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  1. I would find it hard to be offended by @BackyardBullion videos. He always come across as the protective older brother that I never had (if that doesn't get me a discount code I don't know what will). Having said that healthy respectful debate is good. In all honesty the debate has made me look at the likes of Bullion Vault in more detail therefor a perceived one sided video doesn't always mean the viewer will action the perceived agenda (or not in this case). I may well invest. I am far more offended by the stuff on the Covid thread and Housing bubble one. Stay safe all
  2. ??? He is yet another person selling his agenda of fear. How can you raise a family on a sail boat? How can you bring up a family when squatting? What sort of message is it sending to your kids by, as he quotes "do as little as possible (at work), because all this economic activity is just a terrible burden on the environment. Just gently ride it down to a stop and jump off". Its fine to live an alternative life (I do this myself) but these irresponsible idiots seem to promote and crave anarchy. A better way for him to improve his life and those of others would be to volunteer for charities such as many responsible people in the UK do. Bringing it back to subject - I held off buying a house 20 years a go because of people saying that prices were far too expensive and that there would be a massive crash. I finally purchased 7 years ago and completely regret not buying sooner. Friends of a similar age that purchased way back have little time left on their mortgage and certainly lower payments. I don't agree with prices being so high but my point is that you shouldn't get obsessed by these internet wacko's else you will never live your life out fully and you may miss out financially.
  3. Terrible advice. Firstly you should never burn your bridges with your employer. They might be the key to future employment whether through references or future opportunities. Secondly that is a sweeping statement saying that economic activity is a burden on the environment. Thirdly it is unethical and certainly wouldn't give you a sense of self worth. I note that the writer sold his possessions 13 years ago to prepare for economic and social collapse. I do sometimes think these people actually crave any social collapse for self confirmation and because they like the thought of a bit of anarchy. I can't comprehend this state of mind with the suffering social collapse that it would cause.
  4. onlyroadtoheaven

    US Gold

    I think that us as a collective of forum members have more than the US. Should we form a currency backed by it?
  5. Thank you @dicker both posts are very useful. Have you ever seen one sold on the forum? Very jealous that you have been to Perth Mint. However I bet they don't have a giant Shaun the sheep with his head through a coin like they do at the entrance of Royal Mint experience in Llantrisant.
  6. My mother in law gave me the nugget below when I married my wife as I think she felt I had done badly in the deal therefor she wanted to add value Anyway, I know that it is from a South African mine, however does anyone know how to value it as I am very ignorant on the raw stuff (although it is beautiful)? I don't want to stick it up for auction if it is not worth much as I may as well keep it as a memento …. however if there is ££££ in it then …. It is around 34 grams. Thanks in advance for your help and knowledge.
  7. Has anyone been purchasing or taking an interest in Covid related art? There are some interesting ones about that have hit the MSM.
  8. Excuse my ignorance if this has been discussed however I don't have a TV or read the papers. Is there not a certain irony of all those reporters huddled up and pushing each other in contravention of guidelines to get a story about someone supposedly breaking guidelines??
  9. Agree with @ChrisSilver, let price cost averaging is your friend. I would advise reading the richest man in babylon if you haven't already. It is an old book but it's message stands the test of time. You should be able to download it free if you search. Funnily enough I found my receipts from gold purchased with my part time job whilst studying 15 or so years ago. The price was crazy low compared to now. I remember walking along the strand from the Savoy (ATS bullion?) with my cargo pants slipping down as they housed silver kilo bars. Good times. That said I guess I thought it was expensive at the time.
  10. Incorrect. Everything must be a conspiracy theory at the moment. I care not for any evidence of facts. 😊
  11. No duty, it's europe. Lots of info on this in the forum if you need it. The most popular are silvertogo, goldsilver.be and europeanmint.
  12. Just change the funds that it is invested in assuming that you are not in a local authority one. Quite a lot of mine is in Blackrock gold and general. Pensions should be actively managed from an early age of you have any knowledge on investing .... IMO.
  13. Does anyone know if the current supply issues are caused by the mints not being open or by there not being enough raw product coming out of the ground due to mines being closed? Or perhaps from the raw product not being able to be shipped to the mints from the mining countries. If it is the latter then how long does it take from the raw product being extracted from the mine to it being minted and available to buy from a dealer? I know that timelines are quite long in the industry (10+ years to set up a mine). If it is the former then I guess the royal mint would have supplies and could ramp up production pretty quick? I understand they were/are making PPE. The spot price (silver) doesn't make sense to me as it doesn't match general economic principles of supply and demand, instead this seems to be shown in premiums. Thanks for your views and knowledge on this. I didn't dare ask any more questions during my royal mint experience tour as I think they already thought I was a spy/potential robber with all the questions I asked.
  14. I am thinking about getting a pair of silver socks as per THIS website for both their anti bacterial qualities and as a part of my investment portfolio. This raises the following questions: Do they represent a better investment than gold socks? Are they VAT free in Europe? If so is it safe to order from there? Will the government confiscate the socks in the event of a economic collapse? Just joking of course however the anti bacterial qualities of silver are quite remarkable for a shiny rock.
  15. There are so many duplicated topics recently. Is this because there are so many new people interested in PMs or is mine the only computer that can see more than 5 topics listed? If they were all merged we would be left with: Will the government confiscate my gold/silver? Is it safe to buy from ..... (insert commonly used European dealer)? Will I be charged customs duty or VAT buying from Europe? Will silver rise more than gold? Why are premiums so high? Silver is going to the moon. Sorry if this topic already exists ...... I couldn't be bothered to look 😊
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