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  1. Thanks for clarifying. Sounds great for UK customers, but importing these coins to EU will unfortunately attract corresponding local VAT, I'm afraid (and don't have courage to try and test this assumption myself...). Oh well, we already miss you in the EU, I guess...🙁
  2. @BritanniaCoinCompany As for EU customers purchasing e.g. platinum coins which are normally subject to VAT - wouldn't it be possible to zero-rate such goods when shipped to EU?
  3. It seems at least one of them can be seen here https://en.numista.com/catalogue/index.php?r=Germany+token+1994&ct=coin&tb=y&tc=y&tn=y&tp=y&tt=y&cat=y&ru=&ca=3&no=&v=&d=&i=&a=&dg=&m=&f=&t=&w=&u=&g=&se=&p=2
  4. For you as an end customer it shouldn't make a difference if the price is higher by certain % than spot due to VAT, or premium, no? The reality is that most silver is subject to VAT in one way or other, that's why you can't expect seeing premiums comparable to gold. In theory, Estonian dealers should be able to sell silver with premium % similar to gold. But in practice this is currently not the case. Why should they be 20% cheaper than all others? It is normal that they set their prices just slightly lower than market and keep the premium as profit. However, you may sometimes see silver
  5. Well, you have certainly right to ask about what you are going to get for your money and they have right to ignore you, or politely explain that they unfortunately can't satisfy your request, if they feel so. If nothing else, maybe they at least realise that we as clients do care about condition of coins sold with higher premium and are not happy if we receive a coin in different condition as depicted on their photo...
  6. What an interesting choice! You will obviously not get the best price per gram with this coin, but you will own piece of European history As Pete noted, buying gold coins requires trusting the seller, unless you have your own means of checking what you are getting. And even if the dealer is trustworthy, it may happen that they do not check thoroughly every single coin they buy from the second hand market. So, it is really difficult to have absolute certainty that you own genuine coins, especially if buying such old coins. As to this particular dealer, I would leave it up to others t
  7. Ok if we mean the same, I just wanted to make sure this quote from your post above does not mislead others
  8. This is however not entirely accurate. Date of supply for VAT purposes does not equal invoice date. You can find good overview here: https://www.gov.uk/vat-record-keeping/time-of-supply-or-tax-point. In general, the date of supply (for VAT purposes) is the date the goods are sent, collected or made available. If payment is made before that date, VAT obligation arises on the date the payment is received. So it is definitely useful to check the invoice, but you should look for the date of supply rather than invoice date, which may be different. It is however another question if UK acce
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