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  1. Oh no, has Dave from the pub been saying stuff again?? Of course everyone loves a conspiracy, except for those that it plunges into deep anxiety. I have known many suffer in a severe way through this so you should be careful with unknown dates or facts. Anyway, silver looks strong. I am glad it took a breather. I am also pleased for those newbies that came to the forum a few months back worried about premiums. They should be realising a nicer profit now.
  2. Hi Sam. I have one that you can have for £5 posted 2nd class standard mail.
  3. Today I received these very sexy proof finish 10oz Britannia bar cases 😁. Seemingly more valuable than the 10oz bars themselves. Going forwards I plan to sell all my silver and gold so that I can focus on stacking the cases.
  4. I am not sure how much I buy into the theory of these strange forces artificially keeping the price low. The crackpot YouTube videos don't help. Additionally can a price be artificially held low for 15 years? If it means that you can still buy it low then it is fine by me, although current situation with premiums means that you cant. PM prices are generally weak through the summer months so I am happy with where we are at and it will be a little bumpy along the way. Silver will always move in crazy ways.
  5. Are they still closed? I thought most reopened in May.
  6. I am struggling to price this correctly so thought I would use the auction feature on here for the first time. You are bidding on a 34g Gold quartz nugget from South Africa. Unfortunately I know little more than this as it falls out of my usual collecting parameters! It might be worth checking ebay prior to bidding for an indication of price (they seem to be high on there). £100 reserve price. The price bid will include RMSD. Increments of £1 or more. This will run through until 4pm on Sunday. PPFF only please. PM if you have any questions, otherwise I will s
  7. This was given to me by my mother in law from a mine in South Africa. I know very little about it other than it is 34g. Pricing it is very difficult as they obtain a high price on ebay however it is impossible to say how much gold it contains. Either way it is a nice piece if you are into rocks and shiny stuff. I will start it at £480 to see what interest is like but open to offers if it doesn't shift. £360 (judged at the price of a sovereign). PM me if you want, or indeed have, more information. Payment via PPFF. RMSD at £7
  8. We need charts and the current cockerpoo / labradoodle ratio so that people can argue over it.
  9. I tried to get it back on topic as I have far too much respect for our police to get involved in the sub thread.
  10. Do you think they would have noticed if it was in your wallet? I have always thought that having a few mixed in with your change is a good way to transport it if needed. I had all my notes taken at a West African airport security once (for no reason other than corruption - I didn't argue with the guy). They didn't look at my change.
  11. This is the reason I converted from 1oz coins to 10oz bars. In my opinion it is easier to sell a 10oz bar than 10 coins (assuming a sensible price offered). They also stack nicely. Look how quickly the 10x10oz Brit bars sold in the trade section for at least £10 more than they were last week. I am a big fan of Brit bars though so I am biased. It might be wise to convert a few to gold sovereigns.
  12. I picked up a 10oz bar in the trade section for the same price it was a few weeks ago (£220 for a sealed covid hornet bar). It's worth scrolling through past pages for deals.
  13. Agree. Silver certainly is golds crazy brother - you never know how it will react and it reacts with extremes. A lot of people have been burnt by this in the past. Cool headed sensible investors will win the day with this metal as they would have been quietly collecting over the past few years and now sitting back watching the action.
  14. Mission complete. I now have 25 of these bad boys. On to the next collection now …. probably sovereigns.
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