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  1. My normal contacts, I can get you 97% for those medals though.
  2. Literally bought at spot and traded for gold with 1% on top.
  3. No idea. Not your typical Arabic copies. These look like they were intended to dupe novices
  4. Over the last few years I had steadily been stacking junk and scrap silver and gold. Basically broken or damaged jewellery that I could get close to spot. Yesterday I turned in several kilos of sterling jewellery in exchange for sovs (Gold Silver ratio hitting my target set) (got spot on silver paid 1% on gold) Couldnt be happier with the results. Anyone else use this method?
  5. I would avoid eBay like the plague if you have no means of testing your purchases. There are no bullion deals to be had on there unless you get lucky, usually higher than forum price
  6. That’s what the first one should have looked like
  7. A request on reddit silverbugsforum might get you someone local. Many US pourers are active on there.
  8. Saw a bunch of these coming in this week. All dates and monarchs. Most range from 14-17ct but all underweight.
  9. Another animal added, but this one is a piece of art. Weighs over 600grams sterling silver. 20p for scale. Seller said he has more so am hoping he will bring them in. Has a sculptor signature so will research it.
  10. Buy in a few lots under £750. In most cases that value dealers won’t ask for id. or buy from the forum, you may have to give address but your details won’t be saved on a system anywhere.
  11. most sovereigns have a "milled" edge - little grooves. Plain edges have no milling
  12. Hard to find. Link here https://www.chards.co.uk/one-ounce-silver-bar-suisse-gold-year-of-the-dragon/12958
  13. Sometimes there are major benefits to working with refiners. This was scrapped in and I picked it up close to spot. 5p for scale
  14. In this instance depends how the coins have been mounted. If they can be removed without significant damage, it would be better - but I suspect it may not be, so better to keep as a single piece.
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