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  1. You should get it Saturday. Private message me if you want it. I also have a 5oz Monkey for sale on here somewhere.
  2. I do however I can't get to the post office until Friday if you did want to purchase it.
  3. 10oz Silver Griffin. This has been safely wrapped since purchase and the capsule appears to be in very good condition. £380 plus RMSD at £7.65 Payment via Paypal F&F please
  4. 10oz silver Queens Beast Red Dragon. Very light marks on the capsule. It has been wrapped and stored since purchased. £350 plus RMSD at £7.65 Payment via Paypal F&F please
  5. 11 x 1 notes and 1 x 5 note. All in perfect condition. £55. Payment via PayPal F&F please. £2.40 for 1st signed for at your risk £6.80 SD
  6. I feel your excitement brother! The worst part for me is not being able to tell anyone, or show off my stack, just in case they rob me. Of course all my stack is at the bank in a safety deposit box/buried in the garden/under the floor boards. Check out the "I just received" photo thread to while away the hours until it arrives . ... And then post a picture of yours when it does arrive.
  7. I see that you can now sponsor Goldbacks. https://goldback.com/sponsor-new-goldback-series In theory we could have a British one ..... Or a silverforum one perhaps!!!
  8. My own advice would be to go for 10oz bars. They are easy to sell and easy to store. They also look impressive and are nice to stack. Britannia bars have done me well over the past 12 months and they are attractive. From what I have seen 10oz bars are more popular in the States but getting more of a following here now. I would also say don't rush your first purchase (I can't see prices going nuts in the next few weeks). Keep an eye on the listings here to gauge price and popularity. Remember at some point you will probably want to sell.
  9. Can I take 5 for now to compliment my Goldbacks? I may come back for more if they get on
  10. 10 x 2012 1oz silver Brits in excellent condition. £240 inc RMSD Paypal F&F please
  11. As per title. Great condition Forced seller due to my allergy to horses. £255 plus £7 RMSD Paypal F&F please Please see my other listings for various lunar series coins. More to follow ...
  12. As per title. Perfect condition. £255 plus £7 postage RMSD Payment via Paypal F&F please Please see my other listings for various large lunar series coins. More to come.
  13. 5oz Silver Year of the Goat. Great condition although I have just noticed a tiny dot on the rim below the "1" of 2015. £140 plus RMSD @ £7? Payment Paypal F&F please
  14. Unfortunately the lunars have to go as they do not fit into my rectangular stacking policy. First on the list is a 5oz Silver lunar Ox. Great condition. The marks on the photo are a combination of my photography skills and the very light marks on the capsule. £150 plus postage £7 RMSD (?? I haven't posted anything recently but I guess it is there or there abouts) Payment via paypal F&F please
  15. Oh no, has Dave from the pub been saying stuff again?? Of course everyone loves a conspiracy, except for those that it plunges into deep anxiety. I have known many suffer in a severe way through this so you should be careful with unknown dates or facts. Anyway, silver looks strong. I am glad it took a breather. I am also pleased for those newbies that came to the forum a few months back worried about premiums. They should be realising a nicer profit now.
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