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  1. Interesting. So, maybe it's just due to testing through the plastic film, but is it really acceptable if the test result says .973 Au +/- .005? That would seem quite far from .9999...
  2. Hi, Would it please be possible to provide photos of Austria 8 florin? Thanks
  3. Nice, but this particular coin seems to be 6g .917 gold. San Marino changed their 2 scudi gold coins back to 6.45g .900 only as of 1989.
  4. That's not quite right - they contain 1 oz of gold, but it is not pure gold, as it is not 999.9. But I do not see how this is relevant to my post? Anyway, checked their site again today and they apparently took almost all their coins off stock - weekend price uncertainty risk management, I guess.
  5. Had a problem with the Mint? Get in touch: george.nixon@thisismoney.co.uk
  6. Hehe, this is actually a good way to get an overview of what they have in stock 🙂 So, to their defence, they don't seem to have 1 oz brits in stock at present, so understandably they can't offer them. But they do have 1/4 brits, although just 22ct. Good point about prioritizing CGT exempt items, although it's questionable what would be more advantageous eventually - to save CGT, or premium. Will depend on the increase in value, I guess. They also have a lot of sovereigns in stock but for some reason they don't treat them as CGT free in that package.
  7. I don't think you noticed the real point. If I understand correctly, HGM are supposed to recommend to a prospective investor a composition of their investment package based on the amount entered. Arguably this tool is meant for people not very familiar with gold and just relying on the dealer to make the right allocation of one's investment for them. And what they do is they tell you to buy 1/10 coins at high premium, even for investments exceeding £400,000 (they seem to run out of 1/10s at 2700 pcs). That's really very unprofessional, be it an intention, or just poor programming of the syste
  8. Engel do ship only to limited number of countries though and cost for shipping outside of Germany and Austria is too high, unfortunately.
  9. It is 1/4O, not 1/40... A bit confusing, but fair enough.
  10. It's high, but that's not the real market price. Numi shops often offer coins for unreasonably high prices. If they find an uninformed or impatient or just too rich customer who accepts that price, great, if not, they can always sell at the real market price later on. It's the same like some crazy eBay offers you see all the time.
  11. If you ask also about their reputation, the dealers behind this site, Godot & Fils, are quite well known, as far as I can tell. I even have a coin ordered from them last week that is currently on its way to me, although that was through another sales channel, not this exact website. And I am in the EU so no worries about taxes for me. Did you check also other dealers? Seems that e.g. @coininvest also have 20 francs in stock for fair prices. Maybe they can share some of their experience with delivering gold to the UK if you are interested.
  12. Well, as you found out when creating this thread, there's not even a section for palladium on this site. Compare how many threads there are for silver/gold and how many for platinum. And now imagine how many there would be for palladium which is even more marginal than platinum... That tells you enough about investment market for palladium... I guess most of those investors who are interested in palladium just buy ETF shares - much more liquid, no VAT, etc. So what you saw on bullion dealers' sites just reflects actual interest for physical palladium - several bars, occasional coin, that'
  13. In my opinion grading of platinum is useful only as a proof of authenticity. And also the authenticity benefit is questionable - I assume you got proof Brits in nice presentation box with its own CoA. So that would seem quite authentic just by itself. But I admit I do not understand all the mania around graded modern proof coins in general, so I am not your typical customer for such a coin. Maybe your target segment would appreciate it
  14. Ah, sure, that one is c**p, but the Bounty one is arguably perfectly fine. You can check it's sold by some of the biggest and most reputable dealers such as JM Bullion. But of course, if you don't feel entirely comfortable about it, that's okay, there are plenty of others to choose from.
  15. Hi, just curious - what makes you "not convinced" about this coin?
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