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  1. Beautiful South Africa Gold Proof one ounce coin, only a little bit more expensive than regular bullion one ounce coins, and alot cheaper than some of them.
  2. BuMp - I would accept a near offer if anyone wants either of these. Also available on Ebay 🙂
  3. I don't normally like the Queens Beasts in the bullion version, but I find this design quite endearing for some reason, I think that I prefer it to the other 2 lion versions, maybe its the mane.
  4. Makes it all worthwhile doesn't it, when you see something beautiful and glorious like that.....
  5. Sov's are much more attractive than Brit's to me, so that's what I would choose.
  6. I have added an 1872 AU58 Shield Sov, please let me know if that is of interest to anyone..
  7. It is an AU55, many apologies, are you interested? Thankyou
  8. That's terrifying, I hadn't seen that design before, I like the other goat design, but not this one so much. Still, nice to have some different animals and designs in the new series.
  9. So I have dropped the price of this, and it really is a very nice looking coin in my opinion.. 😛
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