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  1. Sorry that last message was meant for you
  2. Yeah it was direct from a UK mint but I wasn't aware it would show up like that (again no problem that it was tested but the placement of test area could have been better) It's my first significant (to me at least) gold purchase and actually thought they were new when bought direct from mint but guess not. I'm sure they will take care of me if I enquire about an exchange, just wanted a view from more experienced minds. Youre right I suppose that it's just bullion but the fact I started a topic on it tells me it's going to bug the life out of me.
  3. Am I aloud as it says mint name on it,don't want to breach any rules
  4. Ps, the assays sticker prevents me from taking bar out without breaking the sticker/seal so I can even cuddle it either lol.
  5. Hi all and thanks for your time. I've just received a cast gold bar from a UK mint. Service was fine but my question is that my bar arrived in a plastic coin type envelope with a assayed sticker on the back to say when it was last tested. All good so far and a very positive sign I suppose. I've no worries about authenticity but there lays my issue, there is a very noticeable scratch along the top side of bar where it was obviously tested at the factory(although it's a original mint bar it must have been a buy back at some stage) So my question is has anyone experienced thi
  6. Hi all full 2021 sovereigns hit £299 each if you bought 10+ an hour ago at Baird mint uk
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