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  1. Many thanks to Shirley from Sainsbury’s Local. Might get this one slabbed.
  2. The Three Graces half tonne tractor wheel
  3. I have been wondering the answer to this question since the crazy release a few weeks back. Any answers would be most welcome...
  4. I was just going to ask if it has added value. I guess that’s answered by whoever buys if/when these items are up for sale. I for one find these things far more attractive for the unusual story behind them. I would gladly pay more for them. How much more would depend on what is perceived as fair/ going rate
  5. I hear you have to be careful with the coin touching the tank surface can cause scratches. I don't actually know that, just heard it somewhere 🤷‍♂️
  6. I see the COA as an accessory to go with the coin. I’d rather have one than not, and if the number is appealing then all the better. I’m not sure it is even claimed to represent any order of minting to be fair...
  7. Can you picture it at RM 😂 "ffs Dai that's number 4217 i'm sure of it... Right start again!"
  8. That's a really interesting point. If they were sold to general public, whoever got them would make a big deal of it surely... RM wouldn't exclude the no.7 for being of greater importance? Maybe someone at the mint has all them but can't tell anyone so as to not raise suspicion 😂
  9. a precious metal manufactured into an item that is recognised for its value by weight and purity. That's my best effort...
  10. Did you find out any further information on this? If large enough, are these issues considered mint errors or just anomalies?
  11. I haven't signed up. They send me reminders every so often which are more like warnings. I was getting the £1 fees every 2 weeks but that has stopped recently. My last "reminder" said I could miss out on promotions, so I assume that's why. I'll probably make the switch Tuesday, since Gordy recently informed me that you can now sell bullion.
  12. Okay Thanks @Gordy. I think I'm going to stop delaying the inevitable, especially as I have stopped getting the £1 max seller fees
  13. Can anyone on the new managed payments confirm whether bullion is allowed for sellers yet? if ever...
  14. From what I can see, the drop in spot price doesn’t proportionately affect physical silver value. sure, value goes down, but premiums go up to balance things out a tad. I could get 2nd hand silver cheaper last year at higher spot price, than I could at times this year with lower spot.
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