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  2. The bloke will have a bad back not bending his knees. All that gold plated lead is quite heavy 🤔
  3. It wasn't that long ago...'78 or '79? I'd only been driving for a year or so and £1 a gallon was the end of (my) world! Yes, it seems ridiculously cheap now.
  4. You must have spent a fortune on taxis and busses. 😆 I was having a conversation with a friend in US a few months ago who couldn’t believe the price of petrol in UK when I told him. He was even more shocked when I said it was per litre and not per gallon. Everything is going up and I can’t see anything coming down any time in the near future.
  5. Thanks. Next time I visit my sovs I'll take some pictures that I can use to count the serrations Normally it's easy to spot an outlier in terms of serrations, even for a relative beginner to collecting/ stacking, if you hold a handful of sovs together as if they were in a tube and look at all the edges together. Obviously then one could investigate further the outlier with known genuine examples
  6. Completely agreed 👍 just done a date run from 2000-2022 and sourcing the last few was exciting and stressful at the same time, but now that it's completed ( last piece hasn't even been delivered yet) I'm already trying to come up with a new master plan. I'm sure it was will all make sense someday and turn out to be beneficial 🤞
  7. I’ve read many comments on the forum of someone starting a collection or date run and completing it. Selling them all and starting again. It seems in some circumstances the ‘chase’ is better than reaching the end goal. One quote I read a while ago was “Gold is only a precious metal because you’ve been told it is”. But to lighten the mood my favourite saying, which is an Irish saying is: God is good but never dance in a small boat.
  8. Yeah agreed. I was watching a video ( Yankee stacking on YouTube, visiting SD Bullion) As great as the visual was, I'd never want to partake in the same tour. I think I'd leave depressed 🤣 and give up.. knowing it's out there and every new acquirement being a suprise and earned gives a nice feeling plus forces us to strive for more ( in anything,not just PMs) as a wiser than me man/woman once said.. "pray you never reach your goals" because what the heck do you do.. when you get there?😀 Yep it's late and now I'm stacking gold bars in a neat pile to get to sleep.
  9. No need to thank me for sharing, I’ve seen the image of the man in the shoes/crocs/what ever the hell are they at least twice this week. This is most likely true. I’m sure if you ask a chef at the end of their shift if they’re hungry they’d say no because they’ve spent all day looking at food. I think the general consensus is you become tired of what you see every day. That could be for any occupation I suppose.
  10. Some pretty sloppy stacking in pic (2) Epic visual though, thanks for sharing. Side note..always makes me wonder if people in this or similar working capacity ( bullion dealers) are just numb to gold,after a certain amount of time in job. Another Question for @LawrenceChard ..are the staff at chards just mehhh when unpacking kilo bars etc ?
  11. I’ve seen these two images being shared on various online platforms recently and thought the community here might like to see a ‘real’ gold stack. Not to dismiss or belittle anyone’s own stack might I add. But I’m sure you can appreciate the sheer volume of gold here is unbelievable. Bearing in mind that these photos were taken in 1959, some 64 years ago when the gold price was much lower than it is today. Notice the shoes the man is wearing, its not to protect the gold as he stands on it, it’s to protect his feet in case he drops a bar of gold on them!! Imagine having that ‘problem’. Now, what I want to know is, does @LawrenceChard have a snazzy pair of those steel toe cap shoes/crocs? 😆 (I don’t own these images, nor did I take them) Bloody miracle if I did before I was born.
  12. The solder can be melted and the mount removed. However, you can't get all the solder off the coin without dissolving it off chemically. As i said, when you do this, there is always damage left behind due to the original heat used to solder.
  13. Yesterday
  14. It’s one of the crowns I have missing from my collection (no surprise) and would love to own this one, unfortunately don’t have the funds🤔, hopefully someone will see this as the bargain it is and take it off your hands.
  15. Sounds good and thanks again for organising this for all of us 👍🏼
  16. I remember saying that I would give up driving if petrol went over £1. A gallon.
  17. You can look at two ways. 1. Yes it’s cleaned but it’s still a fantastic coin that many would love to own and it give some one with not so deep pockets a chance to own one. Hence the price. 2. you’ve got very deep pockets and you can afford to buy a graded gothic. it’s as simple as that and I’d much rather show the auction picture and be fully transparent and honest about what I’m selling. It also gives you the point of view from and information also estimated price from an expert and some one that knows far more than us. I have no doubt that if the uk wasn’t in such a bad place financially right now then this would sell for that price no problems but the truth is I need quick cash for my house.
  18. I remember many many many years ago having a similar discussion in the pub with a friend about what we'd do when a pint reaches the £1 mark 😆
  19. Have you ever attempted to start a distributorship for Air-tites? No It seems conspicuous by its absence. Yes 😎
  20. Update: Just to let you all know I have placed the order with Sigma it is quite a large order and so it will take some time to be made. They hand make these and source materials locally where they can and don't seem to carry much stock so there is a lead time. Estiamted delivery date is the end of Feb at the moment. I have however been able to source a handful of units that will be delivered in mid Feb. I think the fairest way to distribute these will be in order of who put their name down first so once arrived I will make contact with people who signed up first.
  21. Have you ever attempted to start a distributorship for Air-tites? It seems conspicuous by its absence.
  22. I will tag in @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer so the team are aware of the interest in different capsules. Most of ours are Lighthouse (Leuchturm). The old RM screw top ones used to be the best IMO. 😎
  23. Soon enough a Dos Pesos will be £200. The new quarter sov.
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