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  1. No box, coin untouched with coa and booklet. £1485 plus post
  2. 1/4 oz eagle £362 1/10 Krugs £149 each Post on top at cost
  3. Impaired proofs £333 plus post each
  4. Low mintage sovereigns! 1918 India (3 available) £355 each two sold 1920 Perth (excellent condition) £355 1918 Canada (Ottawa red spots) £600 reduced to £545 2005 Timothy Noad Bullion £355 sold 2015 BU (10k mintage with coa) £355 sold Post on top at cost
  5. Combibar £49 each Heraeus £49.50 each Umicore in capsules £50 each pamps loose £51 each post at cost and choice of risk
  6. £24 for visible date, £20 on the other two each post at cost
  7. Scarce Gibraltar £25 gold coin Not the best condition but not terrible! Lovely little coin. £350 plus post Issuer Gibraltar Queen Elizabeth II (1952-date) Type Non-circulating coin Year 1975 Value 25 Pounds 25 GIP = GBP 25 Currency Pound (decimalized, 1971-date) Composition Gold (.917) Weight 7.81 g
  8. 5 sovs £330 each plus post 4 half sovs £166 plus post each
  9. Longest is just over 5 inches long, the smaller ones about three inches. They are decent sized not miniatures. The coating is rhodium, apart from Gold on the gold one.
  10. This is a new custom designed line we created to test the market. Stunning sterling silver Christmas decorations all hallmarked. These have been hand made by a skilled artisan in the Jewellery Quarter. Only 4 of each colour available so limited variety. Each open up and are made to the highest quality we could achieve. Please compare other Christmas sterling decorations on the market to gauge the price for value. There are Four varieties in Four colour variations: Silver, Black, Rose, Gold. Prices include Vat. Snowdrop appx 23gms £96 Bauble appx 23gms £96 Egg appx 24gms £110 Cracker appx 34gms £150
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