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  1. didn't dinosaurs adapt perfectly to their environment and basically rule the planet for millions of years,,? if took a fecking great asteroid hit to wipe them out. hardly their fault .
  2. Bit off the pace here but if you are still listening. my mate works For SJP. their charges are high but when I flogged my final salary pension I got mates rates (they can be had) and some invaluable advice that saved my a very large amount of tax . Wills, power of attorney all that c**p thrown into the deal. all in one place easy for my wife/kids to deal with come the glorious day. you could do it all yourself if you have the time and inclination.... their investment performance is generic middle of the road stuff but holds up well when the terrible hits the fan .. again you can go with cheaper diy trackers and punt your own stuff but its a lot a work to get really diversified globally. if you accept the fact that it costs a bit to get all that ive found em fine. but of course I am dealing with a longtime mate so prob see the best of it. wouldn't touch a financial advisor I didn't know personally....
  3. Not a Sov fan either. I have recently purchased a gold bar that im finding looking at. very satisfying indeed
  4. Third jabs not selling as fast as hoped. Javids cousin who is in big pharma needs a fire sale to pay for that Range Rover he was buying his wife for Xmas meanwhile Hancocks sister is still sitting on a pile of masks and hand gel. Got to shift that. I know scary new South Africa variant. ! Funny how you never get a variant from somewhere ‘Reassuring’. The Swiss variant or maybe the Surrey variant
  5. Not a good start to the day for anything really. Except PM holding its ground
  6. the last one might get you an A from some hipster Art Teacher 😉 .. but the first one is easily the best
  7. whilst you can't let a major UK bank go bust, the knock on effects are too great, shareholder value should have been reduced to zero, the government takes it over for free, then using its ability to create and borrow endless amounts of funds return it to a viable entity.. being careful not to encroach on the banks that were run correctly and reduce their market share and margins. once back in the game it can be sold off for a healthy profit and the funds returned to the exchequer to be pissed up the wall on the usual stuff ... the people running said bank should be investigated, at the very least their incompetence should be made public knowledge, and they should be made unemployable in the sector.
  8. I was working in the sharp end of the city right through the 2008/9 financial meltdown. some of the s**** that went on there was somewhat amusing. all the people who subsequently got nicked and did time, or had their lives ruined, where frontline grunts doing what was 'explicitly implied' from the top boys.. who all of course got away Scott free even tho the whole thing was their business model. the taxpayer took a hammering and savers via money printing got shafted as well.
  9. CANV

    Bullion dilemma

    PM's are not considered a good investment for your average punter. a nice safe well spread investment portfolio in an isa. managed at maybe 1.5 per cent yearly fees will have served you far better over the years. more so if you had been on the aggressive side of stock investments. its easy, its fairly safe.. consider the fee what you would have to pay to store your PM's investing in any one asset class is high risk. even if you consider it a low risk asset. day trading.. 90 per cent of people lose most of their money fairly quickly. especially the ones who make a lot to start with . you are just guessing unless you have inside info and even if you know enough to have a 60/40 advantage, one day a random event will wipe you out.
  10. It’s bit tricky to eco up the process of mining precious metals, where you trash acres of countryside with huge diesel burning machines to get 0.000 (insert extra 0’s) 1% of useful stuff. Then cart it all over the world , burn loads more gas type stuff to melt it, make,it shiny and into nice shapes. Then cart it around the world a bit more so people can buy it then keep it in a safe . Still a bamboo box will make all the difference
  11. I’ve always found the stock market falls that accompany an inflationary crisis amusing. What else can you buy. Property PM’s and stocks .
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