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  1. yeah but maples are ugly, and the yankees dont understand candialand
  2. buying power is alas relative. if you were in the timber game and buying lumber in sterling this last year, your buying power has gone up! all depends on what you want or need.
  3. its yours. do what you want with it.... sets must have greater value than the sum parts surely.. ? but what do I know.. I like bullion and so called 'vintage' American silver from the er. 80's.
  4. used to a fair bit more. now about the same I think ..
  5. I would always say sovs, but the premiums are upwards of 8 per cent and more with postage.. thats bonkers it should be 2 or 3 per cent for a bog standard bullion coin. might as well buy bars from Bairds if you just want gold ounces.
  6. they will end the CGT exemption on 'investment grade coins' as and when it suits them.
  7. indeed sir. im getting all my spending on my house project done next year, using oodles of cash where poss! i've also given up on any serious investment plans or the thought of going back to work even part time for fun, due to the tax implications. some of the tax implications are horrific. a graduate with a student loan earning 50k in London (yes I know thats a lot) turns out to be brilliant and gets pay rise to 70 k. of that 20k they get to keep about 8.
  8. looks like cash will be making a comeback!
  9. if the USD is strong. as it has been. then alll commodities priced in USD (nearly all of them ) goes up in GBP terms. gold included. Countering this effect globally, when the USD is strong commodity prices are usually supressed. look at Gold prices in USD When this multi year USD bull run ends (and it probably is) the price of gold will go up. in USD. but as GBP rises the effect will be less for us in Blighty.
  10. I like to move every ten years. Buy a wreck n do it up. Our current project will be our last as it’s the last time I reckon cash will be useful. Cant see my builder wanting a pouch full of silver n gold
  11. if/when cash goes, then after that it all goes CBDC your stash will be technically worth whats 'they' say it is. but of course it will be worth much more.. also the rest of the world won't be following this trend. especially places like India and china. hide it well
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