheers, Ben
  8. I am looking for a gold Mohur coin from India, please let me know if you have any that you want to sell... I am interested in the Gothic type or the type with the lion.
  9. I am fairly sure that you are right, thankyou for getting back to me. I just wanted to ask peoples opinion, they have been very helpful and it is good for me to ask people who work in this industry and who have alot of knowledge + experience about coins and gold and the like. I was just in the mind that because a sovereign makes a noise, I thought that all gold coins were supposed to make a noise, I thought that was the general rule for gold coins. However I messaged afew people on Ebay and someone got back to me and said that there one of these coins makes no noise when they flick or ping it either, so I am fairly sure that it is a genuine, proper authentic coin. It weighs the right amount and is the same size (more or less ) as my other sovereigns and makes a nice noise sound and spins correctly, if you have seen someone spin a gold sovereign coin to see if it is real or not. I really do appreciate all of your help, and I realise that I am a new member so I appreciate you all taking the time and offering me advice and help + everything. Very many thanks..
  10. Well I either need to get another of these coins, or for someone with one to flick or ping theres for me to see if there is any sound at all, as on my one, there is none, thankyou anyway though for all of your very helpful advice.
  11. Well my coin makes no sound at all, my sovereigns make a nice crisp clean sound when I flick or ping them. I was not asking anyone to convey the sound to me, just that if they had 1 of these coins themselves, could they please flick or ping it and then message me to let me know if there is any sound at all on one of these 1/4 oz queens beasts gold coins, I thought it would be a relatively easy thing for someone with one of these coins to do.....? I am not asking anyone to prove the noise to me, just to let me know in a message if there is any noise at all? You don't have to, I don't want to put anyone out, it would just have been helpful for me to determine if it is a real gold coin or not. Thankyou though for getting back to me anyway
  12. Please can I have the monkey... What do I do, send you a message?
  13. Yes I know that you are, you all seem very knowledgeable and trustworthy, but I mean it is quite far for me and rather than me travelling all around London I thought that someone could flip or ping one of these for me and let me know about the sound, there must be lots about among you collectors, that would be alot easier for me obviously. I guess I could post it to someone trustworthy, but I am new here and do not really know anyone very well, not to worry I can always post it back to the guy and get a refund, if no-one can test one of there own coins for me, not too worry.
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