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  1. Yeah the general consensus is set up allerts, and don't rush Into it as a better price will show up eventually (aim for 6% or lower). Thanks guys/girls and whist I had a feeling the near 10% premium was too much ,making posts like this allows folks to have a soundboard and it's highly appreciated. (Still love the coin though lol)
  2. Personally think they are stunning coins.
  3. Yeah so it seems then its around the right price and I guess we just have to pay more in the uk. Dint see too many these days for some reason, always seem sold out.
  4. I said new 2021 and just bullion or I would've specifically said proof.
  5. Hi as the title mentions, I'm trying to gather opinions on a fair premium for a gold buffalo. So how much would you all pay and at what point is the price just stupid. For example there's one right now in UK (a new 2021) for £1429 and with gold sitting at £1286 is that deemed fair/extortionate??
  6. Was thinking that myself lol. I want a new old coin that has little damage so I can wreck it...probably explains why I don't have one.
  7. I think if you batched together in (4s so 1 oz total) and put out a highly competitive price at say £1350 per oz then I'm pretty sure they will go like hot cakes and you have limited the number of sales needed to (5) and guaranteed yourself to get at least £337.50 per coin which equates to roughly a 4% premium over spot. Then take the next step and work out a plan for the sovereigns, maybe put up a wanted post on here or such. None of this is financial advice though and I wish you the very best in your journey. I will add one more thing though (what a nice predicament to be in lol)
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