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    Began stacking 1 oz gold Krugerrands and bullion gold Sovereigns. Added the Rwandan Lunar series 1 oz gold Year of the Rooster and Year of the Dog as Collector pieces. Continued with a small stack of 1 oz and 1/2 oz gold Krugerrands and 1 oz gold Canadian Maples. From there I really came to enjoy the numismatic aspect and history of the gold Sovereign. Having grown a variety of Sovereign collection from the first modern Sovereign from 1817 to the current 2017 rendition of that Sovereign into the 2018 proof. I started adding the 1/4 oz gold Queen’s Beast series and a 1/4 oz gold Britannia. I have a small collection of silver, mostly proof coins to minimally tip the silver to gold ratio.

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  1. Neil, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  2. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  3. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  4. Received the 2021 1/4 oz Gold Queen’s Beast White Greyhound of Richmond Proof. Let’s just say the quality is slightly above par from what will be presented next... ...And this...which will soon be making a ‘skip across the pond’ journey back to it’s maker. The second in the James Bond series, 2020 Pay Attention 007 1/4 oz Gold Proof, with an aqua spot on the field to left of “Wet Nellie”...I get that it’s an underwater scene, but come on!!
  5. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  6. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  7. Richard, stupendous achievement! It has been a delight having the pleasure sharing with you in your journey!! Thus, a huge thank you, sir! And the most wondrous aspect with your first kilo is in it’s being a diverse quality collection, of which would be enviable.
  8. Andy, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
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