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  1. I think he may have listed recently on here ( 2 complete sets at ) similar price, could be a coincidence though...
  2. Yeah 🤣 ATS have them but not in a rush.
  3. I only need two now ironically, and I will give you 5% profit each on both😃
  4. Out of everything available, she chose a tray of eggs?
  5. Yeah I believe they are all gone (gold)
  6. Just now, keep add the way it is, then if you get offers just cross reference with tavex/chards/Atkinsons etc to make sure the price works for you.
  7. A lot of wanted posts dwindle into obscurity because the op doesn't state a approx buy price. From a sellers perspective, why would they go to the hassle of digging out a specific coin/take pictures then get lowballed into an angry state🤣 Best advice is search the market for what you're after and jot down the lowest in stock price, then agree to pay ( depending on coin) a percentage under. For example, take a 1oz gold brit from tavex £1534 + post... a fair price to offer would be £1520 plus post ( condition depending)
  8. Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.
  9. Big thanks to @J90ord for two beautiful heraeus 10ozers.
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