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  1. https://www.powercoin.it/en/royal-canadian-mint/1618-maple-leaf-hologram-5-oz-silver-coin-50-canada-2015.html Powercoin have the correct specs
  2. I haven't tried it but I'm pretty sure harsh cleaning products will certainly damage the delicate proof finish, which seems consistent with the frosting missing in large patches, and the remainder of it weakened/damaged. Is the hologram leaf also meant to look brighter? Looks like damage to me. Have you cleaned it? Or maybe purchase the coin from the secondary market, allowing for someone to have cleaned it?
  3. Does anyone have a graded or a gradable specimen, of any year, they would like to sell? Many thanks
  4. Bump. The pics are under 10x loupe so I have more photos to naked eye. It’s a lovely looking coin
  5. Thanks for your interest mate. I can't go any lower on that item I'm afraid. I'm already selling at a loss. Not much interest in this listing so will probably withdraw soon.
  6. 2x Una 1oz silver bars - £35 each Scottsdale 100g bar - £84 Metalor 100g bar - £84 2020 koala - £27 2018 Brit Dog privy edge - £27 1/2oz Perth Mint year of the horse SOLD 1/2oz Perth Mint shark coins £50 for set of three capsules included. Una bars are in original packaging but will also include bar capsules. the shark coins have milk spots, the dog privy coin has scratches to obverse that look like they were during minting process. All plus postage if buyers choice payment bt or PayPal f+f
  7. EBay is already flooded with these coins
  8. Queue-it moved quite quickly this time. A sign of less demand? Very interesting to see how this release pans out
  9. As described in title. Photos taken in different lights using phone and 10x loupe. £485 Inc RMSD payment bt or PayPal f+f
  10. Being able to scrap digital assets would be perfect for the centralisation of power. What's more, such assets will be programmable. The granularity is such that they could be limited/restricted in almost any way imaginable. There are no bounds to the restrictions that could be put on any asset/data in some form or other. Physical coins of intrinsic value are just a hindrance to the new system, or as some may call it, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We have already witnessed the number of devices that form the IoT surpassing the number of human beings on the planet. How long before a human is considered a member of IoT? That's when it gets really scary. This threatens far more than just coin collecting, but I raised this point as what I perceive to be the biggest threat to the hobby/investment. I'm sure no one wants to hear it. It is rather saddening.
  11. I would like to state that coin collecting is one of the oldest hobbies in existence and there are so many positives going for it. But my fear is that society is being led, or "social engineering" is at work to trick us into thinking virtual is better than physical. The metaverse replacing everything. How long before everyone will prefer their bitcoins instead of bullion? and NFTs instead of numismatics? Before anyone criticises me and claims I have a "fevered mind" or what not, take a look around. It's unfolding in front of our eyes. The IoT, NFT, crypto, CBDC, SDN. Everything is moving to a cloud based existence and at a rapid pace.
  12. Sure, if ebay understand that the complaint is against them and not the seller, if they fail to respond in a satisfactory manner, then I would start looking in to making a claim against them. This can be quite costly in terms of time/effort/energy, or money if you pay for legal advice and it may be established that you have no ground for a claim, but you won't find out unless you try. If it were me, I would look into it, although not everyone would consider it worth the effort.
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