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  1. Good shout Wampum. Too worn to be sure but i do see some resemblance...
  2. Ah nice, they’re quite cool. I guess it would fit in amongst those, perhaps not as good a condition though.
  3. Cheers dicker. Yes could be bronze and could be a token. I have no idea if I’ll ever find out tbh, but I’ll check into COB anyways. It’s nice to learn new things. Appreciate your thoughts guys
  4. Thanks wampum, that’s intriguing stuff. I’ll check that info out now, see where it takes me. what’s left of it weighs 5.40g, but I have cheap scales and they ain’t perfect.
  5. For the record, it’s not an heirloom, I was only joking. My old man gave it to me. He found it in a bag of old coins I believe were in his attic for some time.
  6. Nope. I hope it’s silver but not even sure it’s metal tbh. It doesn’t ping like silver when tapped but idk...
  7. 😂 you’re right, it does look like a tadpole. Im seriously considering having it graded anyway, just to see what happens. I’m not really looking to make business moves anyway so I might spend a few quid sending it away, just for the intrigue...
  8. Much appreciated wampum. I don’t think I’d have come across this information on my own so I am very grateful That is a close resemblance on the second example. I’m just searching now for more cud error pics. have you considered having them graded? What would be your expectations? personally, I think they’re cool. It makes a difference from the others. Although, my opinion doesn’t count for much 😂 this does however show why St George always wears a helmet 🪖
  9. Hi guys, Im looking for some expertise here. I have an old, old heirloom. Been in the family for generations. So much so, that I haven’t the foggiest what it is. Could anyone tell me, what is this mighty fine specimen??? Any guesses welcome....
  10. Okay, I tried taking some better pics but my iPhone 7 is a bit poop 💩.
  11. Thanks Daca, that does fit the bill nicely. would it come back with that worded on the slab? If so, I think it would be pretty cool, even if it doesn’t make financial sense to have it graded...
  12. My thoughts exactly Pete. I was wondering whether this could be classed by a grader as a mint error and with it a cool slab, or just a defect that if anything, devalues the coin. If it is the latter, I’d say it still has bullion value... My hopes and dreams of being enriched were pretty slim to begin with, and now are left in tatters 😣😖😭
  13. What’s the potential outcome if I got it graded? I am a noob collector And haven’t graded anything yet. Would be cool if it came back with mint error slab.
  14. Poor little fella. I blame the mother, she should be more careful. I think I’ll name him scotty the scabe.
  15. Hi guys. Bought this from European Mint couple months ago. There’s a shiny mark on the baby koalas back. I don’t know for sure but I don’t believe it’s from impact damage. It just doesn’t look like it’s taken a hit or anything. Could it be a mint error that sends its value soaring? Making me rich beyond my wildest dreams... Or, does it actually devalue the coin? Or anything in between.... Any thoughts on this would be most welcome 🐨
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