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  1. Do you still have any of these coins?
  2. Hi thanks for the message. Yeah I've still got it. 780 delivered is the best I can do on this. I paid 775 delivered and would like to get most of my money back on it. Postage is 15 for insured delivery which I'll cover. It's a pretty cool bar though and really unique and well worth it. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you bank details Many thanks Byron
  3. Hi I'm looking to offload one of my 10oz una and the lion bars. It's got a capsule. £350 plus post of your choice. Bank account or friends and family PayPal. Any questions just ask.
  4. I'm looking to sell this beautiful vintage silver bar which i recently brought in the forum. I was wanting to keep it but had some unexpected expenses so want to sell. Looking for £780 posted, which is what I paid. I'll send it fully insured next day delivery.
  5. I can take a yale, bull, dragon and unicorn if you include postage. Manythanks
  6. hi can I take these please 2 x 2021 Beskar Bars 1oz Silver Bullion - £57.50 each (reduced price is £54.60) Coins 2 x 2019 Britannia 1oz Silver Bullion - £28.00 each (reduced price is £26.60) 1 x 2021 Britannia 1oz Silver Bullion - £28.00 (reduced price is £26.60) 1 x 2020 Elton John 1oz Silver Bullion - £34.00 (reduced price is £32.30) 1 x 2018 Leeuwendaaler 1oz Silver Bullion - £29.00 (reduced price is £27.55
  7. I have a 10oz i can do for £380 plus post if you're interested
  8. Yeah for sure. I'm not looking to add value to the coins. I just like the look of it and would not mind experimenting on one or two odd coins i hand lying around. Regards Byron
  9. Hey guys. I've noticed a few sellers have very new coins some even 2021 coins that have a rainbow toning. Anyone have any idea how to get a coin to do this kind of toning? They've obviously used some kind of chemical or something to speed up the process. If like to try something like this on a few random coins I have to see if I can get it to work. Thanks in advance Byron
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