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  1. It could be worth waiting for a spike in spot price with most of the QB's
  2. The Reddite Crown apparently. I guess nothing is set in stone with RM but I'll believe it until proven otherwise.
  3. The 50p has its own market and is very popular. For this reason, I think it might be an exception to other platinum proof coins and has greater potential. I accept I could be wrong in my estimation, but I see it being sought after. I would not be surprised to see the crown do well also. But the 50p has a lot going for it imo.
  4. What would be interesting is if RM ask for proof that you still have the Quartered arms... May seem unlikely, but not unreasonable imo.
  5. I too would still like to know if this is true and how if so, how it was established before any announcement?
  6. Totally agree with this. 2oz silver is usually my go-to. But for the reasons you have mentioned, I went for the most affordable and attainable 1oz. I just hope the early enthusiasm for this series remains and we can all have fun chasing the designs, appreciating what we manage to get hold of, and perhaps what we miss out on too. I mean, do we have to get them all to appreciate them? Imagine telling a kid "Oh don't start with Pokemon cards. You'll never get Charizard and will be consumed by the disappointment of the elusive ones"
  7. It is indeed x3. I ordered x2 but obviously regret not getting x3 now. With demand for the 1oz silver being so high, I'd expect the household limit to change for the next release.
  8. Hopefully they have just upped their QC measures so everyone gets top pop, but 70's are only relevant if there are sub-70s on the market also. Maybe we should all complain in the feedback, just to let them know we don't like this caper.
  9. Scarcity is king and the box becomes more valuable than the slab. Who'd a thought it 😂
  10. Sure, it is a great point. The market is hot. Will they still be around when it's not... I still think my point stands as well though. If demand is so strong that everyone wants one, should anyone have advantage? Are there other ways of rewarding loyalty. Would loyal customers accept this? Could they possibly understand that they are not entitled? It's nice to have different points of view towards something that is rather difficult to address. RM are often in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario. I guess there's one thing we can all agree on and that is damaging coins, or anything else for that matter, as an excuse to return them is just a dastardly thing to do. I would be gutted if someone did that to me.
  11. Absolutely I agree but that doesn't really address any points made. They don't need to change a thing from a business perspective. They can do as they see fit and these high demand products will sell. This also applies to dropping the mint marquee policy. They do not have to look after the people that spend the most money by offering exclusive access to high demand coins. They could find other ways to look after them without locking in advantages for flippers. My point still stands that it would reduce incentive for those chasing the Mint Marquee advantages.
  12. With the desirability involved in coins these days, be it for flipping or keeping, I'm not so sure they would lose them as such. And if they did, it's not like they would struggle to sell their products to customers that are prepared to queue for them. I do accept there are other points of view here. One example being those that really want to keep the coins and aren't interested unless they have the opportunity to complete the series. Maybe offer them a continuation option if they can prove that they still own the coins. Otherwise, you will end up with a cycle of rewarding people for flipping. And I am not against flipping at all. I also think that flipping can be mis conceptual unless we have a clear definition of a flipper. - Maybe we are referring to flippers as those that make purchase with the aim of immediately selling for profit? That said, how is that any different to those that intend to hold on for a while and then do exactly the same thing? I may have gone off on a tangent here as originally, this topic is about trying to sell within the returns period and asking for a refund if this isn't achieved. You would give a lot less incentive for people to try this, at break-even at least, by doing away with the Mint Marquee preferential treatment. -A suggestion that will be most unpopular with those that benefit from such a system I don't see an issue with politely telling your loyal customers " We are sorry, but demand is so strong that we cannot offer preferential treatment. In the interest of fairness, these coins are only available through the queues"
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