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  1. @WMLB , I'm glad my post helped you . Just always be careful . Great job on doing more deep research to get to the bottom of it. 👍 "If it sounds too good to be true, then its probably not" 🙌 🍻
  2. Hi Booky586 , So far, I've seen many of the counterfeit slabbed dated 2011 - W buffalo's . I'm not sure why the 2011 W buffalo's. My own experience handling enough buffalo gold coins, I can just spot the quality just looking at the pictures. I don't know how to tell fake slabs, but as for the buffalo's I can tell by looking at it. But here's some legit pictures of real 2011-W buffalo in PCGS holder.
  3. (1x) 1.25 oz 2017 Canadian Silver Bison PM me with price if looking to sell one. Paypal only ...
  4. Hi All, Some pictures fake gold coins along with fake graded holders on Ebay.. As always, be careful everyone.
  5. Hello , If anyone have the 2014 Britannia Gold (1oz) Proof or the 6-coin set for sale Graded or Ungraded , Please PM me. My offer : 1oz Proof Ungraded (or 69 grade) only $4000 / 1oz Proof (graded 70) only $5000 6-coin set Ungraded (or 69 grade) $6500 / 6-coin set (Graded 70) $ 8,000 Paypal payment only , shipping to USA . Will cover full shipping and insurance . Thanks
  6. Hi all . I'm looking to buy 1oz Gold BU or Proof - Queen's Beast Lion of England in NGC-70 . My offer - $3,500 USD = 1oz Gold QB Lion of England Proof NGC-70UC $2,800 USD = 1oz QB Gold Lion of England BU NGC-70 I will pay for full shipping and insurance cost . Paypal only. Thanks
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