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  1. This is certainly great fun which in itself may be worth it, but an inevitable question nevertheless needs to be asked: how do you think you did considering the cost of this lot and the value of individual coins? For some reason I always tend to assume these lots are never offered for less than they are actually worth, but maybe sometimes it's the other way round?
  2. Why do you think they are very few for sale? Somehow I see them very often. For example, there are at least 16 of them on sale at ma-shops at the moment, starting from EUR 400 for aUNC. So either collectors who are also investors have just not discovered their potential yet, or they are not so uncommon, at least for now.
  3. Come on, that's just totally random selection of several fake coins posted to Numista by a few of the users who happen to have them in their collection and bother to do so. By no means that's a complete list. Quite on the contrary - in my opinion, one must assume that fake exists for every coin of at least some relevance (and as Lawrence Chard documented in his thread on Chinese fakes, they even don't mind counterfeiting a completely irrelevant modern fantasy coin). So rather be prepared for a fake of any gold coin, either a contemporary fake (which may even have the right gold content, lol) or a modern one.
  4. Thanks, 10 koronas are really nice coins for a date run, although maybe a bit too small for me, I prefer a bit larger diameters By the way, in my experience, their date runs are nowadays usually assembled without those rarest years 1895 and 1915 or those years are substituted by restrikes/replicas. The remaining 22 years can still be obtained, although several rarer years are more difficult to find in better grades - but that's part of the beauty of collecting a date run - it should never be too easy!
  5. No need to be excessively humble - that's not just a stack but a beautiful collection! What year are those Hungarian 10 (20?) koronas if I may ask?
  6. It's on Numista over here: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/exonumia174378.html What I found is that it's supposed to be a fantasy issue by International Numismatic Agency. I have no idea what that is but in any case seems very weird that even something like that gets faked in China...
  7. Silver price reaction to Kman's ban today: -3.5% 😕 (I'm sure Kman would be able to add some interesting chart and comments on this price development...) I haven't seen what caused his ban just wanted to say that his posts used to seem rather valuable and quite atypically sane for this place so it would be a pity if his ban was permanent. @ChrisSilver - just so that we know, is he banned temporarily please, or permabanned?
  8. Hey, just don't be so quick - I think you slightly misunderstood what dikefalos replied to. Please refer to my question upthread on 1937 crown.
  9. I am wondering about that clearly distinguishable area with less patina on the reverse - that silvery stripe running across the coin. I have noticed very similar patterns on quite many older silver coins. Does anyone have an idea what leads to developing such straight pattern of surface with less patina?
  10. What an interesting story! And how much more interesting it would have been if we could have known the rest of the journey of this nice medal before it was given to you! That's part of what I like about old coins and medals - you can fantasise about so much they went through before they happen to arrive to your desk ☺️ In case you were interested to know more, it is possible that this medal was previously mounted in some kind of jewellery, judging by slight edge damage at 12 and 4 o'clock on the obverse. This used to be quite common with certain types of medals...
  11. At first I thought it was a unicorn...!😀
  12. Fair enough if that was a good deal - I do not collect sovereigns so have no idea, but a quick search reveals that at least one of those years could have been obtained from The Coin Cabinet auction somewhat cheaper recently. So as usual, it's just a trade-off buying a specific year for slightly more from a numishop, rather than having to wait for a possible but uncertain better deal at an auction. Also I am not sure if you mean that your coins should be graded and slabbed? Because this dealer routinely mentions grades for their coins according to their grading opinion but they are not officially graded and slabbed by NGC or PCGS, unless they picture them so and state that in the description.
  13. In fact, it is just the same firm. On ma-shops they sell under their actual firm's name Comptoir des Monnaies, while their own site is for obvious reasons operated under more international numiscorner.com name. Good dealer nevertheless, though, as is usually the case with online numismatic shops, can be a bit pricey...
  14. Actually, Ma-shops is only a web platform for individual dealers. You should see the specific dealer for your coin on the coin's page. Most of them are German, but not all. So check your seller's country first - there are even some non-EU sellers there. The shipping terms and potential customs implications of your purchase will depend on the respective seller.
  15. I am not sure this is the best comparison - I would assume that postal service used to be heavily subsidised and treated more as a public service so the price of a stamp did not necessarily reflect actual cost of providing the service. This has meanwhile changed so the change in the price does not simply reflect actual inflation but rather the entire changing landscape from a regulated business to market economy.
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