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  1. Romania has some interesting coins in that respect. In 1906, they issued coins of several values commemorating 40 years of reign of King Carol I. Profile of his head featured both on the obverse and the reverse of the coin depicting him in younger and then-current age. I assume there are also other examples of similar design. But your observation about the QB completer coin is very interesting, it is indeed rather unusual. Edit: oh, and just out of curiosity I started googling and almost immediately found these coins from 2015:
  2. Is there even any gold coin connected with that historical period? I am aware only of silver coins. Regarding owning them - I think it really depends on your motivation. If you are only stacking silver, then I guess you do not really care what object is made of it. Main thing it's silver and even better if under spot, no? I think this is how some posters above see this. Now, if you're a collector, you probably have certain areas of interest - you can't collect everything. So does this collecting area fall under your interests? If yes, e.g. because you collect coins of Germany, or coins from that period of time in general, then it is only natural that they belong to your collection as historical artifacts. Or maybe they have aesthetic appeal to someone. Personally, I have no collecting interest in those coins, but I can understand if other collectors do. But of course I speak about numismatic collectors only, not about someone with inclination to the ideology behind those coins as such. And unfortunately, many times the latter can just pretend to be the former, so collecting such material can raise some eyebrows...
  3. It's perhaps worth noting that researchers at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art are of an opinion that A A stands for A[postolicus] A[nno]... https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/191086
  4. I placed a pre-bid on this very coin so congrats on your win! 🙂 It looks to be in nice condition so I hope you'll like it! The final price seems fair to me. I just did not want it that much and simply decided to wait for another opportunity...
  5. I understand your pain of waiting but has this coin been released yet at all? Other dealers also seem to still take pre-orders only so I doubt you could find any of these coins on the second-hand market before you get it based on your pre-order. Powercoin is on this forum so why not tagging them to your thread? They may be able to explain exactly what is happening. I understand that the coin is produced by private B.H.Mayer's Mint in Munich so dealers are more or less at their mercy if there are production delays.
  6. Is that an open coin capsule? If so, not the best thing to do to your proof coin...
  7. I can just tell you that this seems to be the original coin based on which yours was designed.
  8. Well, what's your investment plan and exit strategy? Your plan is to buy for spot+premium+delivery costs and sell for spot? No wonder then that the numbers do not match... Your rescue is in the second-hand market. Why don't you check the US trading section here on the TSF? You should generally be able to sell your silver for just slightly below the going premium-including price of the dealers. Of course, in order to make profit, spot price must go up a little. So just run a few more calculations assuming you sell here and that will tell you how much the spot must go up in order to make profit for you. Obviously though, you will hardly become a millionaire from 15 ounces. If $500 is all money you can currently invest, you should probably look elsewhere than silver bullion...
  9. Interesting. So, maybe it's just due to testing through the plastic film, but is it really acceptable if the test result says .973 Au +/- .005? That would seem quite far from .9999...
  10. Hi, Would it please be possible to provide photos of Austria 8 florin? Thanks
  11. Nice, but this particular coin seems to be 6g .917 gold. San Marino changed their 2 scudi gold coins back to 6.45g .900 only as of 1989.
  12. That's not quite right - they contain 1 oz of gold, but it is not pure gold, as it is not 999.9. But I do not see how this is relevant to my post? Anyway, checked their site again today and they apparently took almost all their coins off stock - weekend price uncertainty risk management, I guess.
  13. Had a problem with the Mint? Get in touch: george.nixon@thisismoney.co.uk
  14. Hehe, this is actually a good way to get an overview of what they have in stock 🙂 So, to their defence, they don't seem to have 1 oz brits in stock at present, so understandably they can't offer them. But they do have 1/4 brits, although just 22ct. Good point about prioritizing CGT exempt items, although it's questionable what would be more advantageous eventually - to save CGT, or premium. Will depend on the increase in value, I guess. They also have a lot of sovereigns in stock but for some reason they don't treat them as CGT free in that package.
  15. I don't think you noticed the real point. If I understand correctly, HGM are supposed to recommend to a prospective investor a composition of their investment package based on the amount entered. Arguably this tool is meant for people not very familiar with gold and just relying on the dealer to make the right allocation of one's investment for them. And what they do is they tell you to buy 1/10 coins at high premium, even for investments exceeding £400,000 (they seem to run out of 1/10s at 2700 pcs). That's really very unprofessional, be it an intention, or just poor programming of the system...
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