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  1. Just guessing, going to Costa Rica for a vacation?
  2. I thought it was the top one on the last photo. This is the standard 1-3-1 layout of the tail feathers: The middle feather of the three is one of the spots on the coin which tends to wear first. That's perhaps why the makers of the dies used by the London mint missed that detail and their thalers feature 1-2-1 layout of the feathers as can be seen here:
  3. Hi, Just wanted to let you know, although it's probably not a big deal, that one of the coins appears to be the UK minted variety. This variety has several small differences, most notable being the tail feathers, which are missing the middle one of the three on the standard coin. I would take that coin just out of curiosity if it only was still possible to ship to the EU without all the customs hassle...
  4. FWIW, on this image of the bar on a certain German dealer's website "1g" marking appears to be in similar position to yours Or here another such example with serial number very close to yours:
  5. Does it make any difference to the bolded when the item was not in fact "a valuable coin" but just a random object worth £300?
  6. This is such an amazing coin! I don't think it can be surpassed by any other from the 20 francs category. And also condition of the coin is great! Huge congratulations on this acquisition. Having quickly checked recent auction archives it does not seem this coin was bought at an auction, or was it? My only concern with grading this coin would be that those hairlines, mainly on the reverse, could be seen as a sign of cleaning and you get a details grade. Or if they determine that there are some marks from previous mounting (as many of these coins were mounted). But in any case, I don't think any potential imperfections affect the overall eye appeal too much which I am sure must be even better when holding the coin in hands! By the way, I see no reason why these coins shouldn't have been minted in Venice directly. (I hope you don't mind that I quoted your post within this thread...)
  7. As far as I know, the biggest concentration of the coin shops in Paris is around the "Bourse" (Rue Vivienne and surrounding streets). They would however be probably all closed by this time of the day...
  8. Man, I don't know... assuming it was you who bought it at Sincona auction?
  9. Actually, I had no doubt about correctness of your measurement and I was only happy to see the actual weight confirmed as I also noted inconsistency between various sources. Numista is usually great but one should keep in mind that its data is mostly based on contributions from members, which should in theory be checked by a "referee", but mistakes can still occur. After I saw 1.08g given by NGC and Ucoin (as well as other sites on which weight ranged from 1.04 to 1.11g), I started to suspect that Numista got it wrong, unless there are two different sizes of the coin or something like that, which was why I asked if you perhaps know something about that. Anyway, if your measurement is confirmed, I would try submitting a correction on Numista and we'll see what happens!
  10. Thanks for posting this, it's useful to know that you weighted the coin at 1.1 grams. Do you know why some sources (including Numista) claim the weight is 3.6 grams?
  11. So, if I don't gamble and therefore answer "Never" to all of your questions on page 4 of the questionnaire, would that be fine for you? Or would this skew the results towards one end of the spectrum, to which I however don't belong? If you're ok with that I don't mind doing so I just don't want to cause more harm than benefits by submitting my responses.
  12. @DrFreeman out of curiosity, why do you assume that everyone gambles or places bets? At least, your questionnaire seems to lack response options that would differentiate between people who never gambled and those, who did, but would respond "never" to those questions anyway... Why not adding N/A option for those who don't gamble?
  13. BTW the whole Biafra set in original case sold recently here and both Biafra and Lesotho graded sets sold in Japan here and here. Premiums were actually not very high, so if anyone is interested, it's probably just a matter of waiting until the next one appears somewhere on the auction...
  14. Lesotho apparently did the same set in 1969 Numista link
  15. Good advice in general, but easier said than done for these "coins". I could not find any of them on Numista and there are generally very few hints as to them anywhere else on the internet. Anyway, it seems the real issue is only with the smallest (Brexit) one? BTW @BullionMan89 why do you think the dealer who sold the coins to you XRF tested all of them? Do you know they do this for every coin they sell? Or is it just your assumption?
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