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  1. 0:57. The ping tester, what a job. Making sure there's no flaws by putting rim dings in the coins 🤯
  2. I’m intrigued to know if @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer put the sets, and other RM proofs such as the completer, through any QC of their own? Or are they sold “as is” without opening them?
  3. I don't own any 1g bars but would be happy to do so. And a collection of different bars would be cool too. Pretty much agree with all you've said. Higher premium is carried in market value of the product. A collection of 25 different 1g bars/ingots or a 1oz bar, hmm 🤔. That's a tough one. . I see the pros/cons for both. It may be a no-brainer for some who'd jump at the extra weight... I'd want the 1g bars but not sure I could turn down the extra weight if faced with a straight choice. It's late and I can't put enough thought in right now.
  4. They do have greater thickness than most 1oz silver bullion coins... But they definitely do not ping the same, for me anyway 😂
  5. Would anyone agree that Maples are a bit thudy in general, regardless of method/technique?
  6. Still waiting but will keep you posted
  7. I'm guessing you get the same number back or another between 1 and 300. They melt the returned coins and issue the same COA numbers out
  8. I hear you. I just don't think RM would agree... I think I have to just consider myself lucky to have one in hand. Shame it doesn't look perfect but It's still a cool coin and still worth more than RRP. I have a seemingly flawless 1oz also and I'm really tempted to have them both graded. If it weren't for the painstakingly long turnaround, I'd have done so already...
  9. Nice coin. Where did you buy? I had 5 delivered today from gold.co.uk. I don't think any of them in as good a condition as yours
  10. A lot of people are buying silver right now. It's popular. Demand is very high and their are supply issues also. So the dealers, by supply and demand, have upped the premium considerably. There's also conspiracy talk of supressed market value, with silver actually being worth much more than spot price. I for one believe that is true but that's another matter that I would rather not engage full blown debate in, as it challenges peoples world views. Dealers will be happy to buy back from you if it's worth their while. You should only sell back to them if you have to. Otherwise, sell privately to gain most, if not all of its actual market value, as opposed to mere spot price. You can't avoid VAT when bringing silver in to UK (unless you smuggle). There are ways of avoiding VAT when delivering to E.U countries but that ended on 1st January for us. You can only buy VAT free by private purchase or pre-owned silver from dealers that run the margin scheme. Nobody knows for sure which way future prices will go. You could wake up tomorrow and it tanks, or "shoots to the moon". Todays market value might look cheap when compared to the future value. Might look steep also, or exactly the same. I'm quite sure it's one of those three... I'm not the most experienced member on the forum. Others may agree or disagree, in part or entirety, with what I say.
  11. Do you see QB value generally depreciating or doing well in the mid/long term?
  12. https://www.gold.co.uk/silver-coins/silver-queens-beasts/2oz-queens-beasts-completer/ 33 left
  13. I would never argue with a 70 grade, although a flaw is a flaw 😂. I would just trust that the grader knows its minting process as opposed to post production, and then it's all fair game. What's your views @TeaTime? Is it still flawed regardless, or is it determined by grader?
  14. Raw? Totally agreeable. I think I just wanna send it and find out though... I think we're all agreed that such tiny flaws are not worthy of return. I'm probably gonna grade, partially out of intrigue. Shame it takes so long these days but I'll post results eventually...
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