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  1. Pretty optimistic price here considering production has barely begun😄 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284608773258
  2. Yeah getting a good set is paramount, especially after you have waited so long. I'd love to visit the mint for a day to witness the carnage lol, still working on the tudor panther/2022 sovs and quartered arms crown replacements/outstanding orders. Not to mention the upcoming SOTD sovereigns and portrait crown. That's one epic undertaking for any business and would imagine it could make great viewing.
  3. Welcome aboard sir. Great place for reasonable prices but more importantly knowledge.
  4. Wish they still were! I'd run about with a brief case full of them lol.
  5. Send a pm bud....as I read it they are still 7 left
  6. Very welcome. Have a good read through the new members quick start guide, alot of valuable info and tips. And I wish you luck on your journey sir.
  7. Everything is sold bud. It has a completed tag at the top.
  8. Ps.......to be clear I thought this post was about today not last year ( I assumed it was $30 Canadian) which is today's price) Some miscommunication this has caused
  9. Pmd you to sort this Regards
  10. Welcome John. They should sell between £650 and £675 posted is my best guess. However being new you will have to build up a certain level of trust in my humble opinion.
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