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  1. I'm not sure. I just logged into my own account with RM to see what came up on the page. Log in was no problem as the details are saved on my computer so it's just a case of pressing the button, and when I got through to my account I see that it's named as an "investment account" rather than what you call a standard account or a bullion account in your post above. I can't say if that's some kind of different type of account from yours but it would seem logical to me that all accounts would be standardised across the board, but maybe they in their wisdom think otherwise..?? These companies do seem to love making things as difficult and confusing as possible sometimes...
  2. Yes indeed. I'd forgotten about that, and you usually get them in capsules or blister packs from the mint but Chards sell them loose so it's a pay off..
  3. Currently around £24 premium if you buy just the one... better prices at Chards - about £19 premium if you buy just the one - but they don't have them in stock yet.
  4. I've never had a problem with RM either...at least not so far...
  5. It goes back a whole lot further than that... Think Leonidas and Thermopylae, Xenophon and the retreat from Persia etc.... Ah, apologies, others have already pointed this out..
  6. I think RM is probably the most expensive source to buy from.. although I have always found them to offer a good and reliable service in the past. Their customer service reps are also helpful and polite.
  7. flyingveepixie


    Why not use an eye glass. I found one in my Chards Mystery Box this year and it seems to get you in really close to see fine detail...Will probably only cost you a couple of £'s
  8. I opened my mystery box last night. No sovereign unfortunately 🙁 and as mentioned above the only gold contained inside was of the edible type.. Aside from that slight disappointment I'm generally pleased with the contents which among other things included a 2022 bullion silver Britannia, a colourised Peter Rabbit 50p proof, a piedfort 50p proof, (what does piedfort mean btw? pardon my ignorance) also an old 1940 sixpence. When I was a school kid back in the 1970s I used to own two of these Britains First Decimal Coins sets but I have no clue what ever became of them. Lost in the mists of time somewhere I suppose.. I agree with the idea of leaving the drinks thingy out next time round.. Hope I can stay sharp enough to bag another one next year..
  9. Just to update on my own situation here with H&B. After receiving the initial welcome letter and going back to their site to tick the relevant no contact boxes I've had no more mail from them as yet. I received one phone call from them a couple of days ago from a very pleasant chap who I had a very short chat with when he invited me to purchase the 2022 proof sovereign which I declined. He asked me the standard question of whether I knew the difference between bullion and proof coins but aside from that no attempt at any kind of hard sell and the phone call wasn't difficult. He informed me that the bullion sovereign should arrive around mid January.
  10. Maybe you just got lucky. I already got a fancy marketing envelope through the door with their logo emblazoned in gold leaf all over it : a mere 2 days after placing my order with them - not good. Still if I can get them to behave themselves and not spam me endlessly with junk mail which is likely to make me a magnet for any lowlife who happen to be well informed as to who they are and the implications of my receiving mail from them I'll quite possibly take up any future loss leader type offers they make for bullion..
  11. Cheers for that snippet. I'll call them to make sure I'm removed from all mailing, but only after I receive the sovereign... Received a letter of introduction from them this morning, I expect there will be more..
  12. Success. Don't know how I missed it first time round - probably in too much of a rush! All boxes now successfully ticked to not receive any further marketing communications in any format and that's a relief. I hate all that unwanted stuff coming through my letterbox and going straight in the bin to pollute the planet.
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