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  1. Sold, but it’s 92.5% times weight times spot
  2. Grants Whisky 9ct pendant 5.8gm £140 plus post
  3. 2017 privy full sovs in uncirculated condition with H&B COA. £365 each plus post 3 available One sold
  4. Am after two 1/10 gold coins £312 posted paying ppff
  5. The 2013 Gold Britannia is an interesting coin. The 2012 was the last year they did Gold Britannia in 22ct and had dimensions of 32.69mm In contrast the 2013 Gold Britannia was the first one in fine (999) gold but were larger 38.61mm but thinner 1.58mm In 2014 the coin returned to 32.69mm like the 22ct but in 999 gold. it therefore has the curious value of being the largest (width anyway) 1oz Britannia made.
  6. 2 tubes of 2014 Britannia’s (20 in each) £460 plus post 1 tube of maples 25 in tube £575 plus post
  7. It was your list @dicker https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/32186-piedfort-silver-proof-£1-1984-1987/?do=findComment&comment=372449
  8. I believe there is a thread with a list will find and link here
  9. Thank you. I think they look stunning that way. Look great in a box now, the “3D” feel of the piedfort in those capsules look great.
  10. I got most loose so had to improvise. queen’s beast capsules with sovereign inserts for piedfort and Britannia capsules for the standard ones. Sourced from coingallery.
  11. I absolutely love mine @dicker and @Liam84 I am so glad I managed the whole set in piedfort as well
  12. I made my biggest gains in buying sterling and 50% silver. I used to buy kilos of the stuff when spot was low and when spot doubled cashed them all in. They are a pure play, but low, and aim to sell at or below spot. I don’t get the obsession with 999 silver but if your strategy is to cash in at scrap place then junk silver is the way to go.
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